Scheer: It’s time Canadians heard from Jody Wilson-Raybould

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Scheer: It’s time Canadians heard from Jody Wilson-Raybould
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Scheer: It’s time Canadians heard from Jody Wilson-Raybould
Scheer: It’s time Canadians heard from Jody Wilson-Raybould
This is the biggest controversy facing the Trudeau government. It’S called the snc-lavalin Scandal and what started off as merely a cabinet Shuffle busting down the Attorney General Jody wilson-raybould to Veterans Affairs, no disrespect to Veterans, but it is seen as a law portfolio. This is now metastasized. The Globe and Mail reported the prime minister’s office attempted to pressure and Jody wilson-raybould abandoning charges of Fraud and Corruption. Say. Wilson-Raybould Never spoke up about this before her resignation that her presence in cabinet spoke for itself. Will then she promptly reside. What does that tell you? Wilson has not spoken about the allegations publicly. Do she just hired a former Supreme Court judges as your legal counsel and they’re, also not to investigation underway one by the ethics commissioner and another by the Parliamentary committee? But what will they uncover and why did the former Minister Jody wilson-raybould resign from cabinet find out $ 20, the conservative leader and we sure, missed you sure great to have you on the program. I’Ve got to start with his Justin Justice committee, controlled by the Liberals. It’S called for an investigation, but they won’t call Jody wilson-raybould, who is only one conclusion: they’re trying to hide something. If Justin Trudeau were truly innocent, he would welcome the light of day being Sean on this whole Affair. We put forward a list of witnesses that included people who interact snc-lavalin his principal secretary Gerald, but crkt Telford. We also wanted to hear from Jody wilson-raybould herself. I think Canadians are sick and tired of hearing what Justin Trudeau’s willing to tell us about. What is conversations were with with the former attorney-general, it’s time that we hear from her directly at 7, to have a liberal members on the committee vote down at the ability to talk to the people that are act that were actually involved and just oven. Instead, people who have already said that they’re not that they weren’t there for those conversations that the new attorney-general in in the House of Commons said he couldn’t answer your questions. Cuz, you wasn’t there. He wasn’t privy to those conversations. Why would we want to hear from people who weren’t involved with the actual actions that are being alleged David said? I don’t believe investigation is even need it now. The prime minister’s arguing – and I want your while his argument lately – has been any pressure before she stayed in the cabinet. She took another job and then he said it was her responsibility to say something if something wrong was happening. What do you make it? That is that a fair assessment he’s the one that is speaking for Jody wilson-raybould, that he’s the one that refuses to waive any kind of privileged that he may have I’d rather hear what her interpretations of the issue are. You know what to do. People like the new attorney-general say we don’t need an investigation because Justin Trudeau told us we don’t need one. I’Ve never heard of a judge, throwing out a court case because the defendant said he wasn’t guilty. I mean that was the standard that we have in our legal system. We would have never had trials in this country. This is ridiculous, but will you ask sherbet of senators to start a senate investigation? That is certainly another option. Prime minister likes to pretend that the people that he’s appointed to the Senate are independent, even though they often must knows the time boat with a Garmin. So this opportunity to put that to the test the House of Commons Justice committee will meet again this Tuesday. We will again reintroduce our list of witnesses the people that were actually involved the people in the prime minister’s office, who are Lobby 50 times by a stencil Evelyn. At least fourteen of those meetings touched on the subject of justice and law enforcement. This is a construction company in engineering company question. Those are fair questions for sure everybody. They Lobby key members of the prime minister’s office, key members of the government, but it may of 2018. They also Lobby Hue. So when you were Lobby by snc by the way, I know that’s perfectly legal to get Lobby, did they ask you, do you support a deferred-prosecution agreement and if they did, what did you say? What’S your answer on the briefing what was contained in the liberal government’s own legislation, so it was an opportunity for me just to receive that information. This provision was included in an Omnibus budget bill was at the finance committee. Conservative members of parliament raise the objection why this is being put forward. In that way, very much should have been a Justice measure to allow that kind of scrutiny. But, regardless of that, the director of public prosecutions was given the tool the by Parliament to make the determination as to whether or not snc-lavalin qualified for this new arrangement. She determined that they didn’t and that’s when the political interference is alleged. So, whatever tool Parliament gives to two to two judges to prosecutors, to execute Justice, we have to leave the ultimate decisions of the decisions up to those is where this whole Scandal is focused on is centered on support the use of deferred prosecution agreement, and it’s it’s. It’S up to him to decide what tools to give to a public prosecutor, Santa Georgia. What I don’t support is any interference where, when a company or an individual doesn’t get the verdict at once, bleeding elected officials and politicians to pick up the phone and exert pressure to get those decisions reverse. If anybody else has an opportunity to make their case – and they do so and an independent judicial dismiss case the director of public prosecutions and then the Attorney General of Canada decide that it’s not appropriate, then that’s where it has to end discussions where the Attorney General, Maybe they’re they’re discussing snc-lavalin they’re discussing the use of a deferred prosecution agreement and then pressure in your view, is the difference in a cabin pressure. Attorney general of Canada is different from other cabinet ministers. Obviously win a minister of one portfolio or another is about to make a decision cabinet colleagues can weigh in and talk about, different aspects of the file for the Attorney General legal officer in our country has the responsibility of the duty and the requirement to operate in A more independent fashion and that’s why the level of Independence on this is more important and that’s why actions and commerce, perhaps threats or innuendo, take on a greater meaning. In this case, I don’t do it. How would you characterize that judicial committee investigation that Justice committee investigation and what will you do next to complete again prevent the people that were actually involved in the skin? Go from telling what happened to her or explain their side of the story? Then it’s a complete cover up and it is just an attempt to distract and then to deflect at that point, we’ll be exploring the other tools that that that we may have to tip tip tip tip light shine on this. So the Canadiens can restore have their conference restored in their justice system.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer discusses the SNC-Lavalin scandal and if he will call for a Senate investigation into the allegations.

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