Sex doll brothels: a growing trend? – BBC News

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Sex doll brothels: a growing trend? – BBC News
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Sex doll brothels: a growing trend? – BBC News
Sex dolls they’ve been around for hundreds of years in the UK than ever before. Are you in love with you help, but former strange kind of bummed? I look at Brussels a popping up across Europe. Will they ever make it acceptable to choose a tow over human eyes? Look real! You can open their mouths a different way to express your sexuality. Italian city of Turin is famous for fashion cause and chocolate. Business is proving controversial, a brothel with a different instead of paying for women clients paid to have sex with dolls. I’M on my way to a secret location, Hello, nice, to meet you, I need in each room. You find a bat activate. A shower feels like come. Like a stressful and, of course, at all times, lips are so realistic and really soft, because there’s no risk of getting an STD, even the state, their manicured. So you can think about every detail. The toes Pinoy, it’s like jelly, it’s easy clients go on a website and become a woman or a man. They can choose hair, color or shape, or outfit prices start from 80 Euros, which is about 70 lb. 2 minutes. I’M told most. Clients are young men in their twenties and thirties, many of Strays, some a gay or bi, but the owners say women and couples also visit at the brothel I meet one of Christopher’s clients he doesn’t want to be identified. He’S tried a sex though it was a birthday present from his friends if you’re going to pay for sex, not pay a real person. Why pay for it, though? It’S very different for the way you look or for fantasies. You have adultcon do that with a dual. All I had to think about was my own satisfaction. I felt more free. Actually, she didn’t see it as cheating. Cheating requires the Motions. While this was just physical, she just saw it as an opportunity for me to have fun and try something out of the ordinary. So if your clients are using dolls, does that mean that they’ll stop going to see sex workers and how worried about business? Louis is a male escort. He says a lot of his clients who are sexually fluid, have tried in a by brothel price for more than 3 weeks. For me, as well like I might become useless or what yeah going to go to it’s not only a job for me and I’m just losing it slowly slowly, so I’m worried about it like in the UK, it’s illegal to run Brussels head and Luzon Brussels with Those and it seems that many sex workers don’t actually have a problem with them. Tucked away behind the cop hug, a photoshoot play boy is getting underway. Are you worried about your job? Someone who chooses to pay for sex will choose a dull over you. Guanabana sex Souls could replace ex-wife house streamer subpoena veramente. The brothel is dressed like a schoolgirl. Many would see this as a huge ethical issue, but the monitor claims it’s just a fantasy Vanessa Lee that people have conflicting opinions about sex dolls. So I’ve come to London to hear from an expert ticketed for this question in the last year. I think that is an area that needs a lot of Regulation. We have to keep an eye on. slides on airport at 5 women. Here in the UK there are people using goals in the privacy of their own home, we’re going to meet one man who has nine of them when Dean got divorced and his kids moved away, he started to feel lonely, and so these dolls fills that void. He dresses them up, takes photos that he has on social media and has sex with some of them. Some people would say that this is a bit wet and a bit creepy. But you say to that disgusting, why you wasting your time and spend time with real people, but it don’t say horrible things they wouldn’t vote for. Brexit Twilight. Bingo was his first all because he was curious but ended up, developing a strong connection with her girlfriend, and how would you feel if you started dating somebody and they wanted you to get rid of your dolls and she said to me Sarah, a couple of years. She is giving me so much make me so happy is no way I’ll get rid of that. Sometimes I wish my toes could talk to me say something play. It would just be the extra bit of realism and coming in the future. I hope I live long enough to see it because I think I’ll be wonderful and it will help people with their on the world that have the ability to maybe get out and socialize a lot of people of the dolls. They say that it’s about companionship, it’s a Vibe them having it’s all that they can treat with respect like a partner is expected to be worth more than 20 billion pounds in 2020, and these and now an important part then uses his toes privately. But initially they become a business: Spain, Belgium, kannada full embracing brothels, filled with sex dolls. So could this catch on in the UK?
Selling sex is said to be the oldest profession in the world. But now a new take on prostitution is causing controversy. Brothels full of sex dolls are opening all over Europe.

Clients go there and instead of paying for sex workers…they pay to spend time with incredibly realistic silicone dolls.

In this film, Sofia Bettiza travels to Northern Italy – where Europe’s only chain of doll brothels has opened its latest establishment.

Reporter: Sofia Bettiza
Filmed by: Seb Rabas and Ed Ram

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