See Hurricane Michael tear roof off home

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See Hurricane Michael tear roof off home
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See Hurricane Michael tear roof off home
Just moments ago, some Bay County, sheriff’s deputies have arrived on the scene. They took a sledgehammer to a fence back here trying to get to that house. They did get to the house and they knocked on the door and they did not get any response and came out. I just asked one of the deputies: if they, if they’re, is anybody in here requiring rescue, he says they’re, not sure they’re, just checking houses that have very severe damage. These deputies just went around that side of the house. They may be emerging at any moment now, but I just went through this fence with a sledgehammer so checking some of these houses and you can see the damage and some of these places here, photojournalist at awful with Barbara, and I will walk this way. You can see the roof of that house got completely sheer up on the right hand, side up there, there’s a lot of cinder block damage on the other side of here. Come the sheriff’s deputies here. Did you find anyone all right? All the houses were vacant, they say I’m going to show you this house over here. Wolf come on over here, Adele Focus. We have video of this house getting its roof sheared off earlier than that about. That house looks to be gone, but that major part of the roof got sheared off the wall got taken off the sheriff’s deputies move down the street. I can kind of show you, where part of that roof went, we’re very strongly suspicious, that that is the part of the roof that got sheared off large 2 piece of Twisted Metal right there, because we kind of match the colors to the roof, and it certainly Would project to have landed right there? So again, this is just the first chance that these First Responders are getting to venture out into these neighborhood they’re still telling people, though we’ll do not come back to these houses yourself between the downed power lines in the gas leaks just too dangerous. If you were some video that we have now watch this at together with us and then we’ll discuss park right in front of you can see, the roof simply are being torn off the top of that house. That’S right! Well, incredibly, dramatic video – and you know you can see here if there was anyone inside that house, they could have been injured. We don’t believe there is anyone in there, but this is just what what we were told. It was got clipped by the Western eyewall of hurricane Michael, and that is a very dangerous place to be when you get a category 4 storm coming in here. But we can tell you also that these houses here on this side that got so heavily damaged over here. This is on the beach side just be on. This is the beach and we’re still seeing some very, very strong storm surge, just a few feet from this house. On the other side, we could not Venture on the right side because what appeared to be some kind of gas or water leak was there. We didn’t want to go to near that. You go down this street. Will Joe lot of things went down power lines? You can see the First Responders way down there. Thank you very much, a Brian Todd, Panama City Beach, for us. Let’S go further Inland right now to Tallahassee the state capitals. Valencia is on the scene for us. What are you saying that hey there will for not seeing the chaotic or dramatic images that semi calling Brian Todd is in in Panama, City Beach, but we are seeing streets are lined with the green. Let me just give you a sense of what we’re seeing here on the ground. A lot of Spanish moss lot of tree lines, tree limbs down latrines a major concern in Tallahassee. It’S a beautiful picture as City, much of it having to do with the trees here. In these weeping willows in oak trees, but that has become a very concerning situation for the governor, who I spend some time with earlier today, he’s concerned that these trees can turn into life-threatening projectiles just to see how massive these trees here are. That line the main thoroughfares hear you may be washing this and say you know what Florida deals with a lot of storms there used to this kind of severe weather, but not storms like this. In fact, it was just a short time. Go to the city of Tallahassee put out on their verified Twitter account that they have not seen a storm like this in a century, and we are seeing those wind gusts and Rain bands in fits and starts right. Now we’ve been so lucky as to not get any rain, but that wind is starting to pick up receipt for the most part, these sore empty say for that debris. That’S lining them right now, lot of residency or listen to the evacuation warnings, but this storm. It crept up on a lot of it and that’s, including the emergency managers, they’ve, been keeping their eye on this over the weekend as it was forming from a tropical depression, but then overnight it Category 2 to a category 4 I mention I was with the governor Earlier and you can tell just looking at his eyes how nervous he was – and I asked him what his biggest concern was aside from being a public safety and trying to keep all the residents you’re safe. He says the storm surge is a big concern here for emergency parts of the state that have not seen these types of storm surge ever in their history. Here, at least in modern history. Right now in Tallahassee the conditions you know we’re lucky right now, it’s not raining. We do not expect that to be the case for the rest of the night. In fact, the worst of it here is affected, sometime train at 6 p.m. hour, which were in and around 8 p.m. is when the things are expected to get really bad here on these streets right now, though, thank God they’re empty
Powerful winds from Hurricane Michael ripped the roof off a house as the storm made landfall in Panama City Beach, Florida. CNN’s Brian Todd has more.

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