Senate Republicans Block Election Security Amendment | Hardball | MSNBC

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Senate Republicans Block Election Security Amendment | Hardball | MSNBC
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so under attack absolutely to someone else who’s who’s playing this but I swear to it looked at it do believe that it Bears very similar Hallmark’s to what we saw from the internet research agency Costco in the case of is Shaheen what are they up to take Behavior Behavior they’re trying to masquerade ism Ken’s to either so divisions Among Us create greater polarisation at the way to we cannot so we can’t be talking about the real things we should be talking about at the country I’m an assistant just cause people to hate each other that’s part of one of the messages we saw from the internet research agency after the election because this activity never stop so one of the posts we saw actually on red at the platform that gets less talked about but was also used by the internet research agency not to use the Flint Water Crisis and police brutality as a wedge to say what countries are bombing us for police brutality and not taking care of the kids in Flint Michigan to why should we be bombing Syria for chemical weapons attack basically trying to shape Americans opinion about foreign policy in a way that’s to the benefit of the Kremlin sounds like RTI Malcolm your thoughts about it seems like the arsonists are still at it we’re trying to put out the first fire they keep sending new ones but we’re seeing I really think that what’s going on with the Facebook activity that we’re seeing right now which we know started last March in 2017 and it continued up in the May and this year before Facebook caught it is you’re seeing the Leading Edge of what is going to overwhelming us glad we go up to the midterm because they chose fake leftist extremist groups they created a Mexican group and after American group of radical resistance group even a spiritualist group and they intended to use these organization so that Trump supporters would have a Target to attack did the Democrats are hard crazy leftist and therefore there an easy choice to go let me ask you about Trump’s Trump’s denial his denialism you might say it’s going on since this first heat he constantly says Baba Witch Hunt house that affected the transmission of this this misinformation is it stopped encouraging or what ability to deter the enemy one of the things that any expert on deterrence will talk to you about is it messages need to be credible and they need to be back by capability we aren’t credible in delivering threats if we have mixed messages coming in particular from the United States if you’re Vladimir Putin are you going to believe that you’re going to face consequences for this continued activity if you’re not hearing it consistently I don’t think so state Senator Bob Corker was the only Republican the boat and support the amendment Oklahoma Republican senator James Lankford said it was far too early to sign off on more money despite reporting last week by The Daily Beast Missouri that Democratic senator Claire task was the first 2018 targeted by Russian hackers and also despite this morning from Director of National Intelligence Dan coats I’m here to say the warning lights are breaking blinking red again today the digital infrastructure that serve this country is literally under attack Russia has been the most aggressive for an actor no question and they continue their efforts to undermine our democracy I know this sounds primitive but the fact is the present is out there saying the Russians are out to help the Democrats this fault so why is he trying to stop the Russians because stop the Russians it even though they say the Russian Czar out to help the Denver explain this way I mean it’s hard to keep track of awesome this stuff too now go after this you know and make it appear that the Democrats are going to do something look if there is a Blue Wave this fall even if it’s a small one the best thing that the Russians can do is introduce Mayhem into the system to make look like they were supporting the Democrats go out go out and then itself or to create Mayhem just short of Civil War the president himself is going to be responsible and the Senate today what they showed is they are not going to they don’t want to take the blame no probably release some money early on towards towards the election but they don’t want to do anything at all Rosenberg and thank you Malcolm Nance MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic amendment that would have provided states with more election security funding ahead of the midterm election. Senator Bob Corker was the only Republican to vote in support of the amendment.
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Senate Republicans Block Election Security Amendment | Hardball | MSNBC

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