Serbia’s Democracy Is Being Threatened, Here’s Why | Dispatches

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Serbia’s Democracy Is Being Threatened, Here’s Why | Dispatches
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Serbia’s Democracy Is Being Threatened, Here’s Why | Dispatches
An impressive reception to greet President Vladimir Putin. He came to Serbia this week to show up one of his allies. President Alexander music critics accuse of dismantling democracy at home, which felt more like a coronation than the state visit people attended from all corners of the country. Most of them were dressed in it’s a carefully orchestrated, show loaded with symbolism. Visit like this suggest that Serbia is moving in a similar Direction, who were the last two years he’s amassed more power, silence the press and undermined opposition. In November, prominent opposition leader was assaulted. On his way to meet some of his describe the attack itself, what would happen they knocked me unconscious from the back, so I was hit. They actually try to murder me, because when I was unconscious they continue to keep me in a cab. There was. There was a lot of blood, my shirt and the press conference at the day after I showed the picture to the public and actually actually that image of that shirt was the part for this practice. The attacks and thousands of protesters into the streets and they returned for 6 weeks Street, accusing the president creating a climate of fear and paranoia. We sat down with friends, I guess there’s some concern that is being as well. What can I say to you? You can tell me if you think, that’s that’s an incorrect analysis or, if you think, that’s a question. Cuz his America works, and all this is belonged to a Democratic Society, and we met Galena and one of the original organizers serving public transportation about about what exactly is there like? Raising violence in our situations are creating the atmosphere of fear. She sat down with a group of friends in the downtown Cafe playing the next demonstration evolve. You thought about leaving of Despair. I live in the country, but it was like decent jobs. Society without lies, manipulation, discrimination, Not Afraid either you or your family out here, because we need to be here because I want to change something and I wanted to leave indecent normal country like hear it. One of the oldest theaters in Belgrade about the breakdown of society was showing by Nature full of each is a well-known actor here and is now a public face for the movement. Add a reminder he said of the 1990s when former president Slobodan milosevic rule through intimidation in 2000. Popular movement swept him out of power. You know this building is has a lot of history because you’ve been you see old photos here. If it’s all about history, amazing one of the things that I’m so curious about how heavily history hangs over everywhere – here I mean everywhere. You know now, 18 years after that moment, here you are in. I don’t know how you would describe it, but Gigi. You feel disappointed just why, because then nothing happens, living in worst play ever written. You know you’re living in the worst play ever written one of the thousands attending a year ago, but even as more people have risen up week after week, two of them expect to take down. The government remains terrible and many who opposed it, don’t see a real alternative to the opposition, but they hope that they’re, continuing resistance will at least break down the barrier of fear.
As pro-democracy protesters flooded the streets of Belgrade for the sixth consecutive week, Russian President Vladimir Putin also attracted a crowd here. At a time when authoritarianism is on the rise, a visit like this suggests that Serbia may also be moving in a similar direction. We went to Belgrade to understand why.

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