Senator Schumer holds a press conference

Senator Schumer holds a press conference
Senator Schumer holds a press conference
Okay, good afternoon, everybody and I’m sorry for being a little bit late, but we’re here so I’m going to talk about 2 things. First, what happened in the and then what’s happening in the house and here in Washington, but the two are related. There’S a common theme to the event on both sides of the capital, and that is dealing with an overreaching executive. Now, here in the Senate, we just sent a strong message to President Trump that under our constitution, the executive branch and the legislative branch or koic after President Trump decided to divert 3.6 billion dollars from our military, our family military families, to a wall that he promised Again and again and again would be paid for by Mexico. Congress stood up today, instead in a bipartisan voice that the president was just simply wrong. It’S our job in Congress to limit executive overreach to defend our core powers to prevent it any president from ignoring the will of Congress everytime it fails to align with the will of the president. That’S what the separation of powers means. That’S what checks and balances are for, and that’s what today’s vote reflected in the past two years, Republican Senators and blind obeisance to this president have indulged his worst impulses, but those Republican Senators who the president and voted against his wall to them. I say thank you to Senator zwicker into me, Romney Collins. Thank you for standing up for the Constitution. Thank you for showing some sense and some courage. These Republican Senators said plain and simple. The President Trump was wrong and they voted against funding his wall by taking money from the military. The Senators that did not vote with us should be ashamed ashamed that they just gave cover to this president to trample our Constitution and steal from the military. But can we get some quiet down there? Please thank you, but the bipartisan vote today suggest that perhaps Republican colleagues are beginning to rise to the occasion now on the transcript and the ensuing events. Earlier this morning, president, the President Trump released a quote-unquote document of his call with President solensky. Considering this document was something the White House chose to release. It was far more damage. Did the president’s case than any of us anticipated in this telephone conversation. The president of the United States made an extraordinary request, president of Ukraine, to investigate Trump political opponent and a President Trump’s re-election campaign. Does anyone think this conversation was in the National interest or was it in the president personal political interest? Let me repeat: do any of my Republican colleagues think this phone call reflects the president pursuing the national interest, or was he pursue his own political Ambitions? Every Republican every one of them needs to answer this question. The document also raises a host of new questions that I expect the house impeached inquiry will seek to answer your ass. Some of them to my colleagues believe it’s appropriate after the Ukrainian president brings up a request for military aid. For the president to say, I would like you do what the favor, though, before asking him to investigate a right-wing conspiracy theory. President Trump President Trump mentioned multiple times during the call he wanted, president Penske to speak with the attorney general Barr and Rudy Giuliani. What conversations between bar Giuliani and president selenski and other Youth franey and officials occurred? Did they actually, what did they say and what promises are requests were made by attorney general Barr and mr. Giuliani? Why would the president involve his personal lawyer, mr. Giuliani, in what President Trump claims was official government business? There were many, and was that done to get around some official channels in the state department and elsewhere. There are many more questions and those are just the ones that come from the document we were given. This white house has a history of doctoring public disclosures to save the president from embarrassment if they do a small things like when they changed the transcript to the White House communications director saying the president quote: sinks 3-foot putts into saying he thinks 30-foot parts, then there’s No telling what doing the document as consequential is this one, even with the possibility that the administration, doctors or left out major sections, though this document demonstrate that President Trump made it a and redundant lie clear to the president of the Ukraine that he wanted them to Investigate his political opponent and further that he wanted him to work with attorney general Barr make it happen. This document absolutely validates the wisdom of speaker Pelosi decision to open up a formal impeachment. President Trump and his allies, like leader, McConnell leichliter McCarthy, will say this is about politics and, of course, they’ll do what they usually do. Accuse Democrats of trying to re-litigate 2016. There is no credible or straight-faced reason to believe that this is about our national security, the Integrity of our foreign policy and Democratic elections. This is about Abby the power by an overreaching executive, something the founding fathers feared and what they feared at the top of the list was that that overreaching executive would be involved with foreign powers, 2 fundus. What happens here in America? There should be a bipartisan concern about these issues. It shouldn’t be Democrats or Republicans. It should be Congressman senators of either party who were saying we need to look into this Indie. Just yesterday, every single Republican senator said that the administration’s decision to withhold The Whistleblower complaint from Congress was wrong. We just got to vote where number of my Republican colleagues said. The administration was wrong to divert funds from the military to build the wall. So it’s beginning to seem with the crescendo, then that Republicans are beginning to stand up to the president when he’s wrong. That hasn’t happened much in the past, but I hope that my Republican colleagues will see that leader McConnell strategy of the ending the president at all costs the losing one and stand up for the rule of law and our democracy questions just on this subject. Well again, there is the Senate intelligence committee, Senators, Burr and Warner.. I had a good relationship and they should pursue looking into these facts as well. President, the president is directly involved, hear it’s pretty clear what has happened, and I think this as bad as the other stuff was. This is even worse. Well, it’s certainly not on our behalf to work on issues with our Republican colleagues, even with the president, when we can, we believe we need to do something about guns. We believe we need to reduce the cost of prescription. The $ 64,000 Question is: will the president want to work with us? Given what happened? We shall see Taylor. I think the Cascade of of issues and facts that are coming forward is is enormous and I do think all along many of our Republican Express Personal doubts to us privately, but I think more and more now going to begin to have to say something publicly. This is just too much last question. Well we’re not we’re not going to we’re not up to that. Yet let the house do a thorough investigation, let them do it in a bipartisan way and we’ll see what happened. Thank you. Everybody
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer holds a press conference to address the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry and the Senate vote on the resolution to terminate President Trump’s national emergency declaration. #FoxNews

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