Schiff: Inspector general found whistleblower concern was ‘urgent matter’

Schiff: Inspector general found whistleblower concern was ‘urgent matter’
Schiff: Inspector general found whistleblower concern was ‘urgent matter’
First of all, I want to thank The Whistleblower upper coming forward for Having the courage to follow the procedures as the written law to make a waffle disclosure to the Congress and to the inspector-general of Hyundai. That was Gravely concerning to The Whistleblower under the law. Has two weeks to investigate that complaint to determine if it’s urgent and credible and before that complain to the Director of National Intelligence, has found that this was within the jurisdiction of the Director of National Intelligence and that it was an urgent matter, statutory requirements that it Dealt with a serious or flagrant abuse, violation of law or other misconduct or misuse of resources, 7 Days review the complaint, and then they shall provide it to the Congress and they shall instruct Ruby inspector-general The Whistleblower how The Whistleblower can come directly to Congress. In the absence of lower law, teligence Community employer detail of your contractor to raise a complaint about serious misconduct. We do not know the contents of the complaint yet, and this is evolve over the next few days. I do know this: the men and women in the intelligence Community are going to continue to do their job, regardless of who the occupants of of of the white houses. I think we might not have even known there was a whistleblower complaint alleging a virgin concern. We do know that the Department of Justice has been involved in the decision withhold that information from Congress. We do not know because we cannot get an answer to the question about whether the White House is also involved in preventing this information from coming to Congress. We do not have. We do not know whether the Press reports are accurate or inaccurate about the contents of that complained. But what I do know is this: within the jurisdiction of the Director of National Intelligence. You have an employee of that Community or contractor a detail that you follow. Islam makes the complaint and it is possible for the subject of a complaint to essentially quash the complain or keep it from Congress. Then this system is badly broken and we are exploring with the National Council what our options are. Imagine if it comes down that we have to go to court together this that we will have a very good case to seek a temporary restraining order or a mandamus or some urgent form of the late, because the Inspector General has that this cannot wait.
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) on Sept. 19 said a whistleblower complaint to the intelligence community met the legal threshold requiring notification of Congress. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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