Scheer calls for RCMP probe into SNC-Lavalin controversy | Power & Politics

Scheer calls for RCMP probe into SNC-Lavalin controversy | Power & Politics
Scheer calls for RCMP probe into SNC-Lavalin controversy | Power & Politics
Jody wilson-raybould confirmed the RCMP contacted her in the Spring Daylight of both the ethics Commissioners finding and the revelations about the rcmp’s previous involvement. I have formally requested the RCMP. Take another look. You conservatives will continue to to ask questions, as is important for a an official opposition. We will continue to stand up and defend job conservative leader, as you heard they’re under Cheryl, wants the mountain to take a look at the snc-lavalin controversy. That’S following confirmation. In last week’s report from the ethics commissioner, that the Prime Minister did try to quote bend the will of former Attorney General Jody wilson-raybould you’re sent a letter to the RCMP commissioner suggesting obstruction of justice charges May apply, but wilson-raybould has said that she doesn’t believe anything Illegal took place, so is it appropriate for the opposition to try and call in the RCMP, and what does it all mean politically time to bring into power in Toronto? Brad Lavigne is the principal at Council public affairs in Montreal ylan James is a former collectible cabinet. Minister, in here with me and Rachel Curran is a former director of policy to Stephen Harper. Now is Harper and Associates hi everybody. My guess is that this is a lot of politics and that’s a person I ever going to get you guys to way, and I understand the impetus for asking for your stinky, but it doesn’t matter, I mean they are seeing people decide independently, whether or not to Conduct an investigation: what is the strategy find? I guess you saying were formally calling for what initiated by came out with a report. There is a case to be made for obstruction of justice at least arguable. The attic commissioner says: nine people wanted to give us information. They said was relevant, they needed cabinet confidence waves and it wasn’t that what it is. You know what constitutes Define: prosecutorial discretion system of government in Spain, Prime Ministers of partisan political interests, jobs. That was the fact that you know there was an election coming up in Quebec, Liberal fortunes. That was the primary consideration, so those findings and they’re very clear, really comprehensively and really clearly, I think, I think, is perfectly within his rights strategy. Behind writing. The letter is clearly to keep this issue at the top of the public mind calling on the RCMP keeps people thinking about no at this time I want, I mean it is there were to be an investigation and just to be clear, as, as you said, that’s A determination that no one here can make that will be a determination that will be made by the RCMP and we’ll see. If that were to happen, would that be good news for the government? Of course not. That would not be good news, but when you look to Andrew shears motives from the very beginning, of course it’s served him politically to keep the story in the in the in the news. But at the same time I kind of feel like he squeeze that lemon. Pretty pretty pretty tight, there’s no juice left in that lemon. At this point, there’s no new information. As far as the singing, I don’t want to minimize the language or the findings of the ethics commissioner’s report, but I feel as though the people who approached the the prime minister’s actions in his office actions Port Authority been accounted for. What I want to say right and those that feel that is it within the national interest to have these types of agreements, as other countries in the world have done, will still feel the same way. I don’t think that that changed now wear this to go to the RCMP and have an investigation. As I said, I don’t think that that would be good news, but we can’t make that determination and that hasn’t happened and you sure can’t write the end of the story. The way that he wants to. We have to deal with the facts and there has not been any confirmation of there being an investigation at this time not long ago. She said that bass all the relevant information that she’s seen that she still believes that nothing Rises to the bar of a legality. A statement that she made when asked during her testimony. You know she doesn’t like the pressure applied to her with highly inappropriate, but she doesn’t say that far right end end as it as an independent Member of Parliament, she’s open to that opinion. Obviously, she’s learned in this file no question, but it’s not up to her and wasn’t me that’s sure, and that is possible, but on the on the politics of it, opposition parties have this tool in the toolbox to drag it out. As as you don’t. I guess I guess going through din this round. I get to be the tiebreaker, it doesn’t cost an opposition party eating more than typing on letterhead and a shipping that electronically to the RCMP, it doesn’t cost them. Anything is when you do it too often come to the petty. I don’t think this is the case here. I take you back vaschy to December of 2005, where are Justice? Critic in the new Democratic Party of Canada sent a letter RCMP asking for an investigation into the activities of Ralph Goodale at the time and that letter kind of wood under the radar until it until it became front-page news butting up against this election. You don’t know when the RCMP are going to announce, but it, but it is a tool in the toolbox for opposition parties to put it up there, but it’s one more media cycle to review what’s been done now. This issue makes the case and other liberal there’s on this channel have made over the last, while that this is all big Tim, I don’t. I don’t agree with that. I I respectfully disagree that it is baked in there hoping that it’s been that is baked in, but there is a lot of damning language in that ethics. Commission a report – and it’s not an issue about the engineering firm or about those jobs which again those jobs. Don’T disappear, we’re still building airports, we’re still building bridges in this country, regardless of whether not s & c is permitted to bid on them for the decade or not or if they were given a DPP. Other Engineers would come to work for us and see if it’s not about the jobs birthday. It’S about whether or not you can trust Justin, Trudeau, who said you know and just to go back to one of the elements of trust, never pork. He said that he worked with hand-in-glove with the ethics Commission on all the evidence of what we saw in that report is that that was not the case and in fact the ethics commission was very clear that Trudeau and his staff stood of of his work. It’S about trust and the election will be about trust and people will will we have wheat. We haven’t even started the The Campaign in earnest, but this is not voting in October. You promised electoral reform. This will be the last election ever under the old system. You didn’t do what you said: you’d be different, but let’s take a look break up more power panel. After that break you watching Power & Politics on CBC News network is offering fresh insight into the falling out between prime minister Justin, Trudeau and his former attorney-general Jody wilson-raybould that relationship of collapsed and dramatic fashion following a report in the Globe and Mail at the prime Minister’S office press the former AG to abandon the prosecution of snc-lavalin. The new book includes interviews with both wilson-raybould Justin, Trudeau is the author, nubuck promise and Peril Justin Trudeau in power, hi, Aaron and very fun. To do this? A lot of one thing that stuck out? Obviously, were talking about since he’s so much lately that this is real in your book, that the story was going to break start realize that something was up, but then his most memorable herself texted. I believe it’s Jerry Botts in the in the pmo to say: hey. I had this conversation with Bob pipe thumbs. Up is interesting. I mean it is interesting that she felt the need to tell him it’s interesting, that she sort of seemed to suggest that you know this was coming and and and to give them that heads-up, not that it seemed to help him that much. I guess man story brother for interesting: can you kind of go over a lot of what we’ve reported on, but haven’t known, really what’s happening behind the scenes primarily and thinking about the meeting after the story broke but prior to her stepping away from cabinet and the Meetings of the fabled meetings in Vancouver, in which directly that they should have this conversation to talk this over, he seems in his recollection of events. He he says he was sort of surprised, didn’t understand, wanted to. You know to understand how this could come about to ask her. You know why you know why I had you said this to me. She suggested she had then there’s sort of this, these conversations about what exactly it would take for her to start to come back into the fold. It is it’s it’s it’s hard to tell there’s been. It’S been reported that the ultimatum it’s hard to say it’s always have to tell her. Only two people in the room and lie story started told further and further and further you get a. I wonder what the grades or a game of broken telephone, but she clearly could have raised questions, concerns about about poetry, Bots with Michael Warren, people that she was concerned about who have done? Who acted in entering the right? Are these people or I’m not coming back, but you definitely raised concerns there’s also this moment wear according to Trudeau. She says to him. If a DPA is issued s & c, I will, I will resign from cabinet. He comes out of. Control. Comes out of that meeting and says to his staff that that’s barely problematic that if this is if this issue is about political interference in the in the judicial process, if this is too much pressure being put on the AG, you know she has just fastest kind Of odd Gambit of saying you know, there will be consequences if there’s a DPA and that’s that’s awfully problematic, even though it oddly, though, to me and the one thing I could never quite put my finger on and no one else has been able to put their Finger on his exact she resigned, you know what I asked you about that. when I asked him okay, so why? What would her over her reason? He still seems somewhat unsure of exactly why she resigned. There just seems to be this General sense that she had lost confidence, so she didn’t feel that she can continue to serve. I think I guess I’m also curious as to your general Impressions. Having talk to you know to the Prime Minister and Jody wilson-raybould about what went on, do you think that he or maybe even the people around him or do they feel like this, is a vulnerability for them? I think there’s definitely a Consciousness that this is not great. You know fundamentally, doesn’t think he did anything wrong here. So I think he still believe that I think there is. I think there is a full awareness of how much this impacted the Public Image, how much it hurt to have her resigned after attacking the government. You know if you go back. One of things I talked about in the book is that when she was appointed there was a full sort of sense of how important she was. You know as a person as a as a as a symbol of a Reconciliation, and I think there is. There was a sense that that could go both ways. You know she was described internally within the government being too-big-to-fail that you was too important to let it go bad and then, of course it went bad. I think there is a full, I think, there’s a full recognition that this is hurt them that this is been their lowest moment. But I don’t. I don’t yet get a sense that there is a belief that they actually did anything wrong. Bastila believe that that maybe this one off the rails, but if they they didn’t actually do anything that really crossed the line. Last and one famous guy named Donald Trump promise and Peril: Justin Trudeau in power Garfield by subscribing to the CBC News, Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wrote a letter to the RCMP asking them to launch an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin controversy, in the wake of an ethics probe that found Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act by pressuring former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to stop the criminal prosecution of the engineering firm.
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