Scheer confronting Trudeau over SNC-Lavalin scandal draws mixed reactions

Scheer confronting Trudeau over SNC-Lavalin scandal draws mixed reactions
Scheer confronting Trudeau over SNC-Lavalin scandal draws mixed reactions
I wanted to show a little bit of this video that was sent out by the conservatives. There was an Acadian Festival late last week that was going on in New Brunswick and the leader of the conservatives so says to Justin Trudeau, something to be effective when he going to stop lying to you inside the videos a little bit awkward. Your read on this because the conservatives have been sending this out on social media. When is story, was so fresh to remind Canadians of the fact that Justin Trudeau has lied about this file repeatedly. He said these accusations were false. We now know they weren’t. They said he didn’t direct the former Attorney General to do anything. We now know the prime minister’s office and the most senior levels of the orchestrated, a pressure campaign. They suggested they perhaps that the Attorney General the time should have called a retired Supreme Court Justice while at the same time they already lined that Justin. Trudeau has absolutely no credibility on this case and will ya typically partisan fayar can be held when politicians run it from various tribes run into each other at Community festivals. The fact that this government continues to lie to Canadians to cover up for their interference in the justice system is something I think not going to apologize for, calling more attention to get really ugly and negative. Some of these kind of videos, confrontations at Acadian, festivals and more for the rest of the summer and into the campaign that video. I don’t think that it is the place of Worcestershire to confront the Prime Minister, the country even about an issue is important of this. It kind of in that sort of way that you’re sure has lots of a bill Santos mr. Singh and the other political leaders go on shows like yours to make their case to Canadian, but I don’t think this kind of stunt, which is kind of like a Tough man act, I don’t think it suits, we could get blown off by Trudeau, but you know so. I don’t think that this is the way in general that we really want our election to proceed. Let’S have the debate. There are reasons what mr. Trudeau did was wrong. That is a fact TV. We are having that debate on going. What’S the stunts can wait? What about you Shane? What do you make of it? I would agree with Tom. I think that it did come off as a petit stunt, and I think that it was. It was definitely an awkward moment decided to put this out as a feature of showing how and her share is some kind of leader, but I think that it just came off as that politicians who often in OES we we assumed the negative dialogue and we have A lot of cynicism add an Acadian Day celebration, a celebration for a lot of people that is very important. He decided to put partisan Politics as the most important thing and put it out in order to fundraising to try and gather votes, and I think that’s really just because we can have a much better today and for what people know of and Russia are going into. The election they have not seen him with a plan. They have not seen him open himself up to a lot of media opportunities. Instead, he decided on that curated moment to film put out, and I think that rather people would rather see him out at Pride parades or see him putting out a real climate plan or doing something to introduce himself because he just comes off. As you know, continuing what Harper did before, which again it’s it’s ironic, to see him about lying in a positive approach. Right,
The True North Politics panel discusses Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer ‘confronting’ Prime Minister Trudeau at an event in the Maritimes.


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