scheer defends candidates homophobe simpson 130919

scheer defends candidates homophobe simpson 130919
scheer defends candidates homophobe simpson 130919
Andrew Scheer stood by his candidate running in a key Ontario riding, even though our pan Gahanna had to apologize today for a homophobic, social media post. He published back in 2010 he’s also defending this candidate after sharing islamophobic tweet from 2013, and I’m glad that they have done that cheer was less forgiving of a third candidate running in Manitoba firing him for islamophobic comments. He made online. While this is not what she wants to talk about, by no means is this just a conservative problem. I find that unacceptable. As I said to his position within the party is being reinvented, the greens were caught off guard by an anti-abortion and Fire. online comments. He made on Israel, and this is NDP. Candidate – was dropped after flippant and aggressive words, and Oil Workers were discovered online pool parties. I mean clearly, if your opponent confined stupid things that your candidate said, you should be able to find them 2 deposit. Maybe they ever regret because their views of change research team spend month digging up dirt on their opponents waiting for the perfect time to strike. This will only become more intense as election day gets closer Katie Simpson, CBC News, Brampton Ontario
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