Scheer promises SNC-Lavalin probe, Trudeau links Scheer to Ford

Scheer promises SNC-Lavalin probe, Trudeau links Scheer to Ford
Scheer promises SNC-Lavalin probe, Trudeau links Scheer to Ford
Andrew Scheer went into Justin Trudeau’s home riding into the city that headquarters snc-lavalin and promise to blow the whole thing wide open. A new conservative government will launch a Judicial inquiry into Justin, Trudeau, corruption, Scandal, an inquiry and a brand new law. The bluntly named no more cover-ups at the stop: the use of cabinet confidentiality to hold police investigations. Justin Trudeau should not be the person who it’s, whether or not Justin Trudeau is investigated. Snc-Lavalin has wounded Trudeau, but it hasn’t sunk. His campaign, as the liberal leader, has grabbed onto a premier size, life preserver, that’s Ford, Doug for Doug Ford now gets more of Trudeau’s attention than Andrew Scheer. The Ontario Premier polls are in the tank and just today, a new report that Ford’s education plan will cut 10,000 teachers from the sky system, while Doug Ford focuses on a buck a beer. There are grade 12 students that might not graduate this year because there aren’t enough teachers to offer courses they need so true. ventral and federal conservatives FH that resonates in a province where some Ford voters have buyer’s remorse, but shears snc-lavalin attack plays very differently in Quebec, Where the company is a source of economic Pride, then it does in the rest of Canada. Becker is are highly in favor. What Justin Trudeau? Did you not costing yourself votes in a province that you so desperately need them not at all being used as the excuse for Justin Trudeau’s scandals attack is less clear in Quebec in a key province that plays a key role in every party’s path to Victory. David Cochran, CBC News, Ottawa and dplyr reject me things that he too wants an inquiry into the snc-lavalin Affairs that keeps blowing cold for one of mine for him today, with housing offset $ 5,000 to support. The NDP would provide annual rent subsidies to Canadian struggling to pay for housing. He also pledged to build a half-a-million new, affordable homes across the country over the next decade.
Andrew Scheer spent Day 16 of the election campaign promising to probe SNC-Lavalin, and reduce parliamentary red tape. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau maintained his habit of tying Scheer to Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

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