Running with France’s wild horses – 360 Video

this is the wild west of France you’re running through is a komodo National Park along with white flamingos Wild Bill and I guess 300 species of bird that is home to the famous come on horses one of the wild ancient freeze and just like any wild west it wouldn’t be complete without the Cowboys this is Frederick phone he’s a guardian a cowboy or 7 phone he’s using traditional techniques to her wild both to run Legend of Foo Fighting weather Bulls on North Holmes I was born here my father used to have horses so I have continued on the same way one of the first thing that everyone is doing here before knowing how to work we stopped to know how to ride running who’s Bella you is Danielle Goldstein these wild weapons which is leaving audio outside that white-collar remains one of the most distinct characteristics what they’re able to do as far as the work and what they do for the Cowboys and the farmers it’s amazing it’s a freedom the wildlife enjoys to hear in the balance of this protected Park unique few Ridaz like Frederick who keep the guardian tradition alive him and keep this corner from while I’m kissing and this is CNN in virtual reality
Meet the cowboys of southern France and ride one of the world’s oldest breeds of horses through Carmargue National Park.

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