Senate panel backs Kavanaugh amid turmoil – BBC News

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Senate panel backs Kavanaugh amid turmoil – BBC News
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Making it normally, we would start to vote right now, but it’s a point of personal privilege. I would call on Senator flake. So, thank you speaking with a number. On the other side, we have conversations on going for a while with regard to making sure that we do due diligence here, and I think it would be proper to delay for vote for up to, but not more than one week in order to let the FBI Continue to do an investigation Limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are and the limited time to no more than one week, and I I will vote to advance the bill to the floor with that understanding and I’ve spoken to a few other members On my side of the aisle that may be supported as well, but that’s my position. I I think that too, that we we ought to do what we can to make sure that that we do all due diligence with it and nominee. It’S important and I want to say that this committee has acted properly and do the chairman has bent over backwards to do investigations from this committee and to delay this boat in this committee for a week, so that are, that is Ford. Dr. Ford could be heard and she was yesterday so so that’s with that agreement, I will vote to a dance Bill to the floor. Just wait just one second and I an the nomination to the floor. The circle call the roll. That’S not my understanding of what. Mr. chairman, let’s the senator explain it can speak to it of Christopher, or you was not talked about before that. The Democrats would accept and endorse a one-week FBI. Investigation Limited in time and scope hold here, will vote and then, if there’s any sort of discussion will go, do that after the vote call the roll High, no, no, no no 11 day send a nominee will be reporting and thank you for giving us the time. Data have a conversation. A number of my colleagues have asked for a one week delay in order that there might be an FBI investigation of what allegations are currently before this committee. I respect senator view that, in his opinion, it was best to respect your haven’t, given dr. Ford, the time to be heard yesterday and Advance the nominee to the floor. But it is my hope that we could work together on a bipartisan basis. Diligently pursue an FBI investigation within the next week, not for the purpose of delay, but for the purpose of investigating further either allegations made by dr. four-door others with a gold towards demonstrating a bipartisan meant to diligently investigating these allegations. Thank you, mr. chairman. Thank you. Senator flake Senator Feinstein. Thank you. I would support that motion. I think we do need this investigation matter fact I sort of misunderstood it’s like what you were doing. I thought it included a one-week investigation, so I would like to support the motion for that investigation. Most Germans – we’re not the majority later Center flake is made clear what it would take him to be comfortable on a final passage vote, but it doesn’t matter what we say here. This would be up to Senator Schumer and Center Macon, so it is completely up to you when I do agree with Acer from Arizona that we should have this further investigation. So my understanding is a during the week that that is taking place. There will be no action on the floor of the United States Senate on on this nomination that correct the leadership. I can only say that I would be only comfortable moving forward on the floor, I’ll move it out of committee, but I will only be comfortable moving on the floor until the FBI has done more investigation, then they have already. It may not take them a week. I understand that some of these Witnesses may not want to discuss anything further, but I think we’re we owe them due diligence. All I have said to Senator flake is that I would advocate for the position he talked, but I don’t control that senator who may be interested in this negotiation on the Republican side and there’s not really a set agreement here. All of us had already said we were voting now. It is simply Center flake working with all of us to say for the good of the and the good of a quart. The American people deserve to have the FAX followed up on, and I really appreciate his willingness to do that, and that is what this is about. This is simply about and by the AF Center. Mcconnell wants to go forward in light of that, and we still have several Senators at haven’t said how they’re voting on this nominee. I actually think this is very important. What just happened right now, so it doesn’t have to have an agreement. It is one senator standing up. It’S Jared. I just want to express my appreciation to Senator flake for allowing in this process to move forward, there’s some difference of opinion among us as to what exactly the FBI investigation would consist of. Some of us think the it has been concluded and supplemented by this committees. Investigation others disagree with that, but I respect the fact that not only Senator flake advocated to give dr. Ford a chance to appear in front of the committee, which was the right thing to do, but also that he’s allowed this process to move forward. Subject to further discussions about what the FBI may or may not be able to come up with, but to certainly, he maintains his right cast its vote, yay or nay, as he sees fit and maintains significant leverage that way. But I appreciate his support for a full and fair hearing for dr. Ford and judge Cavanaugh, as well as his willingness to allow go forward, subject to his his request. Mr. chairman, does your Amendment include continuing the investigation during this. Of time hope, and I I think we had some agreement before that. The Democrats, who have been, I think, justifiably uncomfortable moving ahead, could could publicly effort to bring this country together say that we would feel better. I’M not expecting them to vote Yes, but not to complain that an FBI investigation is not occurred. Continued coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee that has been a vote – that’s just been paused to for the nomination of Judge Cavanaugh to full US state bus, little bit of confusion at the moment, malls in motion that was put forward by the Republican senator Jeff Flake. For a pools in the final vote to allow a possible FBI investigation of the allegations that have been put in front of senate committee, it’s this that’s being discussed at the moment. Let’S listen in the Democrats before to endorse the kind of thing that that that we can then move on. We return what we did think that we would have the votes that was taking place today. This Judiciary Committee hearing started earlier today on Capitol Hill at the vote that was taking place was to approve the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The full Senate votes would have taken place next week. What’S now happened is that emotion have been put forward for a one-week Pools full that full Senate vote to allow for a potential FBI investigation, Let’s cross life, to all correspondence, Gary O’Donoghue and Washington Gary A Moment Of Confusion that just take us through what we’ve witnessed In the last 5 to 10 minutes jewelry process, that’s pretty divided this Congress in this country. What we’ve seen today effectively at 9:30 this morning, Jeff Flake, the Republican senator from Arizona and opponents of Donald Trump man stepping down from Congress later this year. He said he would back Shrek having his nomination. He said he would help voted out into the committee. That was a key Republican vote because that made it 11 to 10. On the committee, however, however, he’s been talkin to Democratic senators, talking to other Republican he’s, clearly come under enormous pressure, and now he said what I want to see now photos of the Senate delayed by a week that was used to happen, perhaps Monday or Tuesday. Next week, only to lay the week to the FBI investigate the allegations of sexual assault. The Christine blasi Ford made against judge have enough so dramatically yesterday. Now the technicalities of this support important the the committee themselves. Calm decide when the floor vote takes place. That’S up to the leader of the House: Mitch McConnell Senate leader traffic, count spot Chuck, Schumer guarantee anything in terms of the timing of a floor vote, but he said he will work to try and persuade the life is a good thing. Just like you said he wouldn’t be comfortable with a vote going ahead on the floor beside it. If it wasn’t another investigation, the light will someone else. The FBI gun do some inquiring and some interviewing of Witnesses in relation to this matter. No more than 7 days troll Redevelopment, it is no truth to this committee voted Brett, Kavanaugh out of committee. They have confirmed that he should be the next Supreme Court judge, but it comes with massive strings attached. Senator Jeff Flake is thrown one huge Tanner in the world at this very last moment and it will send a congress send the Republican Party into a tailspin by the difficulties of yesterday’s the drummer of yesterday. The sort of horror of these personal discussions and allegations of the other tears of yesterday another 10 11 days, perhaps a possible other stories coming out of FBI inquiries of interviews with Witnesses raking over this whole business again for another 10 days ago. Okay, Gary will leave it that for now. Thank you very much.
A Senate panel votes 11-10 to advance Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Senate floor
But there is confusion over whether the approval hinged on a promise of an FBI investigation
It comes a day after dramatic testimony by Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused him of sexual assault
If Kavanaugh clears the judiciary committee today, a vote by the full chamber could be held early next week
Republicans have a majority of 51-49, but the outcome is uncertain as a number of key senators have not declared how they’ll vote

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