Scott Walker says taxpayers need to be in charge over the long haul

Scott Walker says taxpayers need to be in charge over the long haul
Scott Walker says taxpayers need to be in charge over the long haul
It says that sweeping tax reform is needed to help Americans keep more of their own hard-earned money and also the great jobs in government which author that they report has a great day. You know maybe payroll tax cuts as a flip-flop. I think you just toss them ideas out there, but they’re, not bad idea. That states should be the ones to be looking at lower taxes. I mean the President Trump just like President Reagan did in fact last week would have been August. 13Th 1981 is when Ronald Reagan sign the first economic recovery. Tax Act of 1981 did it again 86, and we saw economic benefits to that go beyond just his administration into the Bush Administration and ultimately continued even in the 90s under Bill Clinton’s Administration. I think the tax cuts that this President, the Republican Congress passed a few years ago. The president sign continue, be good, do more. In Wisconsin, we got taxes by more than eight billion dollars, reducing the the burden on the hard-working people of the state and its small business owners and farmers and others, and we saw last year more people working in the state than ever before. It simple put more: are people’s hands they’re, going to put it back in the economy? Ideally, this report. What what are the features? What are the key stock., I mean sorry, I text her. That would be good for any talking about. What’S a combination of things, certainly, first and foremost, you want to make sure not just in the short-term but fell over the long haul you put, the taxpayers are in charge, know all too often. Sometimes one of the fears people have you want to text comes around. Is it going to be made permanent, but it sticks around where’s the government going to pull that money back in and show letting the taxpayers be the ones that not only to see the benefits of the tax relief but putting in place real reforms. For example, weed in Wisconsin, more money in the schools May historic Investments to school. At the same time, we put tax limits on the Levee so that that don’t lie. Schools and local governments benefited from the state’s investment in actually drove down property taxes. 8 years after I took office, property taxes were actually lower than they were before you started, not just the actual amount on the typical home was lower than before. We started that really encourages people to make those Investments, not only as consumers for a lot of small business owners and family Farmers. It encourages them to make investments raise wages which is good for the economy and governor in, of course, there’s the issue. One of the issues, of course, with the federal government and President Trump doing anything more with taxes would be these these deficits right. We got a report from the CVO yesterday, the mounting federal debt – it’s don’t have the Leisure of that. So is it possible report about the present presenting the special award today that was given the earlier this year to Art Laffer? We all know about that Laffer Curve. Back in the 80s today I caught the Kohl’s department store like Kohl’s. You buy something on sale, yet on top of that, in the end you pull up some Kohl’s cash and it sometimes feels like they’re, actually paying you to buy the merchandise they’re, not the. Why do they do that? Because they make money off of Valium, not off a higher prices government to charge High rates and have high tax break typically see less Economic Opportunity, those that drop them as it happened during the president’s term when Ronald Reagan was in office and as we’re seeing under The Trump tax cuts as well you lower the tax rate you lower, that you reduce the flat and make it more simple and turn the tax code itself and those dollars go right back into the economy and Winsconsin. We actually saw 8 billion dollars worth of tax relief. At the same time, we saw our revenues continue to go up. Why? Because the economy was growing, wages were up more people invested and that he put that money right back in the economy. It’S really remarkable and even argue the income inequality issue is worsening tietex. What is filled with the congresswoman tlaib and Omar, and a bunch of Democrats or Republicans not long ago. They could have gone on that trip. They didn’t want this that they knew all along. They were going to be prohibited from going in there. Why cuz Israel had a law on the books, the last year’s it says if, if you’re out to to take on Israel, if your for the boycott BDS movement that trying to boycott Israel and its companies and its employers, they don’t want you there. They knew. This was going to happen. This is just a cheap political stunt to draw attention from away from just how extreme their positions are. Now they want. It comes to Israel. Now you got one of the two who said earlier this year that some people did something something in regards to the terrorist attacked America 911. These are extreme positions and, unfortunately, they becoming more and more mainstream. In the Socialist in party we see in America today was also a suggestion. Perhaps that might be cut off from Israel she’s out there. Israel is the only democracy in in all the Middle East. This is not. This is a country where religious freedoms – I was just there. In June, I was looking out over the The Old City, the holy city. You see not only the Jewish, the Western Wall you’d only see the Christian sites that matter obviously very much to people and myself and other Christian, but you can see the the third most holiest Islamic site in the world is right there. All those are open to the public, no matter what faith you might have they’re just completely backwards, but this is what’s happening to the Socialist Democratic party in America, they’re becoming more and more and more extreme, and I hope the voters will see that when they go To boat and November of next year, who sang in the Midwest and is Rust Belt states for 2020 Iowa for sure these are all states have fared well over the last few years, and now only are unemployment rates at either record a new record lows: you see Across-The-Board, not only Statewide, but, as you seen, Ashley African-American, with Tino unemployment rates for people with disabilities, unemployment veterans, all those are the lowest they’ve ever been recorded. That particular benefit in agriculture and Manufacturing States, and this present standing up for those workers and stand up for her and that he needs to get that message out. If he’s going to win next November, you can do it when you know about tough elections.
Former Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he thinks the GOP tax cuts continue to be good, but more can be done. #FoxNews

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