Sen. Doug Jones: If You Can’t Reach For The Dream, You Don’t Have Anything | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Sen. Doug Jones: If You Can’t Reach For The Dream, You Don’t Have Anything | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Sen. Doug Jones: If You Can’t Reach For The Dream, You Don’t Have Anything | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
You’Ve heard it from the vast majority of democratic candidates. The economy is only working for a relative handful of Americans, while millions of working people are left out and if you remember when President Trump was running, we heard the exact same message from him. But a new study shows a ton of those very same working. People now believe they’re going to be okay, even if the odds are against them. In fact, research from Harvard shows that huge number of Southern Americans, including those states with the highest poverty rates in the nation, tend to be the most confident when they are now asked if they think they can make the jump from the bottom of the economic ladder. To the top and States like Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi, the number of people that think they can achieve the American dream is double or even triple the number that actually can. So why does that matter? It means even Boulder struggling to make ends meet. Might not be swayed by the Democratic, the perfect guest to lend some insight into the situation. Alabama’S Democratic, senator Doug Jones was running for re-election in 2020. Senator. Thank you for joining me. This study is amazing to me, because are these Americans voters in your state are the ones who said I am getting screwed by the system? I’Ve been forgotten, I’ve been left out and they voted for President Trump for the day that doesn’t show that their situation has changed in any way. So. make America great slogan Mantra. Is that the one thing working for them and believing it leaving the American dream, and it is going to take a lot to shake their confidence in the American dream? The American dream is that you work hard, you have gripped, you have determination and you pull yourself up and despite the fact that they’ve got policies that are not he’s helping them, they see an overall picture to. They see an economy that has got low unemployment. They see business is coming into the state of Alabama, and so you like for people to be optimistic. Some point. I think that that could catch up and they’ll become a little bit more anybody for trying to have an optimistic view. If you can’t reach for the dream than the I, you lose everything everything I went to those voters and said you’re getting screwed by the system, I’m going to fix it for you and they’re, giving him the time. Well, I think you have to look at this Pittsylvania or Wisconsin to Minnesota vs Alabama. You know from my standpoint Democrats can give that message, but the message is not about President Trump, the messages you got to have somebody. That’S got your back. You know we need to be one out of, we need to be for everyone. You got to have somebody there. That is realistic and we want you to grab hold of that. American dream and Democrats are going to be there to try to help you. It’S a big difference when you talk about generic Democrats across the country, local bass, remember what Tip O’Neill said. All politics is local and that’s how Democrats have to focus on it reaching out to people for on the margins to help them and not enough time. Talking to the bulk of the middle class people, not that they shouldn’t, but when people the state of Alabama watch the debates and they watch so much content talking about people at the southern border and Healthcare, their doesn’t affect them. Do they start to say who’s paying attention to me are about illegal immigration, but we also care about those families on the border to wheat. You know everybody’s heart glad when they saw the picture of the man and his daughter in there the other day, but they want to be focused on the issues that have faced them. And I there are Democratic candidate that are trying to talk about the middle class and it’s not just protecting the middle-class. It’S building up that middle-class. That’S that’s the real problem here. The middle class is has shrunk to a point. We’Ve got to have the good manufacture jobs like we’ve done in Alabama, who got to have that work for us to do it. We got to change your mindset to get people into those manufacturing, jobs, people see and what I saw in my campaign. What I’m seeing across the state now people in Alabama and elsewhere are focusing on those kitchen table they’re, focusing on their health care. In particular, I think that is more important than just the state of the economy that is connected to their health care, because if you don’t have good Healthcare, it really doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a job or not specifically about the ACA Obamacare. It’S the focus of a lawsuit backed by the Trump Administration. What are residents they’re telling you about ACA? Is it working for them or not? And it’s not just the people that have that helped, carrots, the hospital’s? It’S the doctors, it’s a Marketplace and end our Healthcare System. We have almost a million people in Alabama with pre-existing conditions, people under the age of 65, with pre-existing condition. They don’t know what to expect. They have some most of them have Healthcare now. But if this goes out the window, you know there’s hundreds of thousands to lose that Healthcare and they are concerned about that. They want to make sure that they got good, accessible Healthcare and they got it in areas where they can get to it. In rural areas, where hospitals are closed, left and right, it’s a driving force more so than that the jobs and we’ve got in a week out low unemployment in Alabama, but our wages aren’t growing as fast as they should be either and people are concerned. At the end of the day, you know we still have sing, you were having to take their kids to emergency room for routine health care, and it’s just totally unacceptable. I want to get your reaction to the news that the president will use some sort of executive action to add a citizenship question to the census. What, if anything, should Congress? Well, I don’t think should be Congress. I think it should be the court. He is it in effect, I think just wanting a court order that happened the other day the courts gave him some authority to try to come back with a reason, but they did say just go ahead by yourself. I don’t know if, obviously this is an issue that Congress will take off but, more importantly, I think it’s contempt of the court system and it is a continuing pattern. The hell with everybody else that this needs to be addressed as in the court system because they have addressed it first. There is an order out there there’s a decision out there and he needs to abide by thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. 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Despite the last two years showing little to no economic growth in the reddest states, most voters there remain optimistic and see President Trump and his policies as their way to financial security. Alabama’s Democratic Senator Doug Jones joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the disconnect and if Democrats can change that narrative.
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Sen. Doug Jones: If You Can’t Reach For The Dream, You Don’t Have Anything | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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