Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
We’Re going to start tonight’s news here in Clymer tiergarten Park. I do not speak German for give my pronunciation, but I think that’s how you say it Kleiner tiergarten park. It is in central Brooklyn, it’s right by the looks like spree River. I think German say it. Spray looks like spree it’s right by that river. That runs directly down the road from the German Parliament and the German chancellery, which is where Uncle Merkel has her office located and three weeks ago today, on Friday August 23rd, it was very nice day to be out in the park in Saint Berlin temps in the Low eighties, that day was a nice sunny day lots of people out and about enjoying the summer, whether I’m sure, just before noon, that day three weeks ago to 17 year olds, who were out all something really strange happened. They saw a guy right up on an e-bike right up to the edge of the the spray River and they’re right in front of them. He threw his e-bike into the river, then they say they thought they also saw him, maybe throw some sort of a bag and maybe also a wing that was you 17 years old, in a random park at noon. On December Friday I mean when I was 17. I would think that hilarious hilarious, an e-bike out of the river which he had thrown in there they recovered the bike. They reportedly recovered the wig. They also reportedly recovered a Glock handgun with a silencer screwed onto it and a bag that, among other things, included a package of paprika which is theorize, might have been plans to use to throw sniffer dogs off the scent. Had this suspect ultimately ended up being chased by police., He did not end up getting chased by police dogs, because regular police officers call him right away when police later piece together. What had happened in the few minutes before those seventeen-year-old saw this guy, throwing all this junk into the river. The story was almost unbelievably dramatic because what play happened just before this guy was seen throwing stuff into the river and then getting picked up by police. What had happened just immediately before that is that allegedly he had just killed a guy in the park in, I guess, you’d call it a bike by shooting Wall Street Journal Road without using the bicycle which officials say had been placed near the scene before the shooting. He sped toward his victim and Shay a man twice in the head, with a Glock 26 handgun fitted with a silencer in the New York Times account of this killing after the two shots to the Head, the killer, biked away bite away a few hundred yards south To the riverbank, that’s one all the stuff in the river, then, according to the x quote, police found the suspect in nearby shrubs. It was in the bushes. What was he doing in the bushes? Well, he had changed his clothes and his appearance and seemed ready to travel by Tudor. He had a large amount of money with him when they say he had changed his appearance while he was hiding in the bushes. I hear saw the Guardian newspaper in London Plushies that out quote the alleged assassin changed his outfit to blend in as a tourist wearing a pink shirt, sandals and a neck pouch containing a passport and a large amount of cash. So he goes and kills. The guy throws wig off into the river gets off his bike, for the bike into the river throws the gun into the river. If there’s a bag in the river rushes into the underbrush, changes his clothes and starts to get on a scooter that he’s stashed in the bushes to write a Macy’s dressed up in the pink the pink get up, looking totally different than he did before when they Find them in the bushes. We know the bit about the bike and then changing over to the scooter is definitely legit in part, because German police have since released weird, very well-lit modern art like photos of the actual bike that they pulled out of the river. That’S on the left and the e-scooter that he had with him in the bushes when they caught him, they’re changing into his pink shirt and his daughter, sandals after taking off his wig of the suspect, arrested, although they did not release his name according to multiple reports. German police didn’t release his name because they have no idea what his name is and at this point in the detective story, if you read detective stories, you know that the good plot then shifts to the victim to try to figure out what the heck happened here With this crime, now that we’ve gotten this far with the alleged perpetrator, well, the man who was killed in the park that day he was walking across the park just before noon, on a sunny day and a capital city in a western European country, just steps away From the seat of government right he’s walking through the park is Assassin approaches him from behind and on an e-bike shoots from behind at least twice in the head, perhaps additionally in the shoulder the guy in the e-bikes and rides off several hundred yards for the river. The man who was killed, man who died in the park that day was reportedly a forty-year-old citizen, the nation of Georgia and the early 2000s in the second big separatist uprising of chechens against Russia. He had reportedly been a mid-level commander, who led Chechen forces in battle against Russian soldiers is also a an anti Russian Chechen leader who wouldn’t go on to be president of chechnya for a time, but even after Russia put down that Uprising in the early 2000s. This young Commander continued to be, I guess, an annoyance somebody they might notice after the uprising was put down. He fled to Georgia, the nation of Georgia. He made himself useful to the government of Georgia. At one point. He is reported to have played a key role as a mediator. After other militants took hostages, build a bunch of people in the mountains in Georgia. This guy was sent in as a trusted figure who the chechens would talk to to bring about an end. To that standoff on behalf of the Georgian government government in their counter – and it will perhaps not surprise you to hear that while he was living in Georgia, he faced repeated attempts on his life that he and his associates blamed on Russia in 2009. He was reportedly poisoned in 2015 driving in Georgia’s capital city when he was ambushed and holding volley of shots were fired into his car. He was reportedly hit and injured in that attack, but he survived in the wake of that assassination attempt in 2015. He fled the Germany now because of his because of the repeated attempts on his life. He requested protection from the German government in 2017. The director of a nonprofit group that had supported this guy’s relocation to Germany supported his Asylum application in Germany and non-profit letter to German immigration authorities on the man’s behalf expressing concern for his safety. We know that because the New York Times obtained that letter they quoted in part saying he is so massively pursued by the Russian side that his life isn’t and he needs special protection quote. I urge you to Grant Him special protection and not to send him back to where Putin’s long-arm can reach him. The idea being that you should keep him here in Germany, Putin can’t reach, despite those request, the German government had not yet provided him any special protection. The Wall Street Journal interviews a former official in the Georgian government who had kept in touch with them until recently, at the time of his death, still trying to obtain state-appointed bodyguards through the German court system. But he nevertheless felt somewhat safe. While he was awaiting. Word quote: even though he was not able to get the protection he asked for it did feel relatively Germany. The man continued quote. Apparently he was not. This week you was officials tell the Wall. Street Journal was behind call writing assassination in broad daylight in a park. In Central Berlin 3 weeks ago, today, what US officials said on Tuesday that Russia was behind the murder. Last month of a former Chechen Rebel in Germany, Us official telling the journal Penn State believe that Russia is responsible for this assassination quote. One official said the suspect had recently the suspect had recently come out of a Russian prison. After serving a murder sentence upon his release, he was given a bonafide passport under the name Vadim sokolov, which US officials believed to be a cover. Now that is, as I mentioned, one single Source speaking to the Wall Street Journal about the suspect here about him, allegedly just coming out of Russian prince about him being a convicted murderer about him. Having this Bonafide Russian passport issued under a fake name, that’s one source for the journal, but that does with other open source reporting investigative operative effort by German and Russian news organizations, along with the investigative freelance outfit bellingcat, which has a very interesting track record on these Sorts of things that played a key role in tracing the attempted assassins, Sergei skripal and his daughter after they were almost killed in the UK bellingcat played a key role in tracing that crime back to Russian Military Intelligence Officers. While what this open-source investigative report effort between the German news Outlet, Russian news Outlet in bellingcat has found in the Berlin case is at the passport of the alleged killer has now in German custody the passport that he was carrying. It is a real Russian passport issued in a fake name. The address listed for that passport holder, for example, is an address that physically doesn’t exist in St Petersburg. There’S also no record of anyone by that name in databases of Russian passport holders. Any other known databases anywhere on Earth – that’s one official one, Us official, explains to the Wall Street Journal quote a fake identity with a real passport can only be provided by authorities in Russia, bellingcat and Der Spiegel and the Russian news organization. The Insider also report in their investigation that, just like, with the attempted murder of Sergei skripal in the UK, the passport of this alleged killer in Berlin has no in German custody play numbered in such a way that appears to link it to Russian military intelligence. Russian military intelligence were apparently provided with sequentially numbered passports that make it so that you can trace Pacific, but something crazy like this happen, and this is a crazy thing right. Miskelly was 3 weeks ago. Today we saw him, apparently allegedly kill the guy and go into this crazy series of events and series of actions in which he tried to change his appearance and get away. German police still have them in custody. They released this picture of him. They have not released a name for him; they don’t believe they have a real name for him picture of his bike that he allegedly committed the murder while riding and the scooter that he was allegedly going to use as his getaway vehicle. Russian Consular officials have been visiting him since he has been in custody. That said, the Russian government denies that assassination has anything to do with them, but you know you would expect them to say that a source from German security agencies quoted in Der Spiegel. What is behind this killing in Berlin, then we have a second skripal case on our hands with everything that entails assassination in Britain Salisbury in the UK. That’S only last year it was 18 and in the investigations that have happened since then, the Leslie V stern-faced, very well-organized, suppose interest that arrived in Salisbury just before the killing and left Salisbury right after they turned out to be apparently Russian Military Intelligence Officers. They reportedly War real Russian passports that were issued by Russian government, just not in real names novichok, which is a Russian nerve agent attack, did end up killing a bystander in severely sickening. Several other people in that City, including a police officer in the international outcry over Russian diplomats, were expelled from Western countries, including from the US that you might remember, is what produced me laugh till you cry moment when we learned that President Trump was apparently very upset And almost panicked when he learns that the US was actually expire, more Russian diplomats than other countries were in response to the skripals attempted assassination Trump Administration, the wrong, and they thought they were only expelling us, a sort of average number of Russian dip. I thought they were only doing what all the other countries were doing when they learned that they were accidentally kicking out a lot more Russian diplomats and the other countries were oops. So the other part of the US response to the attempted skripal assassination in Britain was a new round of touch. Tough us sanctions against Russia didn’t do it Sims 4 months. It was only after around of critical reporting earlier this summer made clear that, although the Trump administration had announced those sanctions as a response to the skripal assassination attempt, they’ve never actually put them into practice. It was not until almost a year after the skripal attack, but the Trump Administration was finally shamed into implementing those sanctions, begrudgingly and belatedly. You know when they finally put those sanctions into effect. Last month, August of 2019 pronouncing them the spring of last year. The murder of anybody anywhere on Earth provided that he believes that person to be a threat. Russia are terrorists within weeks of the Russian Duma, passing that law. That’S when we saw the Murder By polonium of Alexander litvinenko, who was in ex-russian spy, who was killed by dropping radio off material into his tea in a London hotel with those assassinations and others in Britain, both attempted and completed, and others in other parts of the World you know, maybe Putin in Russia have never really feared what the international Samantha the American consequences might be tracking down people in murdering them, but offering this new guy in Berlin in broad daylight in Germany’s capital city, literally just down the block from merkel’s office. Making sure that the killer had a Russian passport on him that would immediately be traced back to the Russian Security Services when he was picked up. I mean this not only seems like they’re, not afraid this seems like they’re flaunting what they can do right going to do about it right. I can do this in your house, you’re not going to do anything about it. Watch what else I’ll do, and what is incredible for us as Americans – is that, as that story about that, Berlin assassination has unfold over the course of this week is strange and scary story out of Berlin. We’Ve also had this other story unfold right here about us. Intelligence is own guy own source inside the Kremlin, 2017 Bob Woodward’s book fair last year. Other news outlets reported in general terms the existence of an important us intelligence Source somewhere inside the Russian government, giving you as law enforcement and intelligence information about the Russian government. They really couldn’t have obtained any other way. Can formation about the Russian attack on the 2016 election, including specific documentation, showing himself specifically intended to try to install Trump in the white house? That is not Putin, specific information you’re going to get out of signals; intelligence that was human intelligence that US Agencies got from a human Source inside the Russian guy. So the fact that that Source existed inside the Russian government inside the Kremlin had been previously reported, but that apparently this week was tripped and in very quick succession that blew up right. We first got the CNN reporting that not only did that Source exist, but he had been exfiltrated by the us out of Russia in 2017 in part because of concerns that President Trump might burn him might identify it to the Russians. We got the New York Times, reporting that this Source has been providing valuable intelligence from inside the Kremlin for decades, which of course means losing him inside the Kremlin would be a Priceless lost for us until capabilities. We’Ve been in very quick succession, got NBC news, reporting about where the guy was living in Virginia and under what name his house had been purchased by Monday night this week after that, flurry of reporting man had reportedly fled that house, along with his family by Tuesday. The Russian government had published what they said was his name. Russian news organizations immediately started denigrating him and saying how he definitely wasn’t important. He definitely wouldn’t have had any access to important Mason. At the same time, though, perhaps the lying that they were sort of interested in tracking him down authorities didn’t take steps to alert Interpol as of yesterday, and did I mention that us intelligence says Russia was behind and assassination this week in Berlin and the capital city Of Germany right next to Angela merkel’s office, why there was this flurry of reporting over the past 4 days that basically outed this unbelievably important us intelligence Source Who, until recently had been in pretty high echelons inside the Russian government? Why that’ll happen this week? We do know that the new Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department’s Inspector General have been pursuing an investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation and the sources of, and that us intelligence agencies in the FBI used for, among other things, making fisa warrant applications For the Russia investigation, we know that they’ve been trying to track down all the ways that this Russian investigation started and who are the sources for the initial information? That’S not the investigation off now. Is it possible that that’s what Pride loose some of the stuff and put this Priceless American Source into the wind? We don’t know, we don’t know, resulted this flurry of reporting in him being outed, but he is now in the wind. He is now gone out of that address in Virginia. Nobody knows where he is if he is at risk from Russia coming for him. Well, if you’re us telegence you’re trying to protect him, how do you do that? How would you do that in normal times? How do you do it now? How much, for example, can you compartmentalize the information about where this guy is now he’s fled that house in Virginia I mean specifically, I’m wondering: do you have to tell the White House where he is what, if they asked, Can you interrogate why they’re asking just killed A guy 3 weeks ago in Central Berlin that was the Russian government, is it impossible that they would try to get this guy here too, if it wasn’t possible in the past, is it still impossible? Now I have just the person to ask: you are going to want to meet or no hey there on Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos?
Rachel Maddow looks at a murder in Berlin, Germany that U.S. officials believe was a Russia-sanctioned assassination and notes that Russia’s past reticence to commit killings in Western countries appears to have faded, raising concerns about the recently outed Russian spy living in the United States.
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Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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