Samantha Power: Russia Exceeded My Worst Expectations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Samantha Power: Russia Exceeded My Worst Expectations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Samantha Power: Russia Exceeded My Worst Expectations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
To the Assad regime, Russia and Iran, your forces and proxies are carrying out these crimes. Your Barrel, bombs and mortars, and air strikes have allowed the militia in Aleppo to encircle tens of thousands of civilians in your ever-tightening noose. It should shame you instead by all appearances, it is involved. You are plotting your next assault. Are you truly incapable of Shame? Is there literally nothing that can shame you? Is there no Act of barbarism against civilians? No execution of a child that gets under your skin.. Just creeps you out a little bit: is there nothing? You will not lie about or Justify Smith power has just written. This new book called the education of an idealist its out as of right now joining us for the interview is Ariana. Thank you. So you’re very good writer, which makes it more fun and honestly truly engrossing to read a memoir about a former US official. So thank you for writing a book. It’S a pleasure to read the bar like where the bar is. I just played there of you and that’s December 2016, so that’s after the November 2016 election. Obviously that was a confrontation over things that are going on with Syria. You were directing those remarks to the to the Russian counterpart at the UN. When you said no execution of a child that gets under your skin, that just creeps you out a little bit and you were not reading your prepared remarks. As in the role that I had and I have a Long Leash as prisoner. While I like to say – and you know part of what went on in those jobs and could be a little bit terrifying at times, but was to have to play out those confrontations with Russia on live television, feeling like you’re back in the cold war movie, that Wasn’T the job I thought I was taking, I was taking a job where we had moved into the reset. We were going to try to figure out how to solve problems like we did on the wrong nucleophile together, but then not long a arrived invaded Ukraine and then do what they do in Syria will say that that video, I think, which went viral as they say At the time may have gone viral a little bit because of the barbarism of what they were doing in Aleppo. Syrian regime was doing, but I do think your point about the timing was a lot about people feeling desperately longing for people to still retain the ability to feel shame. Revelations about Russia’s interference in the election, which has been known in advance of November up to a point but then really in a burst onto the public stage. So I think that was what people were longing to say to Putin in the wake of the results and no accountability. Are there no standards in this world with Russia, and so many issues take so many Dark Turn so quickly with what looks very much like a stolen election in terms of engineering himself back into another turn, and then they annexation of Crimea and the occupation and where They started in Ukraine and then what they did to us and what they did in Syria and all of those things when you were in there in the fight where you constantly surprised that Russia was taking these dark turns. Did you feel like this idea that there could have been a reset constructive relationship was naive. They exceeded my expectations, nature of it. I mean some of that. We really got more and more of the details of that as time unfolds. We knew what they were doing and tried to raise the flag about what they were doing ahead of time, but nowhere near at the scale of it. But you know the Russian system, like many around the world, was also comprised of people with very different sensibilities, and so my counterpart was trying to kind of pull water from a stone, try to forge some form of cooperation. At the same time, publicly he’s spewing Putin’s line, knowing that, if he, you know what else, and so it really was. I think there was a moment, I’m not sure exactly. I don’t know how I would pinpoint it, but where Putin just decided that the international order that was coming to with its aging population and it’s sort of stagnant economy, that this was not an order that benefited him politically and like our current President Putin cares about Putin and the the ticket self sustainment was demagoguery, nationalism, you’re, bringing Russia from its knees, and I think there is a lesson for us which we did not see sufficiently with the Obamas racial, but I think aboard the dignity deficit for Russia in the wake of the Cold War as we’re sort of thumping our chests about the victory in the Cold War. You know this was a proud Nation, with an amazing history with amazing traditions and just feeling look past. I think about a relationship with China or how the European Union is going to be the new partner. So you know all of us have to look back at the Mist moments. Maybe there was some initiative or something that we could have tried it would have and where they are. But I think Putin’s own objective in enhancing his own power lead him to basically tear up the envelope of the worlds, and you decide that nothing up at Western Oregon that Western let order could deliver to him and her anything that he was going to care about. About today’s news that the president’s going to be looking for a fourth National Security advisor, which is an unprecedented National Security advisor, sees blown through having been part of the National Security Council process. Having spent all those years with President Obama, obviously a very different approach to these matters is it dangerous? Citizen should worry about to have that kind of turnover in that kind of job question and when you compound the vacancy there now with who just held the job right because having John Bolton National Security advisor pet, its own perils associate, saw in yearly launching a military Strike against Iran, but if you combined that with not having a Secretary of Homeland Security, a deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, 20 senior vacancies at the Pentagon, multiple ambassadorial posts, without that’s a person really important places and then no director, National Intelligence. No Deputy Nash is Director of National Intelligence, mean too much bureaucracy to have senior people around the room. I hope this happens in some room somewhere in the Trump Administration is not evident that it does, but where you have people with different viewpoints Who challenged propositions that are at the table, bringing their different life experiences there different so equities. That that’s just mean there was no process under John Bolton. There has been no process really from the beginning in the stabbed. Initially, I chase so much right because all the clearances – and you know just the bureaucratese and – and you know I adore and wanting to try to think about how we promote human rights or assistance to an abuser. I would do this and they’re 15 people that I have to check with before I even meet with a dissident in the White House made me crazy, but at the same time I want a human rights voice in the room when we’re talking about the Drone program Or when we’re talkin about resuming millet distance to an abusive regime, I want to be that voice in the room and so process protects you, especially when you have a leader, who’s capable of being challenged. Who invites challenge, as President Obama did. I mean if I was quiet. If I was quiet in a meeting you know, but I’m not the best poker face in history, the world and and probably be like what’s wrong with Phaedra, and then he may not like what I what I heard. He may regret that he called on me, but it’s the complete opposite of me here. Why did Bolton lose his job because he actually disagreed and disagreeing in you, nobody, but any descent, anything that isn’t aligned with the Mercurial instincts of this person who rules by Fiat and not through a deliberative process. You know it’s not only frowned upon, but it’s it like at the axe. I one last question: I want to ask you about this, but can you stay for just a second NBC on YouTube? If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos are putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Samantha Power, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. talks with Rachel Maddow about how Russia took such a dark turn as a country under Putin in the aftermath of the Cold War, and the importance of disagreement and deliberation in a functional White House.
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Samantha Power: Russia Exceeded My Worst Expectations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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