SE Cupp: Trust no one. All 3 bullies, liars

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SE Cupp: Trust no one. All 3 bullies, liars
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time to play Family Feud president Trump loyalty is a one-way Street he famously demands felsy from the people around him but just a little of his own when the chips are down there is no one closer to the president or higher up in his unit beside the family member when the president could turn on then his lawyer fix her body man Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet like a real one for Trump is now singing like a canary and Trump unsurprisingly here for it under investigation for bank fraud and campaign-finance violation-level new accusations against the president late last week claiming that Trump had Advanced knowledge of the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting at which dungeon and several top campaign officials were promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton by Russians closely tied to the Kremlin repeatedly denied any knowledge of that meeting the new activations come on the heels of the release of a tape and would call in and then Canada Trump can be heard discussing hush money to a former Playboy model will Ledges she had an affair with him that’s one of over a hundred seeds from Cohen as result of president seems to a order the code red on the man who was once one of his closest allies Cohen is now getting the full Trump treatment the president and his allies have been feverishly trying to discredit Cohen using him as a liar a manipulator and a man desperate to find a way out of his own legal troubles morning on CNN’s new day he was shaking people down for money he was lying about things on it doctoring the guy is on ethical he’s a scumbag he’s a horrible person I’ve never heard of a lawyer without the clients he turned out to have a close friend betraying like Pacquiao go betrayed otello and Brutus put the last knife in to see George Washington the trailer all of this comes as president Trump continue his war against the Mueller probe in a weekend tweetstorm on Sunday Trump tweeted there was no collusion the Robert Mueller rigged witch-hunt headed Now by 17 + from 13 including and Obama White House lawyer angry Democrats was started by a fraudulent. They paid for by crooked Hillary and the DNC there for the Witch Hunt is an illegal scam who is about whom to trust in all of this the answer is simple no one Michael Cohen is a bully and a liar what did yuliani is a bully and a liar president Trump is a bully and a liar I’m not surprised these guys are fighting whatever you think of the Mueller investigation and you can believe that it’s time to wrap it up no one’s alleging that Robert Mueller is a bullying or liar except for these three bullies and Liars
HLN’s SE Cupp warns the US not to believe Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani or President Donald Trump as they feud against one another.

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