Search for tsunami survivors as death toll tops 425 in Indonesia

Search for tsunami survivors as death toll tops 425 in Indonesia
The search for survivors continues in Indonesia today, amid new warnings that more dangerous waves could hit Jabba’s western coast. This is new Drone footage showing more of the devastation. Many homes have been washed away. Farm flooded and key infrastructure destroyed the volcano that set off Saturday’s deadly tsunami is still erupting and there are fears it could trigger. Another disaster W. Is a freelance reporter in Indonesia, and we reached her into for the latest word thanks for joining us. What what can you tell us today for the death toll is around 430 people, as of today, 1495 people injured from 159 missing and over a 22,000 people displaced due to the tsunami worst hit Area is a popular tourist area called Patty Beach and Indonesia? Are the Western Java? There are several resort areas, and many of them which I had been was a very hard hit by the tsunami, fossil a lot of buildings and & Bungalows that were just heavily damaged. It was collapsed and the roof fell. Some of the building the walls have even collapsed. I can see the foundation I walked along the beach and saw a lot of debris. Lots of cars were left behind, the tsunami had lifted the cars up and even a bus was in England for about 500 meters. Near from the parking area located near the shore, so it was really a very sad experience of just walking smooth the shore, because I was have stayed in one of those Resorts 10 years ago and I visited it yesterday. The resort was just was just damaged. I saw sniffer dogs with K-9 police units trying to discover those other bodies that are trapped on the rebel, and I had spoken to the search-and-rescue officials and that they realize that they’re racing against time, because it’s only they only have three days. Survivors have only three days before most likely: it’s not a rescue efforts, more of just searching dead bodies, so they are racing Against Time. Meteorology climatology physics agency had announced that the public should refrain from going to the beach going to 500 to 1 km from the shoreline of the agency also had installed a tsunami warning system for the surrounding coastal areas of three sensors on southern tip of Sumatra, and Three in the western, those are the two badly affected areas by the tsunami and there is still minor tectonic activity coming from anak krakatau volcano. It still erupting, but I was there. I can steal, hear the Thunders sounds coming from the eruptions and it was cloudy heavy rains and strong winds have been hampering search-and-rescue efforts. So that’s another challenge apart from the immanence, if there is a huge volcanic eruption or any kind of seismic activity that could possibly trigger another tsunami,
Rescue crews in Indonesia continue to search for survivors from a weekend tsunami as the death toll climbed above 425. Some areas affected by the tsunami are now under a heavy rain warning, making rescue efforts more challenging, and there is still a risk of more waves as the volcano erupts.

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