Sen. Chris Murphy On President Donald Trump’s Problem With Spies | All In | MSNBC

Sen. Chris Murphy On President Donald Trump’s Problem With Spies | All In | MSNBC
Sen. Chris Murphy On President Donald Trump’s Problem With Spies | All In | MSNBC
Turn on multiple credible reports: in 2017, the United States extracted a prize high-level spy from Russia and the Spheres to this person. Safety fears that their identity could be compromised is believed who interacted regular Amir Putin said the CIA information operation to sabotage our presidential election. When is May 2017 highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister than Russian Ambassador, the decision came amid concerns, classified intelligence and could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy. Cnn is reporting within followed by pieces from around ABC News. National Security officials get ultimately election interference with unusual detail in part, because this asset was the American government’s best insight into the thinking of and orders from mr. Putin. I think you are exposing a conflict that is inherent in intelligence-gathering. The most important intelligence Austin ultimately does need to be made public in a way that allows for Public Policy makers to be go to make decisions, and so, in this case it may be that this intelligence about the ways in which Russia affect the 2016 election was So important that it also, we did have to be disclosed in order to move the public and to move policy-makers to action that is, it happens often and often leads to intelligence sources having to be withdrawn channels shut down, need to gather this Intel abroad as well. I and what the president has a problem with is not human intelligence is just any intelligence, the contradicts what he wants to believe, and so it especially put in Jeopardy. Those that are collecting intelligence abroad ultimately is going to be at odds with Trump’s worldview weather, be in Russia or North Korea. So I think it’s it’s likely that both of these scenarios that have been played out as to why they that was withdrawn could be true. Be spying on each other, which seems like a person who’s, not too fastidious about moral transgression. I was surprised, contradicts the way in which he wants to see the world right. He was being given right Elgin supports. We now know giving him definitive proof that Putin may have been directly overseeing the interference in the 2016 election which led to Trump’s election. He was given plenty of intelligence to tell him that Kim Jong-un was indeed a really horrible person, not worthy of a face-to-face tete-a-tete. With the president, but that’s not what he wanted to hear, and so ultimately halogens, because a lot of human intelligence he’s been getting testing my things that are interesting to write this morning in the wake of the boltons ignominious and very publicly humiliating departure, I’m legitimately shaken By the grave and stability of American foreign policy appearing America from the world, just the moment or stable American hand is most needed. Selfie does necessary in this moment, I’m so obviously John Bolton’s departure and how we evaluated is dependent on who replaces him. So we can assume that there’s no one worse than John Bolton, but in fact there may be people for these jobs so quickly makes it really hard for us to be credible in the world on the things that are not that controversial, and there are plenty of Things that we actually don’t fight about that the National Security adviser in the Secretary of State and Department of Defense represent the world represent America abroad on choose if you’re just pushing people through these post so quickly, and so I’m simply raising the point that we should Be upset that John Bolton was ever in that position, but we should also be upset that the president is moving people through these jobs so quickly, because that damn is our credibility on all sorts of stuff. That Democrats and Republicans actually agree on the date for the videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
The Connecticut Democrat says the President doesn’t like to be told things that don’t comport with his worldview — even if they’re true.
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Sen. Chris Murphy On President Donald Trump’s Problem With Spies | All In | MSNBC

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