Scaramucci blasts Trump: ‘There’s severe mental decline going on’

Scaramucci blasts Trump: ‘There’s severe mental decline going on’
Scaramucci blasts Trump: ‘There’s severe mental decline going on’
Can’T walk on by a key was in charge of the White House communications department for a brief period in the summer of 2017. What a wild ride it was. Anthony scaramucci saw the White House behind the scenes working with President Donald Trump out of many trades. If you don’t see her entrepreneur, author political consultant today he’s a guest on our show joining us from Toronto. Missy scaramucci thanks for taking the time and welcome to Canada turn it up here: selling shopping malls for Cadillac Fairview. So it’s a it’s a fun place to be. I love your country. What was it like to actually work in that white house? Your reviewer’s? I got fired after 11 days, so it was a little bit of a blur, but I will. I will tell you this. You know I grew up in a family and so I flipped the good part of the American dream. The country. Will you come from a background like mine, I got to tell you that I was sucked into it. If you will – and you know, there’s a magistry to that office or the magistrate to that building and – and you don’t listen now, unfortunately, things are not going well now, because we’ve got somebody that is not doing the right things in the job and it’s obviously not Acting in an appropriate way, but yeah iconic Stefani, despite whatever my personal trials and tribulations or whatever mistakes I made, I look back on it fondly – is the president the same behind as he is in front of the cameras. Well, I mean, should I haven’t seen him in a long time. You know it’s been: it’s been probably a year since I’ve seen him face-to-face, but I can tell you and people are critical of me either saying well, he’s he’s acting in 2016 or 17 breaking a problem now, there’s absolutely no difference, and so I can accept that Criticism, but I actually think it has gotten worse and I think his objective standards to look at whether it’s his personal mannerisms is communication style. Some of the things he’s now doing on equating presidency, for example, to Jerome Powell and saying who is the bigger enemy of the United States. I mean this is stuff. That is, I think, way outside of the even normalcy for president rap. For me, the red line for me was really with the Congress. Women using those racial racist tropes in a Twitter feed is nonsensical from the leader of the Free World is running a country whose first name is United. They told my grandparents dad a hundred years ago, and I spoke out against that. He didn’t like that and since he’s a demagogue, you can’t be in 710 support for him or 810 support. You got to be like somebody’s Fox News announcers, you got to be in 11, 10 support for Trump, and so I can’t do that. I can’t this about my personal history or my Integrity or things about my life, to try to give somebody a level of loyalty that they don’t deserve, and so I spoke out about it and I think the situation has gotten worse. I said the Jonathan Swan from axios a few weeks back that he’s in full-blown meltdown. It’S like the episodes of Chernobyl where the reactor now people are trying to figure out where they’re going to cover it up where they’re going to clean it up, and so as a good standing Republican, I’m calling on Republican elected officials. We have to clean this up with the clean it up on behalf of our children on behalf of our country and let’s face it on behalf of the world, and so I’m I’m I’m hoping that Apple’s just quickly before we go. What do you think is reelection chances are well there diminishing everyday, thankfully, but the incumbent president, he has very Ardent supporters economy is still strong, but I predict he won’t make it to that election. I predicted there’s such a severe mental decline going on that the most likely out I’m here and I think the proudest outcome would be to say. Okay, I did a great job and I’m I’m going to retire at the end of the term, and so that’s what I’m hoping for and that’s why I’m rallying a cause of normal Republican Republicans to step forward here to see if we can put up a very Formidable normal, healthy competitor, after what’s going on on the Democratic side, enjoy your time in Canada. Now we said everything just said: if he becomes a nominee, you know you’re a TriCity gets re-elected that we really bad for us less than thank you for taking a bit of time to stop by, on the show, enjoy your time in our country and all the Best safe travels. Thank you.
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says things aren’t going well in the White House and U.S. President Trump is in severe mental decline.


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