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images Kelly O’Donnell’s in Phoenix Arizona at the state capitol so Kelly with the welcome to you I’d like to know what’s happening where you are and you’re welcome to reflect on your many years of covering John McCain as well well good to be with you Alex move just at Senator McCain and his family did from Sedona to Phoenix where the city that is the state’s capital and has been a home for the McCain family as well will honor him over the next few days we are here at the Capitol we’re behind us you can see there work being done which we might presume is in advance of the nation looking Inn on Phoenix for the opportunity for John McCain to be remembered by constituents and Arizona officials and the local community he will lion State here at the state capitol and so they’re doing some work on the exterior here. Perhaps in preparation for that as you pointed out he will also lie in state at the US Capitol as a part of what will be a multi-day multi-city for the six-term senator the governor of Arizona who is been a personal friend of the McCain’s I had has visited John and Cindy McCain at their Sedona Ranch in recent months has made it pretty clear today that this is a Time people to reflect on the life and the service of John McCain and to not jump ahead to the politics of what comes next it will be the governor’s responsibility to appoint a successor to John McCain there is also of course the politics of the educated seed of Jeff Flake who will be retiring from the Senate so Arizona was already in the midst of heated summertime politics for the primary and going forward but when that appointment is made it will be a Republican in Arizona and that person will serve until 2020 the next presidential election not the full remaining term of the six years that John McCain would have completed his health permitted all but that takes you to the next piece but right now it’s still So Fresh So new for so many here in Arizona who despite the fact we knew this was a grave illness that had the really a certain outcome no one has been able to survive this glioblastoma form of brain cancer for 13 months his illness I was public he was diagnosed sometime prior to that and his family has made this move now to Phoenix there is work going on with his staff and team to prepare the public things that will come announcements are expected to be made in the next day or so about a plan for a church service here in Phoenix at his church the state capitol events as we explained and then ultimately he will have his final resting place at the place his Public Service began at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland he will go back to that place it was his choice and he will be remembered there forever among the Navy man and pilots and sailors his final resting place so the days of events are just beginning now after the sort of the sadness and shock of learning up his passing down for those on his team are preparing for how the public can be involved both here in his home community and much more broadly to say farewell in to pay their respects Alex so many people across this nation want to do that so thank you very much for the update and all those Logistics Kelly O’Donnell in Phoenix do you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Republican Sen. John McCain will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol rotunda. McCain will also lie in state at the Arizona Capitol before his burial in Annapolis, Maryland.

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