Security, control over personal data outlined in Canada’s new digital charter | Power & Politics

Security, control over personal data outlined in Canada’s new digital charter | Power & Politics
Security, control over personal data outlined in Canada’s new digital charter | Power & Politics
The federal government is launching a new digital Charter to protect they say. Canadians personal data is promising to give Canadians more control over their personal information. When it’s collected by technology companies, the government Siri the principles today, they say well guide changes to the Privacy Act. The changes will also include penalties and fines for Tech and social media companies that breach the new Privacy Law. So does that mean the government will start finding Facebook right away? When can Canadians expect these directions to Kickin navdeep bains, Minister for Innovation, science and economic development? He joins me now from Toronto High Minister great to see you thanks for your time require that privacy laws be overhauled. It’S just over a month left in the city than an election. Are you going to introduce any new legislation on this before then agenda? Obviously, for this term – and we want to convince me – he’s going to be election as well – that we want to earn their trust for another mandate to put forward these changes to really gain build trust in this date. Digital economy and really help individuals succeed online. Who provides predictability for businesses as well? You are going to introduce legislation when you come back in the five weeks that our last week’s our goal is to continue to advance some of these issues that we raise tickly around overhauling some of the changes around of privacy legislation so we’ll see if his opportunities Now, or going forward as well the next Monday intubated, either before the senate or still before the house, you know I’m not an expert on process, but it looks to me, like I’m very difficult, to introduce even think about passing new laws. I just want to be clear fishing at this point. What we’ve done is proposed policies and changes to the Privacy legislation that we’d like to implement in a timely manner, clearly there’s very limited runway in the legislative agenda for the this session, so the hope is for platform and also in the next Mandy Tazewell April. 4Th enough to earn the trust of Canadians privacy legislation that I oversee looks at commercial activities of businesses in particular. We also have to examine non-commercial activity as well, including political parties, and these are some of the announcements will be making for in the coming weeks and months as well question whether or not your government, not you specifically, that the government, whether or not political parties will Be subject to different privacy laws, and I’m asking because this is of course something that the Privacy commissioner has raised as an issue back. If you look at the digital charger that we presented a really reflects a whole-of-government approach across government, different ministers and different departments are involved in different aspects of the charter to move forward. The agenda of how do we build trust in this data and digital economy? Are some aspects that I’m responsible for that I’ve highlighted today in changes of the Privacy legislation, the competition Bureau looking at some of the date of monopolies, also looking at standard Council how we collect data to do some of the concrete measure that I proposed colleagues will Be talking about some of the other issues that you raised as well, what you’re proposing be enforced, what kind of penalty and meaning call penalties may be a percentage of Revenue and we’re going to be looking at other jurisdictions as well. We’Re also going to be looking at how to companies even collect data or revenue, and if they do not follow the privacy laws in this country, we’re going to make it difficult for them not only to collector of Revenue. The collect data as well in this sends a very clear second signal that enforcement is very important. A part of the changes that we’re proposing, I’m with Cambridge analytica say the same thing happens: what kind of penalties and privacy and a lack of disclosure to be in who are the Privacy commissioner results and $ 100,000 fine per breed? So we already introduced find significant, find in this case. You know the breaches were in the tens of thousands. So this, if you do, the math is fairly significant. What we’re proposing isn’t that’s ISO, an asset with respect right, like a billion dollars to Facebook? Is it really that much to 5 % of Revenue? So when you did the actions we would take, another jurisdiction would take collectively. I think that would have impact for more importance. Not only the penalty itself were looking at the ability to collect data, the ability to generate Revenue looking at ads as well. So there’s other ways to enforce. Try to make sure that the strong enforcement provision to really assist us in being very clear about the fact that privacy is absolutely essential. If you don’t follow the privacy laws in Canada, there’s going to be significant penalties and meaningful penalties. Well, I have you here: the US Department of Commerce severely limited Huawei from doing business in the US last week, saying at the firm was involved in activities contrary to National Security. Have any officials from the US government contacted your government in the course of its own review into always possible entry into the 5G Network here very much engaged with our American friends and partners and allies, along with our other allies across the globe as well? We’Re looking at other jurisdictions to see what they’re doing for my position, my colleague around, examining all the security related issues. I’Ve also engaged, but the telecommunication sector – make no mistake. Any decision we make will take those considerations into the ultimate decision we make. That will benefit the security of Canadians and protect meetings as well. Have the Americans warn your government of any possible consequences, depending on the results of that review text? Canadian, that’s exactly how we plan to proceed, we’re more than willing to engage with other countries, including the Americans as well, but we will make sure we do our due diligence that we look at all the relevant fact and make a decision ultimately protects. Canadian. Are we want to take our time to do a thorough and thoughtful review? Look at all the relevant facts and not rush to judgment to make a decision that ultimately will benefit Canadians and that’s a process that my colleague Ralph good undertaking. Hitler timeline that we have in place right now we’re right now in the process of engaging the private sector, different government, and we want to make sure that we’re it done in the appropriate time. That’S required to make a thoughtful decisions on the timeline on when you release the results of that review. Given what has happened since Huawei CFO Meng wanzhou was detained in Vancouver sure that any outcome that we have protected Canadian. Another video thanks for watching
Protecting people’s privacy and giving them control over personal data were some of the key elements outlined in the government’s new digital charter which will overhaul Canada’s laws governing the internet.
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