Sekulow: Mueller probe needs to come to an end

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Sekulow: Mueller probe needs to come to an end
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presidents Innocents have proven over and over again there’s not a single stitch of evidence of collusion with Russia and she made no deals Russian didn’t get elected because the Russians Chief counsel for American Center for Law and Justice and member of a member of President Trump from the Robert Mueller probe the president has said there’s no collusion inside will look I mean if you look at the investigation that it started off as a rather irregular investigation to say the least with the insulation on verify. CA then we not going to recite all of the issues within you had the lead investigator situation with Peter strzok you had use the word the number for the Department of Justice his wife was working at Fusion GPS who put together the dossier with Chris Steele and on and on it goes so where we are now is look to give raps up but I will say this it needs to wrap up for the good of the country we need to get this behind us evidence of any collusion here involving our client and and the Russian so for the record here million I’ve been sent over by the White House and many more that have been sent over by the campaign that that indicate any kind of Russian involvement Trump campaign that I think that would just pushed it out of context I mean that we seen after reviewing this case for a year and I think my mother will come to the same conclusion the year and we’re ready to move on and we’ll see what happens I’m not going to predict the next movie cause this is Washington DC but I have American engage directly securing his release in the president is told me on numerous occasions and and the family’s been informed of this as well that the other person is not resting until our client Andrew Brunson Pastor for 23 years in Turkey what is the present turkey stuffing what is the present resent arowana has he said anything about whether eventually this past will be released to the West I mean they were the modern Islamic State the model Islamic State allowing our client to go from a Turkish prison as you can you can’t even imagine what that was like two ways home these under home confinement but the Turkish officials have the authority to release Andrew Brunson the United States soon and I know the administration as I said the president’s secretary Pompeo vice-president Pence are working diligently on this as we are great Support also in the United Nations where his case was taken up of one of 30 by the committee and arbitrary detention but I will tell you this the president’s leading the charge here to get our client released and he knows how to negotiate with I’m quite confident that will get a good result ization I mean that’s what it said in the actual can you translate into Turkish it was christianization that was he was sharing the gospel in turkey at a church of small Church Presbyterian Presbyterian tradition the times that would be Smyrna and he was picked up and took place he was in the United States he came back to Turkey not thinking he was subject to risk and he gets picked up in this and I think clear to say that as a present been a little bit more difficult because I’ve got a native Parker here in awhile I should have been an easier to get the Americans how greatest country is the freedoms we have a can’t take that for granted thank you J
Member of President Trump’s legal team reiterates that there is no evidence of collusion with Russia and speaks out on the fight to release his client Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.

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