Run with the bulls in Pamplona – 360 Video

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Run with the bulls in Pamplona – 360 Video
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in 1932 author Ernest Hemingway published death in the afternoon his Memoir with introduce the world to the Spanish the bullfighting so you have any minute then going to think 50 death in the afternoon page 143 rarely extremely rarely do you get a matador who is both the great killer and a great artists a great killer must love to kill me until then throw them what are you talking about Tango the bullfight is not a sport that is it is not an equal contest or attempt at enable contest rather it is a tragedy in which there danger for the man but certain death for the animal symbol Tacoma Rainiers nothing on earth into me is the finest of all animals to watch in action and proposed
Every year, thousands of amateur daredevils flock to Pamplona in the hopes of coming face to face with Toro Bravo – the Spanish Fighting Bull. Get closer than ever to this intense, and controversial, spectacle.

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