Sen. Maloney: Win In 2020, Don’t Worry About Impeaching Trump | MSNBC

Sen. Maloney: Win In 2020, Don’t Worry About Impeaching Trump | MSNBC
Sen. Maloney: Win In 2020, Don’t Worry About Impeaching Trump | MSNBC
Elizabeth Warren today became the first top-tier presidential candidates to call for Donald Trump to be impeached, quote the severity of this misconduct Federation, put the Civil considerations and do their constitutional Duty. That means the house should initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States. That is a full-throated call from a sitting member of the United States and that she will be on with Rachel Maddow coming up to talk about it. But Elizabeth Warren doesn’t belong to the Congressional branch that could actually initiate a formal impeachment inquiry into the president. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney from New York proceeding against the United States, then Bill Clinton and one of the charges was obstruction of justice Live and Let me listen to Lindsey, Graham back in 1999 and the standard he set for that particular charge. He doesn’t have to say, go lie for me to be a crime, you don’t have to say less obstruct Justice for be for it to be a crime. You judge people on their conduct, not magic phrases. The following, Michael Cohen, who was Donald Trump lawyer Cohen, said that the president’s personal counsel conveyed, but as a part of a Joint Defense agreement, tone was protected, which he would not be if he quote when trolls all the president’s personal Council reminded him that the present Loves you and told him that if he stayed on-message, the present had his back. That is 1 of 10 elements of potential obstruction of justice laid out of the report. What reason would members of Congress yourself have not to initiate impeachment proceedings? Well, look at this is the year we focus on what matters to me and what I think matters to Elizabeth Warren. A lot of us. We want accountability from this President and that can take different forms. Impeachment would certainly be one for me could take. So that is likely to fail in the end another Foreman can take would be to beat him in the next election can do that. If we’re smart, we get strategic and a third way would be for criminal prosecution or indictment. That’S not likely to happen now clearly, but it might happen later and there are ongoing investigations. The key is accountability, but we have to marry that up with our other Freddy’s of getting things done for the American people and winning the next election, which is the best way to replace this President and the most efficient one. Frankly, and that’s what I’m focused with all due respect, elections are in the hands of the American people in the voters. Prosecution is in the hands of prosecutors. The Constitution only anticipated one way for you to discharge your duty to the Constitution, to hold it and to hold. You only have one pack to do that and that’s impeachment yeah that’s right, but we’re not robots, and the fact is that we can. We can think about more than one thing at a time, and I don’t want to play Checkers. I want to play chess, and the fact is is that what we need is account from this President. We want to impart to do it. Does he deserve to get impeached yeah? I probably deserves to get in Peach. No argument from me. I’M appalled by what’s in this report. We can expect a lot more from our present, but if you want, if you want me to Chase my tail around for the next two years and miss the big picture, which is the beat – which is the replacement which isn’t get things done and get it get A chance to do something good for this country. The Constitution anticipate that Congress shall discharge his duty to impeach a president. That is your duty, so if you believe that he deserved it, it’s the president and it doesn’t say I have a duty to impeach the president accountable. I think that’s the right thing to do and to do that. That is affected, for goodness sake and against this country, going in a New Direction, and so there are real issues at stake here. This is not some exercise warning. This is this is a real life decision about the best way to hold the president accountable and what I’m telling you is impeachment one way to do. It might feel pretty good. The Republicans did that I was there in the White House and didn’t work out so well for him. The fact is that accountability is is also still on. The table, in my mind, is a lot of Investigations going on that’s good and they will go past. His presidency, I believe, but they Third Way the best way to hold them accountable, is to be too and that’s where I’m focused, and I do believe that we can do that if we stay. If we stay focused on what matters to most folks out there, and we need to balance that with these other concerns, but when I said earlier impeachment Visa V Republicans who went after Bill Clinton, sexual Affair House Republicans impeach Bill Clinton, a Republican did the Clinton impeachment A young looking Lindsey, Graham when he was a house impeachment manager. Well, they lost seats in the election and Newt Gingrich resigned joia. I share your concern about this, I’m obviously not getting through to you. I really believed in my heart and in my soul that this present needs to be held accountable, and I share your passion for how screwed up this is for what he’s getting away with for the Despicable. If it is laid out chapter and verse in this report and what I’m telling you is, I want to play chess, not Checkers. I don’t want to engage in some exercise that feels good for 5 minutes and get their heads handed to us because the American people aren’t there. Yet if One Republic impeachment – let me know, but what I’m telling you is that accountability can be, can be demanded of this present different ways to do it. Impeachment is one there are others. Vietnamese is my favorite one, because I think we can do that if we Focus right now in this critical moment, hold them accountable. Yes, nature. We stand up for our values, but when it and get things done for the American people and they’re still criminal prosecution out there, I think there’s a lot of rocks that are going to get overturned in the Trump organization. I think the southern district of New York is doing good work here, and we should let him do that work and I do think we’re going to learn more from Bob Mueller and we should stay focused on is calling for impeachment. That thinks impeachment would feel good. A lot of people feel that if the president United States has done harm to The Republic impeachment of the Constitutional remedy, saloni appreciate it on YouTube. 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Democratic Senator Sean Patrick Maloney makes an argument against starting impeachment proceedings against President Trump, despite the findings found in the redacted Mueller report. MSNBC’s Joy Reid presses him on his reasoning why.ยป Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Sen. Maloney: Win In 2020, Don’t Worry About Impeaching Trump | MSNBC

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