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the alarm Bell run from within the Trump Administration here is the bottom line if you’re just joining us a senior official describing an active secret resistance of officials working to support Donald Trump’s presidency and this isn’t a journalistic report that it’s an admission or confession made in the page of the New York Times just within the last few hours and at times this is important says it is verified that this person is indeed a senior Trump official and is risking their job in this person says this effort to support Trump is indeed a secret quote resistance but they’re going to write it’s not about politics it’s about patriotism and what we’re learning tonight what I think everyone is reacting to these reports of a growing group of Public Service servant the gas but the Moreland security risk posed by this particular president now let me walk you through it to Senor Trump official writing there’s a quote resistance inside the Trump Administration that they’re part of an it’s formed by officials Valley what they can to preserve our Democratic institutions wall Thornton Trump’s most misguided impulses until he’s out of the office the writer is plenty blunt about the president they serve saying he’s impetuous adversarial Petty effective in the problem in this Talent goes well beyond style the writer concludes quote the root of the problem is the president a morality now this unusual alarm Bell has caused as I was just discussing with Chuck reaction in the mirror to two hours or so since this was published I can tell you the present spoken out about it personally white houses on defense of former trump top Aid called into MSNBC to address this Rachel Maddow are you in a moment no Americans pouring over this essay and what it means tonight I got to have plenty to debate cuz let me be clear up top Donald Trump’s critics see this as a validation in public confirmation Lex that we don’t even know about our people in this government going to in order to blunt to stop to somehow mitigate this particular presidents more extreme Demands a person ideas bombshell book by Bob Woodward that we’ve also been talking about but I want to be clear there is also something here for Trump supporters the notion that perhaps there is indeed a secret cabal of people in this government trying to undermine him they asked how supporters would feel if this same news broke about him and there is a rebuttal to that from Trump critics as well which is simple President Obama has never done one tenth of the things that Donald Trump has done which of these officials feel duty-bound to stop that too in this piece let me redo this Trump official writes it may be cold comfort but American should know that there are adults in the room we fully recognize what is happening and we are trying to do what’s right When Donald Trump will not as for Donald Trump is no response we have somebody in what I call the failing New York Times that’s talking about he’s part of the resist within the Trump Administration Pittsburgh this is what we have to deal with and you know the dishonest media cuz you people deal with it as well as I do but it’s really a disgrace now Trump calls many different types of critics dishonest he’s often wrong about that according to our report it but also let’s be clear here this senior official is admitting to keeping these ongoing efforts secrets in order to fight for us opposing greater good for the country and the White House has been Rock from Alside this week this is a bad week for them except for perhaps progress on the Supreme Court fight Donald Trump’s former Special Assistant was hammering The credibility of this person this writer who feels this strongly believe step out from the Shadows I do think it’s a little concerning that we do have someone who is unnamed that is that is making me signs of allegations if they are so concerned about the White House the presidency they would make these charges yet not so much that they were willing to risk their own job for it by putting their name next to it or stepping down I think that there’s there’s there’s a call the White House you know no but we are told the conversations are happening I want to bring in a special panel here Eugene Robinson a Pulitzer prize-winning columns for the Washington Post David from who served in the Bush Administration and has a new piece in the Atlantic about this very issue as well as Heidi przybilla National political correspondent for us right here at NBC News Gene in the very top of the show I read some of the responses and because we live in a hyperbola I just want to be clear historian Michael beschloss quote I’ve never seen anything like this in modern presidential history never seen anything like this to agree with that call me maybe somebody in the Andrew Johnson Administration might have written beginner with a quill pen you know something about someone who was inside I would be shocked if it were not so quite high-ranking because I don’t think the New York Times Woody Brandon anonymity to somebody was just a mid-level official anything I wouldn’t anonymity accept to somebody who was who was at the senior what Witnesses important cuz you’re in rooms that many of us and many more viewers or not for someone who’s 120 on the list what we suspected but will you do actually that that is crazy town inside the White House and it’s a dangerous place that you know she’s Omarosa you didn’t really give for that she’s got the good and now we have someone inside saying not only that this is true but there is an active effort to keep Donald Trump from exercising is worst impulses because of the Derpy that would be for the country it’s a Vibe Marley is my phone we should be off by now I apologize you use the word catastrophe Heidi let me read to you more from the peace what you getting everyone’s just digesting White House Executive Branch departments and agencies senior officials will privately admit their daily disbelief at the commander-in-chief comments and actions most working to insulate the operations from his whims meetings with him V-Rod topping off the rails repair branches in this results in half a gallon form and occasionally Reckless decisions that have to be walked back I want you to put this in the context of the other big denial from the Woodward book which Eugene brings up which is do we have a policy to assassinate foreign leaders or not was there a order on Assad in Syria and then was that overruled by the military in exactly the format that this article describes people having an active secret kind of resistance to order! on a year-and-a-half of reporting on in similar anecdotes that have come from Anonymous sources in the New York Times And The Washington Post this network as well as in all of the books that have been published this the news here is just that this is somebody inside the White House saying we know it we know the King has no clothes and telling us this in his own voice and I am trying we’re all at this moment trying to process what is the angle here what does what action is this trying to precipitate in who is this message to Anna David and I were discussing this in the break book but look at who he mentioned in the store he or she mentioned in the op-ed they mentioned I think this is a message actually took Congress potentially because they say in the op-ed this is not about Trump this is about what the American people have allowed to happen What has the tax reform and deregulation they seem to be an economic conservative I’ll read that since you cited Senator John McCain American should he eat his words we may no longer have McCain and this writer says we will always have his example of loadstar for ReStore Florida public life at our national dialogue Trump May fear such Honorable Men we should review them and so any casual viewer here who hasn’t heard about the piece yet I think he’s got it a lot of people think this is a big deal David from you think it’s big but problematic why I think the situation will be worse after this peace and situation will be worse because of the space What will immediately happen of course is that everyone suspected in the administration of possibly be the author waterproof wild Hunt for people who are more normal more patriotic less corrupt will find their jobs in greater trouble take more advice from the worst people around the people spend more time on the phone with his worst cronies and we have not moved the ball toward what do something about that and that and that means risking a little something if you’re complaining the way you fight that should not be by breaking the rules no I’m not saying that I’m saying because I’m because there’s some Norms that are going to give way anyway because of the presence of what I’m saying is if you make your resignation count don’t stalk off don’t leak I can’t get fast and works even this Craven supine complicit set alarm wait for disaster but usually important decision and when the paper vanish the president didn’t notice or remember that it was gone and I said so presumably that story comes from Gary Cohn demon by mentally disabled that begins to get to where the Congress Converse would do nothing absolutely nothing wait I’m trying to head off some specific craziness that is that Donald Trump is falling who has either resigned or eat been pushed out and left the administration and then spoken out you can’t and and then in many ways that was my first reaction as well is that this in many ways does the problem that it’s not only people in the White House resign or pushed out what speak out it’s everyone on Capitol Hill and again that brings me back to what is the precipitating event for this while we’ve lost the one person who other than maybe sense ass and Jeff Flake was doing on Capitol Hill resignation is an art if you basically support the goals of the administration but you have some policy position even put into famous 243 head like a gentleman you need to make it bloody you need to go in a group you need to be specific if they’re so you say what it is Trump actually used Law Enforcement Officers as a backdrop to plan the failing New York Times and he’s going to mobilize his base now is using this is another example of how the media is trying to undercut him with the horses and that this person are people getting wise to that cuz being you mentioned your colleague why would wear that you think his stories are correct. Fiction he has a story in there about a Jim Mattis and trying to prevent what he views as a fish great educated quote idiot president from bumbling into war I want to read also from your pay for the Washington Post reporting officials in the White House discussing who will replace Mattis at the Pentagon with Woodward reporting about Associates he has I mentioned acted like he had the under meaning of a 5th grader internal speculation about Madison’s potential departure has intensified so there’s Donald Trump attacking the media and then there’s Donald Trump’s Administration swiftly doing what the media reports in your time says there’s a problem with White House counsel again Lenny denounced out same with Matt it’s apparently they were looking for an eventual replacement to manifest the president came out today and because of that reporting said no no no no no I’ll be around tomorrow that he’s that he’s leaving the the unpredictability of president and the fact that I think we probably know like half of what he’s capable of and I think we probably don’t know yet how it is in their how crazy is Crazy Town 30-minute ramps and this goes to whether there is the feeling of people have around the country that being scared the being angry the questioning the very legitimacy of this presidency is the rational choice and that anything less than that is to really miss understand the era were it and and that comes again against the backdrop of will be coming later in the air whether this is a present should put another lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court show no we don’t regularly poll Trump tweets and post them in fact there are many tweets everyday and we rarely feature them on my controller and tells me that there is a bizarre response to the president that meets our bar given the input of the story The all caps treason? The Heidi again rather than normalizing that all caps statement if Barack Obama or any other president responded to this kind of rapport with what is I can tell you a legally false charge because inducted into a treasonous is free speech is dangerously close to losing it Point many times but I will say to your question about what effect this is having and whether we kind of reach a critical mass and whether this is it there was some pulling information out within the past week or two already suggests that this is certain extent backfiring for the president we spent months saying it’s working their efforts to discredit molar are working but the polls show that now 60% of Americans want this investigation to go forward they approve of the course that it’s taking I think it needs to be seen to fruition so yes I think this piece if it just stands as it is and the author is not identified I think will be another kind of sense for the American people who are also already deeply concerned that this Administration is going off the rails but at the same time I think the president will use it as a weapon to fire up whatever that number is at 18 to 30 foot weather in Eugene thank you for being here from MSNBC you can see more videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us and we appreciate that
An anonymous senior official within the Trump administration has written a scathing op-ed in The New York Times, alleging that there is a secret resistance within the administration that has “vowed to do what they can to preserve” Democratic institutions and to thwart “Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office”. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson tells Ari Melber he would be “shocked” if the op-ed were not written by someone “high-ranking”, while The Atlantic’s David Frum argues that the op-ed has made “the situation” within the administration “worse”.
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Scathing: Senior Trump Admin. Official Reveals Secret Resistance | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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