Sarah Sanders weighs in on Trump’s tariff hike on Mexico

Sarah Sanders weighs in on Trump’s tariff hike on Mexico
Sarah Sanders weighs in on Trump’s tariff hike on Mexico
President Harrison on Mexico Congressman Peking just a few moments ago, said this consequences because obviously have more of an impact on Mexico than us, but many American businesses. That means many American workers could be affected by this good morning. What we’ve heard so far he wants to know if the White House is really thought this through before making this announcement talking about potential collateral damage unintended consequences of 5 % tariff on imports from Mexico. What more can you add to what we are learning on this area this morning, but we’ve been talking about it since the president, not just on the campaign but took office. It has been saying for months, if not years that we have to do something to secure our border. We have to make sure that we’re protecting the people of this country and the president is looking at all options to make sure he’s doing. Exact Congress has failed in at the same time, Mexico has the ability to step up and do more. The present has been asking them for months to do that, and now he is putting some measures in place that hopefully will get them to engage more so start to help us in this process. We can’t continue down the path that we’re on. We can’t continue to operate as a sovereign country with no borders and without enforcement of our law in Mexico needs to enforce their southern border. As well, does l step up and help fix this problem cuz they can easily do that. I said it finance committee, chairman speaking out about this announcement. Sarah saying trade policy and border security issues or separate this is a misuse of presidential tariff Authority and counter to Congressional intent. Is the president going to get court for this Outlook certainly have a lot of respect for chairman Grassley and we work with him on a lot of things, but at the same time, the president’s number one responsibility is to protect American and that’s exactly what this is Fully supported by the law and under the authorities of the president, through the eye, Eva provision, there’s case law that supports the action taken by the president and frankly, if other people were stepping up and doing more, the president wouldn’t have to to look for ways to Stop this problem on his own weave love for Congress to engage, and we would love for Mexico to step up. Let’S not forget that when people come across the southern border of Mexico, it takes them on 21 days to get to our Southern border. That gives him three weeks. When did they put the pressure on Mexico? Mexico has responded the president that we’re told I sent a letter back to President Trump in the face of this announcement and calling into question the America First policy of the president calling a fallacy. I just now you saying we are not going to respond to any provocations. The Mexican president saying any disputes must be resolved by dialogue. It’S our understanding that he is sending the foreign minister to Washington. Is there any plans to meet with the president? I know whereof any plans at this time, but certainly we want to work with the Mexican Government. We’Ve been clear about that from the beginning. We’Ve been talking to them for months, asking them for months to step up and take on a greater role in a greater response, Wednesday alone, we had over a thousand people move, as once. One large group is the largest group we’ve encountered come through the Mexican country up to our border and try to cross all at one time a thousand people, the fact that they didn’t break that up. They didn’t try to return. Those individuals back to their home country is what we’re asking them to do. They have the capability it’s within their law, to do that. Their immigration laws allow for this, and we want to see that at the same time, we have a good relationship with Mexico. Let’S not forget, there are a great trading partner. We want to continue that, but at the same time, because they are a good friend, they should be willing to help us fix this problem that they can so easily do. The big numbers are throwing up on the screen. This is what the White House detailed in that announcement last night, that it would start out at a 5 % tariff. The White House is proposing a 25 % increase their so we’ll see where that goes markets, don’t like it this morning, downtown 265 points. Obviously the trade War, China, the rhetoric there heating up as well Belvoir cuz. We just heard him finally respond to Robert Mueller’s public statement this week, saying that they sparked over legal and illegal analysis and that Russia report Sarah. He said that they could have reached a decision. Construction said Bill Barr, but he did not wear the president think about what this exchange first, Robert Mueller and now we’re hearing from Bill. Barr Attorney General take job of laying out all of the parameters of what’s taking place with the Mueller report, making that public and, like we said before this to us, is total exoneration and a case closed. We saw Robert for this week. He is closing up his shop he’s completed his investigation and he’s moving on, and we think that the rest of the country should two Democrats have got to stop obsessing over something that never happened and start engaging with the president to fix some of the real. The are happening right in front of their faces like the problem at the border. If Democrats will quit wasting so much of their time attacking US presidents, the president wouldn’t have to engage Mexico in the same way, because Congress will be doing its job at some point. They have to get serious about leaving real problems and so far they continue to be unwilling to do that. Impeachment hearing a lot of this on the left Nancy Pelosi. How does a present respond to that? The president’s address, as he said, look nobody wants to be impeached, but not particularly when they have no reason to be in pink like this President, he spent two-and-a-half years making our country better and fixing and cleaning up the messes of his prey. If anything’s Democrats once again should be working with this present, not fighting him every step of the way, you would think they would want to be part of some of these great successes that we’ve had instead of running away from them. The idea that they would has president over something that didn’t happen is truly Ludacris and it’s really a disservice to the country. All right, they’re really appreciate. Thank you. Thank you. So much
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says we can’t continue to operate as a sovereign country with no borders.

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