Scaramucci on 2016 meeting: I believe Donald Trump

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Scaramucci on 2016 meeting: I believe Donald Trump
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don’t mean that was someone who knows Trump World well and has spoken recently with both president Trump and with Michael Cohen the former White House communications director Anthony scaramucci joins us from Israel Anthony thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it I want to start the Coen was a quote 3 a.m. break the glass phone call and that quote if I had a problem someone broke into the house or drunk-driving he would be there in a minute unquote now the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is out there calling Michael Cohen a liar do you think Cohen is a liar but listen to certainly been a breach in the relationship and so when I said that I meant that because I’ve known Michael for her for 10 years known the president for a very long time might my guess was is that they were very loyal to each other when your house gets raided and your apartment in hotel room gets raided and you get charged by the FBI maybe that has changed now the leaking of the tape and I listen I listen to the table with the president trying to make the point and mayor giuliani’s making the point that it seems like the tape was cut off that there was more dialogue going there and I think maybe the president thinks that it was favorable dialog but look at the end of the day you know you’re you’re in the biggest aquarium in the world the White House is literally like a fishball and everybody’s micro analyzing every single thing that’s happened to you in your life which is one of the main reasons why people don’t run for office because they don’t like every single thing that they’ve done in their lives you know put on State of the Union so so here we are now my guess is that this is a riff that will continue I’m not exactly sure what the criminality is here and to me it doesn’t look like it’s criminal when I step back and look at it and try to look at it objectively and I think the president’s probably very frustrated because he’s got a great economic plan going he’s got a great things going on with us and North Korea or the potential her deal with the EU now and so this is one of those sidetracking things I think it has to be very frustrated I can certainly understand that you told CNN earlier this month you thought Michael Cohen would remain loyal to the president that was an actor of course the raid on his and his home in his hotel room what do you think happened to change Michael Collins calculus well you know what I also I also did say though is that the isolation strategy of Michael Cohen I’ve said that a couple of times publicly its prey not the best strategy either now I’m not on the president’s legal team so I don’t know what they’re legally allowed to do and not allowed to do and I’m not exactly sure what Michael’s being targeted for the president’s indicating it a tweet yesterday it might be related to the medallions and the taxi cab licenses that Michael had so to me it’s it’s not clear me what is absolutely going on I think Michael would probably say that he didn’t leak the last piece relate to the Russian meeting so I’m not really exactly sure where that came from but I don’t like the crossfire you know when you you and I have friends go back a long time and you see friends getting a disagreement you said you serve cheese I wish these guys put down their arms recognize the longevity of their relationship and stop the the backbiting in the infighting and and lastly doing it on national tv that you know so much my message to Mike frankly said this it’s not it’s not the appropriate venue to be doing that so let’s see if we can calm things down the president’s obviously doing a great job as president these things happened before he was president listen is it’s a complicated world we live in Jake what I’m hoping is the Trump agenda on the scales and all these things the Trump agenda and all the good things are happening in the economy will outweigh all of this sort of stuff that’s going on right now play somebody who knows both of them you have Michael Cohen according to sources claiming the president Trump knew ahead of time about that Trump Tower meeting with Russians you have President Trump denying it repeatedly publicly who do you believe good question I mean listen III it’s not clear to me Michael leak that is so I’m going to I’m going to stay on the side of the president here I’m going to take the present as word that he didn’t know is in the campaign during that. Of time I was Major flurry of activity you have to go back back to June of 2016 where one of the things that the campaign was worried about it it’s only Paul matter for frankly was working on his to make that the president’s electoral success state-by-state was going to be matched at the convention floor by where we were counting delegates and we wanted to make sure there wasn’t some kind of insurrection and so there was a massive amount of activity around that very very low blacktivity away from that and so you won’t have to remember we were understaffed on that campaign we were underfunded relative to secretary Clinton’s campaign as well and so so to me it’s very possible and I take it I take the present Edward Charles E did not know about the meeting but knowing what you know about President Trump and how he runs things do you really find a credible that Donald Trump jr. Jared Kushner Paul manafort would have had this meeting where they were going to get all this dirt allegedly on Hillary Clinton for him use against her and they wouldn’t have told him about it that’s that sounds credible to you could have known after the fact I think that’s possible but I think we Donald Trump jr. said last year that the meeting was 20 minutes they thought they were going in for for one thing it turned out to be a completely other thing and then they surely dismissed the meeting and so so yes I do think it’s possible and I think that if you checked sources inside the White House can you check sources inside that campaign the level of freneticism it is very possible remember the president is an entrepreneur and so one of the things that I’m supposed to do very well is a delegate to other people and they create a lot of autonomy around them and so I wonder why they can’t pay was so successful you know is that the president said okay you know Paul has a job Jared has a job everybody was in different positions and he’s a guy that would delegate to people the way good entrepreneurs do so yes I do if that’s possible I understand the pushback why people think it is impossible but you have to understand it was one meeting and Donald J Trump jr. said it was a meeting at was 20 minutes long and so when you think about the totality what was going on in the campaign looking at it now with a microscope and the way we magnify and Destroy her but back then it wasn’t that big of a deal and so I I take them at their word on that as well relationships between the press in the white house so I do want to ask you about this because this week the White House a barred Caitlin Collins a CNN reporter an excellent report of ours from attending an event even though she was the pool for TV after she asked quote inappropriate question during the president’s pool spray when he was meeting with the head of the European Commission of course or questions were entirely legitimate as somebody who wanted to improve relations between the White House and the Press what do you think what’s your take are you okay with the way the White House handle this well well what I would do I actually think you know listen I think probably that probably I don’t know this for a fact that probably came from the president he likes to be respected he was probably frustrated at that moment but what I would do in a situation like that as I pull type of questions that Sam Donaldson screamed at Ronald Reagan and go right through the last 30 years of pull reporters asking questions that President probably think you’re up noxious or untoward or disrespectful questions and point out that she was doing her job and so I understand that if she was put in the Penalty Box I would certainly recommend to my former colleagues there that you take her out of the Penalty Box because I said this consistently and I will continue to say this but it wasn’t having a war declaration or having that level of antagonism with the Press does not help the president does not serve his interest going into the midterms or the reelection I understand the frustration I understand the president’s personality he likes to punch back in he likes to be combative but what I think that also doesn’t take you probably agree with me on this it’s galvanizes the Press Visa V the White House you know I was watching one of the press conferences where I think it was a gentleman from Politico yielded to the woman from NBC and so what you’re doing is you’re starting a galvanized people against the White House and it’s a it’s a collective which I think is not in the best interest of the presidents number to a probably came from the president himself and so you sort of Camp you know when you’re getting told by the president to do a b and c and you’re sitting there saying while may not be the best idea I’m sure these people have strong enough personalities will they would tell him it’s not the best idea but he probably wanted them to do it anyway but I but I disagree with it and I’m happy to talk about it I’m happy to explain why I think the best people around the president will always give him constructive coaching it’s not criticism just look this is not in your best interest long-term removing Catelynn from the pool or putting her in the penalty box or you’re not getting the desired outcome what is the desired outcome I guess that people don’t ask you those questions guess what the first amendment gives these reporters the right to do that and by the way your predecessors many of which she respected take a look at a tape this and for the record they reported that yielded the floor was up from the hill but we appreciate in Anthony scaramucci thank you so from the hell okay yeah but you get the point
Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci says he believes President Donald Trump when the president says he did not know in advance about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which Russians were expected to offer up dirt about Hillary Clinton to his campaign.

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