Rudy Giuliani’s New Geraldo Rivera Vault Defense | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Rudy Giuliani’s New Geraldo Rivera Vault Defense | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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the pressure is building on President Trump leaked suggesting that there may be evidence linking him to that Trump Tower meeting which does put him closer to an alleged knowing and willful conspiracy to collude with Russia that’s what I can report there’s actually more bad news I’m here for trumpet it comes from his own current lawyer Rudy Giuliani and before we get into the details I want to put it like this here’s how to think about why tonight is so revealing about the mood at the White House which is quite dark if you’re accused of murder the best defense is usually denial I didn’t do it but if that becomes impossible to claim because they’re strong public evidence that you did kill someone then the next offense typically in law becomes justification I did it not a crime because the killing was in self-defense for example and and then it’s not a crime killing a terrorists on 9/11 is not a crime in fact it’s heroism those two defenses in mind denial versus a kind of justification when you hear Rudy giuliani’s new defense he’s not saying no collusion today he’s saying collusions not a crime I’ve been sitting here looking at the federal code trying to find collusion a crime not a crime I’m not even including about Russians media blitz past strategy of largely avoiding mentioning Bob Moeller by name Donald Trump now claiming Bob Mueller has a legal conflict the White House won’t even put out support though for that claim to a dispute with that because it wouldn’t even to this day to the president 50 business conflict the meeting with the Russians that how can you be sure that the president didn’t know beforehand or you’re saying it’s just that he said he would argue against call 311 the meeting took place with Donald jr. Jared Hannaford and two others gauge and one more person provable subject in which you would do if there was a real pre-meeting it hasn’t been discussed in public the hours later Giuliani says this Phantom meeting if you want to call it that was investigated recently by to Publications meeting never happened 3 days before going to the week I think they found independent contradiction hey out of the presence of the president discuss the meeting with the Russians imagination or is y k let’s deal with the figments clearly Giuliani says the only reason he brought up this other meeting which he says did not happen is that he wanted to get out in front of a leek Rudy is saying that my Cohen’s big secret evidence if he has it is actually nothing you can think of this attack as a kind of argument that Michael Cohen is like Geraldo and he’s going to open this famous fault but the vault is actually empty no meeting so if giuliani’s right that Michael Cummins big Vault of evidence doesn’t have anything in it that will actually deal with the probe well then we’ll see but Michael Cohen and Lanny Davis are not Geraldo they’re not sitting in front of a vault this whole thing is weird which is why we’re reaching for weird references how do you accuse someone of going full Geraldo and promising a vault in this case of meeting when they haven’t done it and there’s no vault I begin with this absurd line of questioning with a very serious American progress Shelby let me start with you what does it mean when Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen might come forward in front of this Vol but the Vault empty and yet were too. In this debate where Michael Cohen hasn’t done there’s a lot of ways to interpret what Rudy Giuliani is saying but one thing that’s very interesting as in the past he’s come out to try to get ahead of other stories like the Stormy Daniels payment and it’s been his job to sort of like some information that might be coming out any way to do it but it damage control for when that information does come out it’s unclear if that’s what he’s doing here because he’s on some networks and denying that this alleged meeting ever took place but on CNN there was a little more confusing when he he seem to say that this wasn’t meeting and that they were before against there are five against one in terms of I don’t even know whether or not that meeting took place or what was said at the meeting so he’s he’s confusing a lot of people but if he wants prosecutors what he has to offer might be taken away by Rudy publicly and if you look at all the other stories including leaks about tapes those are seem to come from Giuliani and Trump so it does seem like they’re trying to they’re disappointed I’m quite frankly to very scared of him as much as possible also when it bombshell does come out it sounds like it’s a little bit old news to us obviously he contradicted himself a lot today but I think the fact that he conceded collusion when the president of the United States saying there is no collusion is an important fact I think this is an important criminal investigation that at the end of the day the president’s lawyer has admitted at least for a time today that the Press the United States colluded with the Russians to help win his election and I know he wants to say that that’s the question before Muller is the criminality absolutely his lawyer has conceded fusion with the Russians to get himself elected I think most Americans would see that as a pretty big bombshell in and of itself and a fact that we should be deeply anxious about the legitimacy of this president turn on the screen if you look up on your new screen and you see Giuliani claims colluding with Russia is not a crime right that’s a bad thing whether it’s colluding with Russia or a wrong or whomever that’s a bad thing now being sold is not a crime and we’ve been reporting on this show and I think folks are aware that depending on what the collusion and Tails it absolutely can be a crime because an international conspiracy to get a thing of value or impact the US election is criminal activity just depends we got in mind as such an experienced person that you are at the Nexus of campaigns and media where these things do play out let’s take a listen to Why Giuliani says he is first the first mover on bringing up the Primo being hiraldo safe to take a list when it originally comes out will be telling the truth there about how he views this in his motivations regularly what’s obvious is that the Trump legal team is therefore most goal is to indict the prosecution is to drive drive opposition to the prosecution make possible for Republicans to act because it’s seeing through a partisan lens and it’s almost as if they concede on some level that they’re guilty and their goal is just made it to make it impossible for a jury to convince and like a normal trial with this would be seen as trying to tamper with the jury pool and that is what Giuliani is confessing to trying to throw up as much money as possible to the American people are confused with whatever molar comes out with and let’s just be candid you do that when you’re guilty not when you’re innocent you know it sounds almost here right now man how do you point at the very good point that’s very nefarious these guys Rudy Giuliani and the president to they have a long history of using New York City tabloid do the same thing you just knew for you fight in the public Arena and so what you can’t do in the courtroom you try and do you know in in the in the court of public opinion and I think this is a case where they seem very worried about what’s going to happen the courtroom and then right I mean I can’t control that right and and so they’re doing what they do best which is they do a PR Blitz and they so enough doubt in the minds of if not the American people at least their base you know to prevent the political Fallout because remember there’s there’s a legal process here but when you talk about something like impeachment for example that’s a political process it’s not a legal one and I think they have their laser focused on that scaramucci who’s a pretty loyal Trump aide but goes quite far in trying to avoid apparently lying because if you watch this clip closely it seems like he’s of the view that of course Trump would have been briefed about the Trump Tower meeting given everything we know so until he keeps on the word possible take a listen you really find a credible that Donald Trump jr. Jared Kushner Paul manafort would have had this meeting where they were going to get all this dirt allegedly on Hillary Clinton for him to use against her wouldn’t have told him about it that’s that sounds credible to you could have known after the fact I think that’s possible they do think it’s possible and I think that if you check sources inside the White House you check sources inside I can’t pain the level of freneticism it is very possible so yes I do think that that’s possible I understand the push-back why people think it is impossible whatever one as cover for the fact that he doesn’t want to directly lie and he knows it’s not very likely to Donald Trump didn’t know and if he knew that put them closer this is how we got here why the freak out tonight that puts him spirit it’s remarkable I mean look we’re at a point now where every person in America needs to decide for herself or himself are you going to believe what’s in front of your eyes or are you going to see things through partisanship through in some never-neverland and I think unfortunately that’s where we’ve come too and we don’t know what the outcome of the Mueller investigation is yet and and that’s that’s fine let’s let that process we do have other reporting and an indictment that has taken place so far to where we don’t need to you know believe the president when you called us a Witch Hunt we know that’s not the case so let’s just stick to the facts after the Trump Tower meeting with exposed in the media and their emails and send it testimony there’s an email that allegedly from scaramucci and his email address to the Russian side to Rob Goldstone in the Russian side telling him to hang in there so there’s reason to believe he knows a lot about the Trump Tower meeting and so what happened after that became public so I think the possible word as you pointed out it’s very important here in this investigation post the Putin meeting before that I don’t think a lot of people really understood how much Donald Trump seemed to be at the beck and call of Putin criminality or conspiracy but people don’t really understand what the steaks were and then Donald Trump decided to have a meeting with Putin in which he really did seem to believe the flat Amir Putin overall run intelligence forces or intelligence agencies decided to really differ and seem very weak to Putin and I think he really demonstrated to people what the quid pro quo situation is here he’s guilty in everyone’s eyes and I think if you seen the polling since that meeting there’s much more support for Mueller I think even Republicans not a majority but a pretty good minority Republicans think there’s sing really weird going on and I think this has dramatically shifted ironically enough by Donald Trump’s own performance kontra the evidence to overtime even when discredited they look more and more ridiculous but even for people who are inclined to give the Trump Administration the benefit of the doubt for whatever reason procedural due process fairness sources of funding and sexy words to use on the news or because they love Donald Trump experience yada yada yada he has the full benefit of the National Security apparatus and he continues to go in in a 15-person public forum with the president of Russia who’s known to be a killer was known as human rights abuses who is it literally now by the justice department and continue to go take that side over the US how does one look at this and say all with the conspiracy theory there’s no support for it seems to be going on actively before our eyes if Donald Trump did act improperly with the Russians obviously Vladimir Putin would know that the weird thing about this whole situation is Trump behave that way he behaves as if the Russians have information on him I mean every political adviser in the world would say go have a meeting with Putin and act up with Putin defend America he attacks all our allies and yet Powers almost almost Towers in front of Putin and I think Americans like living there lies that behavior was an explorer except for the notion that Putin has something on him or there is something to this story I mean he really did prove innocence to believing illegal acts in front of us will listen to you I feel more informed but I don’t feel better informational but not cathartic from MSNBC you can see more videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below us and we appreciate that
President Trump ramps up attacks on Special Counsel Mueller, hours before former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s trial begins, claiming Mueller has “conflicts of interest”. The New York Times Editorial Board member, Mara Gay, tells Ari Melber that Trump and Giuliani are trying to sow “doubt” in public opinion because impeachment is “a political process, not a legal one and they are laser-focused on that”.
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Rudy Giuliani’s New Geraldo Rivera Vault Defense | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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