Scheer delivers major foreign policy speech ahead of election | Power & Politics

Scheer delivers major foreign policy speech ahead of election | Power & Politics
Scheer delivers major foreign policy speech ahead of election | Power & Politics
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer began a series of pre-election speeches today to outline his vision for Canada is opening address, focused on foreign policy and defense. The cbc’s K Simpson was in Montreal for that speech and she joins me in studio. Hi Katie are presented. His vision is a specific, detailed policy playing, but it’s an overall Vision swear if he becomes. The prime minister of Canada here are some of the things he would like to see take place in the past. He said you know what conservative government would stand up to China that there needs to be a complete reset in the relationship and that there can’t be a deepening of the ties as we seeing Justin Trudeau and his government try to do. Since Justin, Trudeau was elected back in 2015 announcements as well that actually he made as he was leaving the venue, he announced that the conservative government would move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. You he’s talked about recognizing the capital, but he hasn’t actually said before that. That is something would do heat he made that announcement. He also accused the Prime Minister very bluntly of being weak on China, of being weak on Russia and and accepting a worse deal on. Liberals have been very allowed to point out that credibly critical of NASA and saying that they would have done things differently. They were there waiting for some specific from the conservatives on that, but she sure did offer up. Some conservatives are some specifics on how he would rebuild a relationship with the Americans and one way he would work at that is to join a ballistic missile at program. Working with Washington on that but just enter, she was very clear to attacked the Prime Minister when he was making these points to do a business form. Policy luncheon in Montreal and contributor on the world stage requires more than just talk. Both our allies and adversaries. Respect strength and confidence, we have seen serious mistakes over and over again from this government and they are almost oespectrum uniball Minister, Trudeau support judgment. So this is part of a larger Narrative of the conservatives are going to try to build over the election. That’S Justin, Trudeau is personally responsible for a number of failed policies with with the Liberals and they’re going to try to make arguments that Andrew Scheer is the one that can sort of clear clean up a mess. We’Re going to be hearing that sort of the same narrative same arguments over a series of policy speeches it’ll make this spring and what about the Liberals? What are they questions in different sort of Parson World Christian Freeland on her way to Ukraine and took a phone call from reporters today, and she was very you’ll, be shocked to hear that she very much disagreeance the world states that the prime minister’s personal brand, his Reputation is it is a health not a hindrance when trying to deal and international diplomacy, we’ve heard from Pablo Rodriguez if it’s the same old foreign policy of the previous Harper government, and that’s something that he says that Canadians don’t want. So it’s a lot of the back-and-forth rhetoric. It’S super election e reaction from the power panel with Stockwell Tiffany and Francois Stockwell start with you. What do you think of of the of the speech itself speeches that leader the opposition is going to bring forward? You know it really marks out some clear differences. For instance, when you talk about the Arctic and its focus their. This is something that the previous conservative government focused on that the and you’re here just yesterday at the Arctic council meeting of eight Nations, we hear the Americans talking about the fact that China is going to increasingly be in our Arctic trying to insinuate itself there. We see Russia what why don’t? We just make the Arctic part of the China’s Maritime Silk Road and then are we see. Mr. mom, I almost wondering why Canada is getting all fussed about this and I’m Mr Shearer is quite rightly saying the presents that was started and ramped up increasingly with the previous conservative government. There’S got to be, we got to look at things like our submarine presents. We just have to pay more attention there and then, when he takes a different look at the China problems, I think he is correct. We meet with business people every day who say who say virtually. Nothing is gun-related the canola problem, one industry after another being hit by China, where are ministers running from the infrastructure Bank, launched a formal complaint at the W O and then we’re generally speaking, more restraints on investments by Chinese state-owned Enterprises can do things with China. Let’S do it, but we’ve got to be more robust, more vigorous and terms of the things were concerned about that. We don’t like also his statement that Katie alluded to relative to moving the capital or moving her Embassy to Jerusalem. It’S not a small thing and our President Trump proved that in fact, thermonuclear war does not result when somebody says they’re going to follow through on their on Canadian policy of where the embassy is going to be so there’s some clear lines of Caucasian, mainly what we’re Seeing here is leading the opposition saying here are some things are going to do to address this and he believes – and I think it was some Merit that he speaking into a vacuum on the liberal side, because we just don’t see clear steps of action on Mini These people – well, the one thing I will remember is that the concept of Andrew Scheer today was to say we have. We have people who say Canada should be the referee of all the things going internationally and he’s had written. In his speech I heard through the grape Vines, but I want Canada to be the quarterback of foreign-policy and then itchy changed it verbally. So you already move backward on his speech. I want to be part of Canada to be part of the front line. So for me, what does it say? It might not say much to most people, but it tells me that it’s words and words. You need to see something consequential. I need to see some real policy so for now I I like what you said: stop but I’ll see what it what type of proposal they’ll have during their their campaign, because map – and I think that’s the problem, often in our foreign policy – is that we want To solve everything, and we do nothing, I think that’s our criticism of the Liberals Tiffany. What do you think? We must be honest with ourselves about the threats that we face and I think that that’s a true statement, and that was interested, that throughout his speech and all of the areas that he’s he’s looking to sound, more serious and serves contrast himself with the save around The prime minister of it being more serious about foreign policy with seriousness about foreign policy, also means being ready to take leadership on the issues that foreign leaders together or trying to tackle and climate changes very much at the top of that. And so I think it’s a hit the space. Where is he going to talk about trying to enter the Serena and ends and beefing up his his foreign policy credentials and – and one speech won’t be able to do that? We all saw how enthusiastically he was backing. Brexit at the most unpopular moments, I think he is. He has a lot of work to do to reset it. I think, even in Canadians mines, what his leadership style is going to be on an international stage and sort of start to that, but not necessarily speaking to the issues that International work on right now. I have to leave it there, but thank you so much for the power panel today, thanks to stop all day, Tiffany couch and Francois, thanks for watching
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer outlined his foreign policy priorities in a speech that placed blame on Justin Trudeau for what Scheer described as failures on the international stage.
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