Sanders slams CNN for Russia report, calls Dem debate ‘terrifying’

Sanders slams CNN for Russia report, calls Dem debate ‘terrifying’
Sanders slams CNN for Russia report, calls Dem debate ‘terrifying’
Hair with some reactions, someone who knows a thing or two about setting the record straight White House, Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. Sarah welcome to the Fox News, team, Jessie Jessie and now you can cancel at the last minute because you’re not dealing with any late-breaking drama. On a Friday at the White House, that’s true, I guess that I would have been in my dad, so I think you may have lucked out in. That is a good guess, but not as good as you all right. What do you think about this stated? It’S just going to go on and on and on without any consequence, cuz now you’re at Fox, you can be the Ombudsman, you can be the fact Checker and then you know we can let him know. I wish that I could say that these moments or surprise they are very sad and unfortunate. They are not surprising at all. This is something that we have seen day-in-and-day-out as this type of information push there such a rush to find things to attack this president for to blame president for that they don’t care. If it’s right or not, if they can get one person to say it happened, they run with it, and I think you have shown that, through all of these instances that thing with CNN running out and pushing this narrative that the president operatives in danger is just Another example of the media trying to blame President Trump for the mistakes and the failures of the previous administration. We’Ve seen it time and time again, some point they will learn their lesson. I think the only thing that may teach them that this just isn’t going to work as when they have to watch Donald Trump, get reelected again and when again in November of 2020, and they have another room full of crying individuals at this come November. And I don’t know if that will help change, but maybe that will be the Catalyst they need to start fact-checking some of this stuff before they run out just to try to her present Brian can be very therapeutic, and this isn’t the first time. Sarah. That CNN is done, this story, which was fake had to fire people. They had the Comey testimony the Cohen testimony both were fake. Don Jr had Advanced knowledge of the Wikileaks dump. That was fake. Do you think that their sources that are calling them and say you know I got a big scoop? You guys should run with this. Do you think the sources is feeding them fake news or what my guess is, there’s a mix. Sometimes they think they have something. So they run with it other times, maybe they’re getting fed that information and they’re not doing the due diligence mean some of these things with a basic Google search. You can find quickly are just not true, but they’re not putting that time in there cuz. They are so eager and so excited to tear this President down. I’Ve never seen a time when we are so happy to see the destruction, the president of our own country, and yet this media is salivating over those moments. I think it is sad. I think it is unfortunate and hopefully they will start to learn something because they’re having to attract so many of these statements. But I don’t know if that’s going to happen and the only way, maybe that does is when they watch Donald Trump. Take the oath of office once again is impeachment and we’ve seen little Jerry Nadler the ringleader of that circus of also, we dug up some sound Sara of him in the 90s kind of singing a different tune about impeachment. Listen to this election of the majority of the American people, it’s going to divide country and we shouldn’t do it, but that’s exactly what he’s doing here. They are constantly changing their positions to fit a contrast to attack, say about immigration. We see it in this impeachment process and it is absurd. You can just start to impeach somebody because you’re afraid that you’re going to beat in an election – and you can’t start using this as a tool to take away the votes. Millions of Americans, which is exactly what Democrats are trying to do through this process, and I don’t think they’re going to get away with it and I think it’s going to look foolish and country is far too smart to fall for what the Democrats are. Trying to pull this is another example. Democrats are going to try to do something and fail they’ve done nothing, and I think that this is going to go nowhere, just like everything else, I’ve tried to do is because party is going so far left so far left. In fact, even the bilmar is panicking about the direction of the party hears bill on MSNBC they’re having this in this race to the far left. It’S not good. It’S kind of a cancer on progressivism. I’Ve been saying this for years. That, first of all, you have to stand up to Twitter. Twitter. Isn’T us Twitter, isn’t the ranking, dial Democratic. Even most liberals, but they don’t do it. This race is begging for someone to do a kind of a Sister Souljah moment with the with that far left. If you run on taking away people’s care and taxing them too much and taking away all their Guns & Friends, women get abortion rights to think that came up in the first debate. I don’t think you’re going to win this election. I think Bill Maher is right. I’Ll give you the last word was watching the debate and I couldn’t believe the things coming out of the Democrats are. Surely this is a Saturday dangerous for their party, but it’s so dangerous for the country, and it is terrifying. Some of the ideas with her coming up with we heard time and time again, Democrats to say that the reason that we have guns in this country is because of corruption. It’S not because of options. It’S because it’s our God given right that was enshrined in the Constitution and the idea that they want to challenge every bit of that. They were fighting over how to go around the Constitution at one point and whether or not they could just do exactly borders intake. Who cares about the Constitution? It was unbelievable to listen to some of the things coming out of their mouth and I think it’s a scary and dangerous road that they’re going down. Hopefully they will take some advice and listen to Bill Maher, but if not, I think that it’s just fine going to ensure that President Trump is elected for four more years in November the Fox News family and if Juan Williams give you a hard time in The Green Room – you just see me about that.
Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders weighs in on CNN’s reporting that President Trump mishandled classified information that led to the CIA pulling a U.S. spy out of Russia.

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