Senate report finds Clinton emails sent to cryptic Gmail

Senate report finds Clinton emails sent to cryptic Gmail
Senate report finds Clinton emails sent to cryptic Gmail
Join me now for more reaction. All of this former US attorney Brett Tolman in Florida, Congressman Matt, gaetz criminal referral against against meliora, probably should be one in my judgment against Bruce, wait and see. I want to tackle another subject with you, Congressman gaetz. We now learn. You can read it better, The Daily Caller that, according to report, every single Hillary Clinton, email Fort Lee to a cryptic a Gmail address, including classified documents, so you’ve got potentially hundreds. If not thousands, of documents that are sensitive. If not classified, they can easily be act on a Google server and an intelligent agent discovered. It notified Peter strzok, who was quot, disinterested and dismissive congressmen. How can that be? Lisa misses the cases because they all thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the Trump Russia allegations if they aggressively pursued the facts and apply the law unlawful conduct with emails and a sensitive information, giving a yellow brick road to exoneration for Hillary Clinton, when they should Have been doing their job and that’s because James Comey, curated and environment, at the FBI, where they weren’t really doing investigations, they were trying to shape public opinion and when you see the bias there was in the case of the people investigating Hillary Clinton. There’S no excuse for the outcome if she wasn’t forced to account for that bad conduct, including the Russians and the Chinese. Apparently, Hillary Clinton is notified of care. Isn’T that just the quintessential malfeasance of the FBI would have reacted differently? Then Peter struck did, and it would have been a place this at the top of their priority list and Miss handling it. To summarize, what are laws stayed mishandling of classified information. Is a crime in this country. You know, perhaps the only the only one. That’S a bit relieved tonight is Hillary Clinton, because the story doesn’t seem to come back to focus on the fact that she has a private server. These emails are on a private server by her instruction. You have to you have to believe it’s by her instruction. She hired the company and they put it on that to that public place, for anyone to potentially see it and let’s face it right now and back then China. What is absolutely one of our top threats to this country’s National Security in exchange for nothing which almost forty years is where I’ve never heard of that? Never seen that before he gets immunity from prosecution and now he’s refusing to even cooperator talk. Did the doj Inspector General? What would we in the Congress saw the immunity deals that were given not only in this instance but to a variety of other Hillary Clinton Associates? You wonder what was really bargain for an immunity deal. Isn’T change fork evidence that leads to a more high-profile or high priority targets that the government has in a particular case, but you saw blanket immunity deals given to people that didn’t create more of an incentive for them to give information. Accreted, less of an incentive is you’re seeing right now, and I think that it was really drawn into critique by the Inspector General when he analyzed the bias that existed here and really the extent to which that could have impacted. The outcome of the case is crooked, as the day is long, isn’t it will? It is in 20 years of practicing Federal criminal law was never able to get operator, Unity, percolate up at multiple levels at and it’s just the beginning for being with us Congressman gaetz, Brett tollman. Thank you. So much
Reaction and analysis from Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman on ‘Hannity.’ #Hannity #FoxNews

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