Scheer blasts Trudeau, federal budget: “It is not business as usual”

Scheer blasts Trudeau, federal budget: “It is not business as usual”
Scheer blasts Trudeau, federal budget: “It is not business as usual”
Destin sea level and Corruption Scandal has entirely consumed Justin Trudeau’s government for the past six weeks, and just now the Finance Minister presented a budget as though it were business-as-usual. It is not business as usual and we can stand by while the Liberals pretended otherwise Justin Trudeau’s. Try to stop the criminal prosecution of a liberal, friendly Company by bullying his attorney general Jody wilson-raybould, into letting them off the hook, and when he wouldn’t do it, he fired her. Since then, he has silenced her. He won’t waive the Privileges and confidence. Is that legally prevent her from telling Canadians what she knows and earlier today he shut down the only public investigation into this corruption Scandal they say the cover-up is worse than the crime, but Justin Trudeau must have come to the opposite conclusion. No cover up can be worse than what he did in the aftermath of this corruption Scandal. Mr. Trudeau has lost two of his top cabinet ministers to resignation. His best friend and Senior advisor had to resign under a cloud Scandal and the top civil servant. The clerk of the privy Council had to do the same thing. Today’S budget is part of the continuing cover-up. This budget is not a serious fiscal plan, for the country is a 41 billion dollar corruption. Cover-Up that Canadians will pay for. If he’s re-elected his desperate attempts of a cover-up are themselves part of this corruption. His Justice sedation shut shutdown with an abuse-of-power, an affront to democracy and attack on Parliament, expect accountability in Parliament and for Justin Trudeau to shutdown. A committee investigating his Corrupt Practices and hours later turn around and present a budget to Canadians, as though everything was normal was something we could not sit in. The house and stomach has legitimacy legitimize it by remaining in the chamber in the days ahead will continue to highlight this government’s cover-up agenda, as you just witnessed, will use every tool at our disposal to hold Justin Trudeau to account. Nothing is off the table and we are prepared for anyting. Canadians deserve answers and conservatives are determined to get them stop procedure. She has instapot since that, then he has tablet from speaking. He has refused to lift the obstacles that keeps her from saying what she knows to Canadian today. The only public inquiry on this situation cannot be worse than what are you doing? No, mr. Trudeau has lost his best friend and adviser lost. Also is the biggest public official and lost a story. The moral authority to govern is part of this cover up. His budget is not a serious economic plan for the country of Scandal. It is a cover-up of 41 billion dollars that Canadians will have to pay if they are re-elected, re-elected and there’s. It’S only an attempt to limit the troubles with one objective in mind: attention away from Kenny from his corruption Scandal, but Canadians Wilmot. These desperate attempts are part of his corruption, the stopping of the investigation and is an attack against democracy. Workstep is investigating that are corrupted and turn around, and everything was normal is something that we could not let go in. The comments does budget as no limit, and we cannot give any by staying in the chamber in the next few days. We will continue to show this cover up, that the government is doing every tools at our disposal to ask them. Nothing is include. Answers are determined to have those answers to be there to represent Canadians when the budget thing table, take it in and respond with your own response to the budget speech. So what are you doing for thing on a procedural matter? Shutting down a public investigation into a corruption Affair is not just a procedural matter. Is an attack on the rule of law and our parliamentary democracy. We will not sit idly by and allow that to happen. government has decided to go against tradition of our Parliament. Try to stop at public inquiry on the question of Corruption, of political interference against political criminal procedure has chosen. That’S Mister, Trudeau. Choice to abuse come in this way before just cannot sit during Discovery telling me that they want to hear Jody wilson-raybould speak. They want this cover-up to end. They want her to be able to come back and fill in the gaps and complete her testimony. Justin, Trudeau is so afraid of what she might say that he was willing to shoe cabinet ministers, his principal advisor the clerk of the privy Council and now destroy his budget Day message All In A desperate attempt to cover up his corruption Scandal. That’S what I’m hearing from Canadians from coast to coast, Jody wilson-raybould, how she feels about your party that are promised in preparation for the elections. You have any thoughts on this. We’Re always against the big yes.. This project is, is nothing else, banana stamped to hide truth from the Scandal raybould about how she feels about your party. Taking up her fight, Jody wilson-raybould herself has asked to come back to the Justice. Committing herself has sent a letter to her constituents indicating the Durham details that need to come to light in order to preserve the Integrity of our rule of law and our justice system. To let her speak for herself, it’s Gerald butts put words in her mouth. It’S Justin Trudeau’s team that is trying to tell Canadians that she’s just experiencing things differently. We don’t want to hear Justin, Trudeau speaking for Jody wilson-raybould. We want to speak. We want to hear from her herself and want to let her speak to cover up the snc-lavalin affair by spending 41 billion dollars in brand new spending that Canadians will have to pay for through higher taxes. If he’s re-elected, keep a spotlight on this, as you witnessed in the past, when this government does not respect the fundamental principles of how are prone to supposed to work, the opposition uses all the tools available to us. You’Ll understand, if I didn’t share that with you right now today, but we will. We will use every measure available to us to ensure that Canadians know the seriousness of the situation. We are talking about the abuse of power, Justin, Trudeau, abusing a power of his office to interfere in our justice system, violating the principles of the independent judicial system and the supremacy of the rule of law. That is extremely dangerous. We do not want to become the kind of country we’re powerful politicians can use the justice system to reward their friends and punish their enemies for Generations. People have come to Canada fleeing countries where that is all too common. Conservatives will fight to protect Canada’s democracy.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was critical of the 2019 budget and blasted the government over the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal.

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