Sarah Sanders joins Judge Jeanine on ‘Justice’

Sarah Sanders joins Judge Jeanine on ‘Justice’
Sarah Sanders joins Judge Jeanine on ‘Justice’
Joining me now is former White House Press Secretary and brand-new Fox News contributor. Sarah Huckabee Sanders welcome to justice, so goddamn be here braids for nachos people like me, but for for the audience as well, I’m going to start with the whole idea of what my open was about, and that is the inspector General’s report. Jim Comey, pretty much skating on that, but the Inspector General made it clear that they was lying and there was leaking. And yet the media is almost dead, silent about it and the end bil-bar could have prosecuted so juxtapose that against Bob Mueller and the fact that the Bob Mueller said there was no collusion, immediate, went ballistic four months. Explain that call me was a liar and a leaker and he disgraced himself and did a total dosoris to the FBI. I think we’re seeing more and more and more and continued reasons why the president was completely right in firing James Comey, who is unfit to leave the FBI. I need to need to be there and I think the sad thing is if Democrats are honest with themselves, they all said that right up until the moment that the president fire Jim call me they thought the same thing only once the president made that move. Did they start to disagree with them and what happened whether the Department of Justice and attorney-general bar take any action? I think it’s raining through bars in a phenomenal job ever going to be charges, will there ever be consequences and I believe in billboard in the book? I talked about the fact that he’s like a slow locomotive nobody’s going to get him off the track going to get there, but I haven’t seen him do anything. Yet. Why are you so sure right thing? At the end of the day, there is call me has to be indicted for what he did the front of the fisa court absolutely, and I think he is lucky that he’s not already in prison will see what happens again. I have total confidence in I’m self to be a real leader and we’ll see what happens. I’m not going to get into exact punishment needs to look like them to lose Faith. You know – and I don’t want to lose Faith because I spent 30 years in the justice system, ghetto without fear or favour and I’m still a Believer, and I just don’t want to be disappointed. But I want to move on to something else. You know we got the jobs 195000 new jobs in the private sector of 3.7 %, unemployment, the lowest in 50 years, or even maybe even more, and yet he’s got people like Bill, Maher hoping for a recession which would cause people to lose their jobs. Wanting to out people so that they lose their jobs if they support Donald Trump. What is going on in the country losing their minds? They would rather see our country fail in the president, not be successful so that they get one of their people in. I can’t imagine thinking that way. I hope I never become like the Democrats are right now, weather our president fail in America not continue to grow, continue to be successful so that they could change. Who is in power. That is a terrible way to look at this. For one sector he’s running for All, American women are doing better: African Americans, Hispanic, Americans, Asian Americans. Everybody is doing better under the Trump economy and it’s time for us to start celebrating the fact that America, they don’t want to, because they’d rather see him fail. And I think that that is a disgrace and I hope Republicans never become that way. They don’t answer and kind. I want to move on to a big issue. You know on when Congress comes back, there’s going to be a lot of discussion about guns and just within the last 24 hours CVS, Walmart Kroger’s, which I think is more Southern there, preventing people from coming in with guns, even in states where there are open, carry Laws does this help the discussion at all three young kids find? Is it sometimes, then, being a parent in the world we live in today? You know whether you drop your kids off at school, whether you’re at a movie, a grocery store, a shopping mall. You want your kids to be safe, it’s the number one thing you’re trying to do is keep them safe, so I’m always open and looking for ways that we can do that. Whether or not these actions these companies are taking can change things. I don’t know, but I do think we have to have a real discussion, but I think the part of the problem that were missing and one of the things that we’re not doing is this is not as much a gun issue as it is a moral issue. We have to look for ways to bring this country together. We have to look for ways that we can have discussions and disagree with each without being kicked out of restaurant without fear of losing our jobs. All goes back to having respect for one another, we’re going to teach our kids and raise our kids to respect one another value, other people value life or becoming a culture that no longer values life. You look at some of the things that are happening right now and how some of the Democrats were the comments pro-life Community. We are not valuing life and when we do that, we put, I think everybody in Jeopardy. So I think we have to really take a look at how we have this conversation. Make it less about guns, make it more about respect and treating each the way that we would want to be treated in Krogers in your with your kids and someone who was a criminal has an illegal gun. Wouldn’T you want to have a gun X? It’S not the people that are following the wall that are doing these types of you know heinous crimes. Obviously, I think everybody in this country would love to never see another mass shooting, and I think we have to look at that approach when the idea that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is going to help reducing. But again, I think the best thing we can do is have some real conversations about why we have this problem. In the first place, it’s not the guns, it’s people that are taking this action. We have to figure out how to bring those people back from the background checks. I want to solve all of our problems, so much of this needs to start at home. I need to do it with my kids and so does everybody else. In America we have to quit looking at government to solve every problem. We have and start doing more than our own homes. Everyone just thanked. You always great to see you. Thank you.
Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders discusses what lies ahead for former FBI Director James Comey. #FoxNews

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