Sarah Sanders: We’d get a lot more done if Democrats weren’t in the way

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Sarah Sanders: We’d get a lot more done if Democrats weren’t in the way
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Sarah Sanders: We’d get a lot more done if Democrats weren’t in the way
Sarah Sanders: We’d get a lot more done if Democrats weren’t in the way
What’S bringing Sarah Huckabee Sanders from these White House Press Secretary coming to us from the White House first or in the drugs today it looks like the wall put on there’s a present. Still thinking get 400 miles done of the wall by the end of the year by the end of are the Army Corps of Engineers. Working with DHS and DOD are put in a tremendous amount of effort into not just building a new wall, taking down some of the barriers that have existed that are completely in effect and put it into the very effective border wall that they’ve been building over the Last couple of months that’s going to continue and we’re making great progress on that front. We would be doing it a lot faster and getting a lot more of it done. Democrats continue to stand in the way of actually securing our border. Stopping this National Security and humanitarian crises and actually working with the present instead of working against him, we would be making even double that progress by the end of the year if they would actually get how much is built over a hundred miles. I think it’s close to a hundred and fifteen Miles that have been finished and again we feel comfortable and confident that we’re on track to get right around 500 % by the end of the year. Speaking to the wall suit-wearing at the rally are they sold out called on to the stage at a trump rally. I think he should just be glad he wasn’t fired in front of thousands of people. The president’s been talking about and a recognition of the fact that people across the country support what the president’s doing not just buy the soup but by the sheer number of people that showed up. Tens of thousands of people came out to that rally and free other one wanting to help push the president’s policies forward, and I he just got to do another much more unique and exciting way, while you’re going to see more of them in the audience cuz. They are sold out to Steve’s point to ask you your reaction to, for my grandson, at least right now, temporarily at the processing center down in McAllen Texas, at the Rio Grande Valley sector, because so many people have the flu down there and most recently, a 16 Year old child died, I’m from the flu. What’S your reaction, absolutely horrible taste, something that shouldn’t happen, and this is exactly what the president’s been talking about exactly what he is trying to prevent hit. The president and his administration requested funding supplemental funding just two weeks ago to help with a humanitarian crisis at the border. Democrats have still failed to do that. Unfortunately, this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. Members of Congress in the Democrat Party continue to refuse to acknowledge the problem and start to help us fix it. They have to work with us. We need that funding. We need to fix our laws. What he doesn’t want to be this to continue, which is why he has been so vocal and has been pushing so hard and so aggressively to get this fixed. We have to fix laws, we have to take away the magnets are putting people through this Denver. It up today at 11 when he has Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi at the White House, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this came up. The present knows we have to deal with this Democrats have got to work with us on that they need to work with us to get the usmca deal. Finished, voted on and passed through Congress at something at Bennett. Are farmers workers and are unions. Everybody wins by the usmca deal and the fact that Democrats are dragging their feet on that just shows they care more about playing, partisan political games and they do about helping the American people. We hope that they come to the ready to actually do their jobs in legislative quit. Focusing on these absurd investigation after Nancy Pelosi in 18 minutes meet with house Democrats to decide whether or not to go forward with impeached. She says no, but then you got the AOC failure to impeach. Now it’s a neglect of due process to it looks like what a terrible idea this says: there’s no support for in the country, because they know they have no basis for it. It’S not just bad. Politically, it’s just bad governing their job is to come here and actually do something and govern and they’re not doing that, and I think what they’re taking place this morning, hopefully they’re, going to have a come-to-jesus moment World. They realize what a terrible idea this is. There is no basis whatsoever for impeachment. The Mueller report was conclusive. There was no collusion, there, no obstruction, it’s time to move forward and getting stuff done. It looks like it’s a beautiful day. Thank you.
Press secretary Sarah Sanders issues a call to Democrats on ‘Fox & Friends’ to legislate on immigration policy instead of focusing on investigations into President Trump. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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