Senator Mazie Hirono Previews Committee Hearing On Reunification | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Senator Mazie Hirono Previews Committee Hearing On Reunification | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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if we don’t get border security after many many years of Paul within the United States I would have no problem doing a shutdown it’s time we had proper boy security with the laughing stock of the world with the worst immigration laws anywhere in the world I would be certainly willing to consider a shutdown if we don’t get proper border security his the funding of the border wall going to wait until after the midterm elections probably and that’s something we do have a disagreement on so you’re not worried about the government shutdown going to happen party shut the government down would get blamed and that seems to me there’s a way to get wall funding and deal the DACA population so I prefer deal that would be a win-win and I don’t think it’s going to be president the Judiciary Committee is democratic Senator Mazie hirono of Hawaii US immigration officials will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning and hearing on child separations at the border and we’ll get to that in just a moment send her thanks so much for being with it review on this idea of a government shutdown the president who for years has promised the Mexico would pay for it now it says he’ll shut down the government if Democrats and Republicans in the Senate don’t agree to pay for it what’s your reaction months months ago and he was presented with a bipartisan Bill to protect the 800,000 DACA participants and he kept saying that he was signed such a bill and he isn’t he did not see a lot of things chaos witch he made me create and sell something you would offer you would put on the table for the president in a larger package for border security early I don’t hear him talking anymore about the DACA of participants that he created a huge of vulnerability for and so the president goes from it should be issue and it’s always about himself all the time every time and he throws red me to his face every time he feels threatened or insecure I think that’s something we can count on from him well I’m reminded of A Tuesday meeting that I participated in at the White House were in he said give me a send me a bipartisan bill I signed I’ll sign up by the time we got back to our offices that was off the table so how can we even count position on anything we can count on is that when he feels threatened to attack and he’ll continue to throw red meat and one of the red meat to his face is always say attack immigrants Ty’s the Judiciary Committee on which you sit will have hearing total oversight of immigration family reunification efforts obviously there’s been incredible outrage well-founded outrage and confusion frankly about why these families have not been reunited what do you hope to find out today to find out why 711 children have been deemed ineligible to be reunited with their parents what happened to the 400 children his parents are already deported what about some 40 children they don’t even know where the parents are who the parents are so this is total chaos so we need to find out where specifically what did you have in mind how do you plan to reunite all these people the other hearing before the judge and said goodness is Judge and San Diego is keeping the administration’s feet to the fire is too for them to say what we did at we’ve accomplished today they but we need to do in your time frame and yet 711 or so of these children were deemed ineligible to be reunited anyone know what constitutes and then I want to raise this to a larger issue cuz when you said that Trump was willing to accept a bipartisan Bill and maybe calm down the immigration thing anyway he does so because he is so infected the Republican Party with an anti-immigrant sentiment that he got backlash from Republicans do you see anyway that you and the Senate which is supposed to be the deliberative body could be working with Republicans and maybe I could closer to the house to sort of say we can actually do a bipartisan think without the right-wing of the Republican Party rebelling against that 4th generation of bipartisan bill that we thought the president would be willing to go along with because that’s what he said he would do and you know I look at it as though it where the Senate is one body and while he would be great for the house wake up to their responsibilities I think that we should do what we need to do in the Senate to pass a bipartisan bill which we came up with so and I’m hopeful that we can do that again but at the same time it’s going to wait around for the president what he deems except acceptable we should live so long that is my attitude and feeling thank you YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
President Donald Trump threatened on Sunday to shut down the federal government if the Democrats refuse to back his administration’s proposed changes to immigration laws. Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, says Trump could have had border wall funding already.
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Senator Previews Committee Hearing On Reunification | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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