Sex-for-rent offered by landlords – BBC News

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Sex-for-rent offered by landlords – BBC News
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free room available to female only conditions apply double room for new Tee Golf Exchange female tennis needed cheap rent contact me to discuss the government’s to meet the landlord’s here offering free rent hammertime the stacks and vulnerable women who experience the whiskey and if these Arrangements group sex with his friend so why is nothing being done about 7 stories about him save a normal life when you don’t have a safe place to call home I still ain’t seen the West at the housing crisis but lost yet I had to buy a new trend that I found most alarming sex for rent in the last 6 months I’ve seen dozens of Lakeland pets on Craigslist some of them away. It sucks late so I should be free for the right student the others leave no doubt double room in return fuel booty no hassle business Dale I want to speak to the guys posting these abs but when I contact them as a Genesis they didn’t respond so I’m going undercover most of the most first I say it’s time to get to the character I’ve already responded to some adverbs and the replies being very revealing the one landlord has told me he did sex a couple of times a week and all the one that says he has a high sex drive is very adventurous and has no limit and he also expect you to surrender to him now that makes me feel really weird and I’m doing this isn’t Jen list imagine what it must feel like if you were doing this for real trying to wake on Anaheim is one thing it’s suddenly feels very different on the way to my first meeting with the landlord I already know Tom is in his 60s and has a warm bed flat on the outskirts of Bristol he’s already sent me more than 50 emails including the photos came to arrange meeting the messages a mild but he came he feels very familiar already guys straighten for Kiss why is it you means so I just come back from meeting with the landlord and yeah it was really life experience I guess that’s how I describe it and even talkin about the idea of it doing it made me feel so uncomfortable it wasn’t very nice experience I would I keep thinking about is how these people doing this for real must fail is 22 year old Laura from Bristol family breakdown is a nineteen-year-old Louis don’t have your name and she offers not to show her face you were living with friends sofa sofa stuffing and then you end up getting into this arrangement London and he just yeah he had left weather animate teaching you saying that Dangerously so like get jobs in like even looking at houses is a lot of money so online Ott this breaking hello we lost the ministry of Justice who told us offering accommodation in return for sex is illegal and those who do so can face up to seven years in prison I arranged to meet the next download at the pub in Swindon from his Mike claims to be in his forties with a design a paddlin offer and this time I even got my own room that these are event and Nobles just an FWB relationship we’ve exchanged it doesn’t messages nothing’s LG but he tells me he’s done this before and he’s clearly goes away with it Kris Wu glass of wine a very generously returns with a large one Pinch A Penny well baby no like nothing the ministry of Justice says just placing an offer is illegal but we checked with the police he won’t have any persecutions that hasn’t been tested in court and a solicitor with expertise in this area doesn’t think it’s open and shut case I’m not sure if his incising prostitution I think it’s a gray area and I suspect the crown prosecution save some face I’m very interested in taking this on because there is no currency you might historically get prosecution’s when I say historically two years down the line when a tenant has moved out they come forward to say what I see I have to have sex with it must really have an option because you threatened me with eviction if didn’t sleep with real food Bay Saint Louis the opportunity to be interviewed on to give us a statement Tom wasn’t interested to be alone. And he’s actually arrives that I’m the feminist and that he placed his outfit to reset his novel on the theme of the exploitation of living he says I was the only person to respond we look forward to reading your book Mike we really do what would you advise me to anyone he was maybe considering entering into one of these arrangements for someone which one Edge at isolation if you can forward just like just about get by and pay rent just do it or like if you have to apologize
Landlords in West of England are offering free rent in return for sex, an investigation from BBC Inside Out West has found.
The Ministry of Justice says this is illegal and even placing an advert is breaking the law and could result in a seven year jail term.
But the BBC found examples of adverts online and met some of those who had placed them.
investigation By Inside Out West:

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