Sask. toddler battles rare condition preventing him from growing

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Sask. toddler battles rare condition preventing him from growing
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the family was Saskatoon toddler battling a rare condition that prevents them from growing is also facing another uphill battle the medication prescribed to help the three-year-old could cost $400,000 by the time he’s 18 and a star on FanDuel tells us family might be left to pay for the drugs on the Rhone some days harder than others start Kathleen germ says it’s been a year-and-a-half since her son Luke has grown getting new clothes for their kids and always having to pack away clothes like every 3 months and getting new shoes and we’ve never had to buy him new clothes right now he’s wearing 12-month pants make two months tops and he’s 3 years and 3 months after multiple visits to the doctor she says everything points to a rare condition called growth hormone deficiency kids are supposed to grow between ages of 2 & 3 3 to 4 in and he’s condition more parents when standing next to a friend only a week apart in age free day until he’s 25 she says that medication could cost her $400,000 by the time he’s 18 her documents show the ministry of helps denying her funding because Luke didn’t meet the provincial criteria the Met test requires an individual to have seven samples of blood drawn all 7 results musk or under a certain number to qualify for funding and tell Luke received scores of one two three which are very low and then he received one score of an 8 so because he passed one of the seven tests which isn’t eight isn’t very high the government won’t provide us with treatments and he is can’t be officially died is growth hormone deficiency the Ministry of Health tell CTV News if patients wish to appeal the decision they’re prescribers can submit additional information to support their request germ says her doctor advises Luke wait another year be retaking the test a year germ says she doesn’t want to waste now she says she’s turning to her insurance company for coverage but she says she’s doubtful they’ll come through there on Finnell CTV News Saskatoon
A toddler, battling a rare condition that prevents him from growing, struggles to get medication costs covered by the government.

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