Russian disinformation and the ‘lab of death’ – BBC News

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Russian disinformation and the ‘lab of death’ – BBC News
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Russian disinformation and the ‘lab of death’ – BBC News
American skip Kimberly Decepticon Center, the source of the allegations against America open the full head of Georgia. State security evolve, yoga Now kill, Gus’s website says this is proof, but experiments on humans did take place. Yet the Georgian citizens were administered US Trucks which approves results. December 2015, but is there any truth to this? Mr Gill Galaxy claims that these documents indicate that with us, drugs experiments will be conducted on humans. Is that right course it was not. The whole world knew this program supposed to eliminate hepatitis C in Georgia. It strange that mr. beer garden show this to people claiming that it is kind of experiments, because the whole world is treating with this kind of price, but the claim is that’s. In December 2015 30 Georgians died who are receiving medicine and apparently 27 on one day. Nothing one day, it’s kind of statistical information. This is amount of people dead or head adverse event in one month. The reason people was dying on this project was because at first we tried cured the high liver damage, people, that’s in 36,000. People were cured, and maybe 200 of them word 10th and head adverse event. Is there any element of Truth in what mr. gutsy says about this? No, no, definitely not it’s a lot. Of course. Augusto Central National Center for Disease Control switch deals in public health protection. Complex is the research center? That’S what Russian State media have dubbed the laboratory of death that we’ve been given access s***, so we can see for ourselves. We have no patience. We are not making here enjoy clinical trials of this track, because this drug is already known. Drug this is public health and high-level research institution, nothing to do with biological weapon. Another clay Moscow is that there is some link between your laboratory and these us patents for drones. To spread special infected mosquitoes to attack an enemy. Can they show us the evidence? The digiorgi somewhere here dimension. What was the Bastille? Where is the American Soldier? The screams coming out of Russia are complete nonsense and they are disinformation and misinformation about subjects such as the lupus Center in order to divert attention from their own bad behavior and create smokescreen for what they are doing. I think about this information. Fake news. Is it a little bit sounds closable until you stop thinking about what you’ll be Ambush story? As Moscow has been telling, it is factually incorrect, I could see that one of experiments on humans, what they was the national program like to see in Georgia, using standard approved drugs and two floors of that building. We were, it has not been given, come and take a look around. They say they have nothing to hide. What movies are on eBay, Caesar factually incorrect Mystic? Your gut says that experiments were conducted on humans. But if you look at the evidence the circled evidence he has provided, there is no proof of any experiments. What’S Citrus near the casa test website says that this document proves that drugs which have not been clinically approved, will give them to Georgian citizens. It says that’s on your website, but these drugs Turtle Beach telling us 8801 situation, patients cousin with crusher – it’s not simply in the word. This information seem to feel under no obligation that tool to backup their allegations their stories with hard evidence. It’S like they sent it. It’S out there. Well, that doesn’t mean it’s not true is, if that creating a whole, it’s going to reality to spread confusion and the results is it. The line between fact fiction is increasingly blood.
A BBC investigation has found that Russian media and officials presented false claims about a US-funded laboratory in neighbouring Georgia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, Defence Ministry and pro-Kremlin media claimed recently that untested drugs were given to Georgian citizens at the lab, resulting in a large number of deaths.

The US has accused Russia of disinformation in order to distract attention away from incidents such as the Salisbury poisonings.

Correspondent: Steve Rosenberg
Producer: Will Vernon
Camera/editor: Matt Goddard

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This story is part of a series by the BBC on disinformation and fake news – a global problem challenging the way we share information and perceive the world around us.
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