Senator Pushes Bill To Strengthen Online Political Ads | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Senator Pushes Bill To Strengthen Online Political Ads | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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springing member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats from Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar and you’re working on legislation on this given the conversation we’ve just been having what can be done on the show and said the same thing and that is that we need rules of the road in place and that’s the bill that I have with Senator McCain and Center Warner that’s called The Honest add Zack and it simply says you guys got to follow the same rules that TV and radio and and that you’ve got to put the ads out there and then you’ve got to put disclaimer so we know who’s paying for them Facebook has voluntarily done that now since the Zuckerberg hearings he said okay will follow the rules and they’ve also said they’d support our bill but until then we have gotten no support for the bill and we finally now suddenly a bunch of the big media companies are saying you know what we’re now establishing that this foreign entity Russia’s trying to influence our election they’re getting Bolder is Dan the red lights are flashing and it’s time to protect ourselves before the next election that is why they discovered these fake accounts that were basically trying to sell more discontent and it wasn’t about candidates it was about issue as and current law says you got to put those ads out there so people can see them and ever since Facebook did that these fake accounts haven’t been buying those ads discussed here how Facebook provides news to more than 50% of Americans and asked what if Brezhnev had tried to buy ads are infiltrate Walter cronkite’s broadcast on CBS in the 1970s would the government allow that to happen with that have been regulated and in that case it were talking about today the person we were talking about today who not only is running a Sandy Hook conspiracy he appears to be to be provoking his viewers and listeners to assassinate Robert Mueller if you look at the clip at certainly my opinion when you look at that clip Facebook can’t regulate that it’s a close call me bad situation where the Secret Service should probably be called if somebody is trying to get a thousands and thousands of followers to assassinate the question to senator of the club we were an angry country people say all kinds of things that that’s sound like incitement to violence we’ve been talking this morning about incitement to violence against journalists ammonia how do you say the proper role of the Federal Government in reducing that kind of speech without going over the line either the specific line or in the case of Facebook desired line to be a community where lots of people who can participate how do you see that working applications well and other sites will and that’s where you can have rules of the road about civility of course it’s someone’s trying to inside or threatened or stock someone it can be a violation of criminal statute but when it comes to the president someone once said this is a guy that wakes up every morning and tweets whatever he wants but doesn’t respect me and then that allows him to do it so while it may not be illegal for him to go after journalists I think the present the United States has an obligation to uphold and embrace our Constitution and that means the First Amendment and that means setting an example for the rest of the country and that’s not what he’s doing with how he treats the prom and how he treats individual reporters and gets his supporters to call them out that’s not leadership patience and we want to play for viewers these comments from Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services officials trying to defend the administration’s policy that separated hundreds of children from their parents at the US Mexico border comparing family detention Center’s to a summer camp I think the best way to describe them is to be more like a summer camp these individuals have access to 24/7 food and water they have educational opportunities they have recreational opportunities both structured as well as unstructured there’s basketball courts there’s exercise classes their soccer field that we put in there would you send your children to the center’s the siggins I I certainly think that in general practice people would prefer to be free to remove about I can tell you that the centers that I saw did as described have schools and send your child to these centres a difficult question to answer yeah that’s difficult to answer actually because you wouldn’t send your children there I’ll answer for her people as you said in your words man you said people would prefer to be free you don’t take children in prison them and think that a soccer field or a basketball court is going to replace their parents or their family are you idiots running this country you seem like child abusers to me you seem like people who kid nights children and make excuses for holding them indefinitely supporting their families and then saying it’s like a summer camp this is insane this is insanity you know make of a difference between summer camp and what they’re talking about is you get to go home from a summer camp and see your parents and right now we have because of this cold hearted policy that should never have happened we have 711 kids that’s 23 classrooms of chow that are waiting to be reunited with their parents and the kids I talk to at the border the little boy who never knew he’d see his mom again but thought she was looking for him who’s 10 years old and his mom fleas Honduras because she’s domestically he didn’t like being at that alleged summer camp he wanted to be back with his mom if you called today to the to the agency involved here could they tell you today where each of those children are in terms of location I don’t know where 433 of the kids parents are because many of them have been deported they’re scared they’re going back to countries where there’s a lot of violence and so you have a situation hour over half of those kids they don’t actually know where their parents are at In Minnesota where they just found where the parents are that I cannot tell you the destruction of his policy and in fact one of the witnesses Commander weight from Health and Human Services did admit Underoath I think he had told his carriers about the devastating effect this would have on kids and that’s exactly what all the pediatricians in doctors have said so yeah maybe we’ll fix it maybe we’ll be reunited because of pushing this Administration most of these parents with the kids literally just cleaning up a mess that they made instead of moving forward with Comprehensive immigration reform which our economy needs are which we should be doing for this country which came through the Senate I was a very strong vote and yet this president stopping it from happening thank you very much David says everything you need to know about this Administration coming up president Trump made a bold claim during his first official address to Congress but the justice department says it can’t find any evidence that what he said is true we’ll explain that I had Morning Joe MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., discusses the Honest Ads Act, which is aimed at stopping foreign interference in U.S. elections. Sen. Klobuchar also discusses the WH migrant border policy.
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Senator Pushes Bill To Strengthen Online Political Ads | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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