See ‘apocalyptic’ wildfires from space

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See ‘apocalyptic’ wildfires from space
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20 people are not reported missing at that giant Wildfire ravages parts of Northern California seeing as liquid is in reading for us Nick the fire is now burned in area larger than the city of Denver and the loss is clearly tremendous update viewers listen will across the state of California right now we have 17,000 homes under threat from Flames more than a dozen wildfires burning in the state the car fire this is not the worst fire this county has seen since records began way back in 1923 170000 square miles have burnt 20 people dismissing 6 people confirmed dead this apocalyptic plays is eating food thousands of Acres of forest so large it’s visible from space the Flames have destroyed more than 800 homes and Counting statistics are stunning but the personal stories hit hardest you can see the flames in your rearview mirrors are noise it was awful I thought I was, sci-fi movie driving away from home you may never see again what did you manage to say I have two Rubbermaid tubs that I threw some stuff in some scrubs for work and I felt like I had a purpose this was her home before the fire and this is all that’s left of Stacey Kelly’s has rubble and a few charge reason factor in Tire little cul-de-sac all completely destroyed across the street the random nature of wildfires and mother has still standing and just fell I don’t think I will rebuild that house I don’t think so far swept through the westside of Redding population more than 90,000 + communities to the northwest who attended a town hall meeting here in Reading Janet landels from French Gulch population 492 lost everything and you remember rocking chair in the things your children major you know when you were little possessions lost to the Flames by husband’s dad and all of his artwork is gone and you just remember all of this stuff you and not I don’t care that George Foreman melted I don’t care that I need a new refrigerator but I do care about my great-grandmother symbol you know those are the things that I care about this fire is currently just 27% contained firefighters are concentrate their efforts up in the north west of the 510 a single-lane track it hot it’s dusty the air quality is bad planes Can Fly And if we can just switch to another commercial that shows the devastation back here in reading this was an ape this Northern California town and we’ll one other very sobering statistic of the 10 biggest wildfires in California history four of them have happened in the past year alone awful situation thank you for that report I want to bring in our meteorologist Jennifer Gray Jennifer weather clearly a major factor in this fire disaster right really don’t think that’s going to happen until sometime next week we have this rid of high pressure that’s creating this heat Dome over the West you have incredible daytime heating you have very low humidity so you have a hot air the dry air and lot of wind and it is just fueling these Flames here’s the forecast for reading over the next couple of days you see temperatures in the triple-digit no chances of rain we are going to have the Sun out and we are going to have the Flames still Kinder way across the West temperatures are going to be in the triple digits for Tuesday and Wednesday for a lot of areas in the west and you look at the Wynn we really don’t have this huge area of strong wind but what you have to remember is that the winds inside night of these fires can be much much stronger than the wind outside and so it creates almost like its own weather system where we have these huge pyrocumulus clouds we have winds of 60 and 70 miles per hour they can shift on a dime very very dangerous for these firefighters and you cannot outrun the fires when you get stuck in those areas with winds that strong and it is very dangerous we have 98 large active fires and the West right now and asthma 4 car fire is number 7 right now most destructive California fire in this goes back as far as records have been hell for nearly 100 years and so as we mentioned as well four of those have happened in the last to hear so well this is far from over we are we dealing with this for the next couple of days hopefully though by next week I pattern change
Wildfires in California continue to rage across the state. CNN’s Nick Watt reports on the latest developments.

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