Several killed in Brazil football training ground fire

Several killed in Brazil football training ground fire
So this fire was early in the hours of Friday and really it’s a training center that have been reformed in recent months, and this part that caught fire was one of the last remaining old facilities. So a heavy rain that happened in Rio on Wednesday night cut. The power in the electricity and some parts of the old facility, which is their speculations, that that may be related to why so many people died. At least 10 people are dead according to firefight and really the rest of the facility was recently reformed and it was a base where the adult club and the youth leagues that we’re young people, you know hoping to be players on this club also trained. There was a training scheduled on Friday morning for the adult Saturday. The club is called flamingos and it’s one of the most famous football clubs in Rio, which is a more sort of Posh club called Luminosity. So a lot of people in Rio are fans of his club, and its identity is very connected to the city. Recruit young players not only from the state of Rio but from all around Brazil, and indeed with some of these players, who were hoping to be Flamingo players who were victims of this tragedy, but no question. It’S something that is cut very deep for residents of Rio and the governor of the state has even declared official mourning period of three days. That’S how important the club is to the I-10 Yuba City and really how shameful it is that so many people would Diana in a disaster like this
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A fire at the training centre of Rio de Janeiro soccer club Flamengo killed 10 people and injured at least three others on Friday, firefighters said.

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