‘Sex Power Money’: Sara Pascoe explores the ‘Heterosexual Conundrum’

‘Sex Power Money’: Sara Pascoe explores the ‘Heterosexual Conundrum’
‘Sex Power Money’: Sara Pascoe explores the ‘Heterosexual Conundrum’
The idea that a man is expected obliged to pay on the first date just because he is the mine is shocking, but maybe I’ve been doing feminism too long. I thought we were working to society expectations prescribed by genda Shirley. Women are contradicting themselves as we list down to Mom’s. What do we want? Equality, respect, sex power – and I was very naive about this, because I have never dated I’ve, always just kind of fool and interrelationships. I didn’t know that was still happening until there was a reality show still is on British TV code. First dates with wonderful French man who fed the whole thing and he’s very charming and romantic and them they’re at the end of the meal and heterosexual couples in mind, says no. No, no. No. I found it really fascinating in the UK as and shows like WW1. Very serious scientific she’s wasn’t going to attack his hearers I’m going to search. I thought I was going to take a little skim across and transactional sex and it was going to be about and the mail go to email physiology searching. I realized my own ignorance, which is one way fantastic, because you didn’t get off work. At least I know I need to know these things, but not the white means. I now have a lot of work to do to try and understand something better, and I realize that discussions about spell transactional sex at what dating with Biology what little bit neck up, what kind of mystical theoretical of them being interested in? Why and where these things might come from, and the other side was to look at anything that involves money and sex without looking power dynamics in equality of power that causes intermingled with the inequality of economy as well, and, I think, seems like we did kind of Important facts signs from the sex as well as you mentioned you do with pornography, feel the same way as I would about hairdressing school bus driving. Oh, yes and I’ll do everything you’ve read touched? What’S your opinion now? Well, I think what I’ve realized a lot now. Is that test? No morality, objectivity, sufferance! I don’t want to sell sex, and I and I and I’m as when I imagine, scenarios that would compel me to a full smeeto. I kind of want to protect any other person from that situation, but why I’ve realized from interviewing intensive wanting to help people? You might have our good intentions if you have to listen to what they want as a person that’s to decriminalize sex with, which seems like a very odd thing, if you think pet them become more vulnerable by criminalizing what time is it says, I should be exact Opposites in this whole situation will be improved and actually it’s the office. Hello in UK means that people can’t work together to people kind of high of a room of a house. That’S called Brussel kafin, which means the quite often the thing that would make the safest, which is having someone else downstairs or knowing where they were about. Having I seen that customers face and that’s technically illegal – and so does things like that, so I was completely ignorant about and now I feel like if it was listen to the people who is effects well-meaning, the internet wouldn’t basically changed everything in times of pornography. How do you feel that it’s having an effect on young people’s sexuality? It’S very interesting hardcore pornography, people that had any sexual experience themselves. I think it would have responded very troubling. What we can catch me as I was researching, is that we all kind of again emotionally believe something, but that hasn’t been that much.. They are proof that something ways and case studies where people think that it’s really hoping it’s sexual exploration, because everything is available. People who thinks or something sexual Persuasions don’t feel alone, then I’ll be the only person they know that has these kind of is a communities around. So that’s really positive, but the other side of it is that very young people who are guessing huge amount of section information only from pornography. It’S about the society. The way that we do sex education has to change, and she put out in this book is very important in the debate at you put out, for example, the shift from The Prostitute to the ex-wife and the light red light. That kind of situation is the progressive solution is interesting because lots of people don’t like the legalization of, but they like the decriminalization and that again something for me that I didn’t realize I was things that hold back your since you very complicated business that you have To leave to go and actually have the sex, and then can people who live in the area which area it seemed to be a kind of it did look cute IP. I was suddenly this really great things and people have still been murdered. Selling sex in the areas where it hasn’t made it safer picture of consent is something that we’ve been talking about a lot recently more people named this me to every you actually bring up the Weinstein scandal in your book, as well as the criminal nature charges of Sexual, let you say how wide how that power comes into that mix and sometimes can create a culture of Silence. How do we change that is very difficult with a hierarchy, the Performing Arts are. These things happen to everyone who has ever worked in a job has had an experience and I’m not saying that either experience is what you going to go to the police, but just the kind of experience, something something Talk Back and You’re self-employed. And if you complain about 1, send they just don’t have to employ you again being displayed being sent to be a troublemaker difficult to assert yourself. I guess communally. We have to be much better at supporting each other. Your job, your source of income, is your safe day, quite often much easier to go. Okay, I sound concentrate on the job that kind of thing scientific data, fascinated you, the findings and handling older. just pushing information. I found that for a reader, I’m really careful to keep stating this is opinion, I’m not qualified irregular past and trying to find this out and trying to Grapple with it as a way of kind of widening out the conversation not to go off by the way. I don’t have them for a scientist: do you have to concentrate and prove research? Some of it involves animals which species with you say you were really impressed by the way, as humans should be taking tips from chimpanzees so and they are very hierarchical. Next person that dominates and have sex all the time, and we would consider it a kiss on the mouth and they have incestuous late as well, and the females in particular whenever looks like a situation, is going to become aggressive. She just gets off with everyone. Just calm down calm down I’m, so I assume it’s very interesting that I’m not saying we should we kiss each other with the time, but intensive like love and wanting instead of aggression or so way of kind of fit, might be something about the nervous that we Can learn from fighting with kind of us stop comedian? You are one of the few visible women in comedy in the UK are growing number of women in comedy Cho trouble recently when she suggested someone throw battery acid at Nigel farage instead of milkshake. What did you think about that whole thing? People losing a sense of humor or do we have to be more careful with words, elf and it’s blown out of proportion by people racing about sit with everyone? You meet just cuz she’s, a comedian, making a joke. I’M kind of gave it to his manager fraud. She said the milkshakes went far enough, just battery acid. It was so clearly and technically a joke by comedian on the comedy program holla at the moment, but yeah you who exposed powerdynamix yeah. How do you say everything is going on in Westminster? Right now has followed apartment Circle, Theresa May he’s through a brexit decision that wasn’t has when she said she would have left, because she couldn’t get the support of a government. So the next person coming in Boris Johnson, listen to No One. This is the people have voted for something they’re going to guess it will do with the chaos off to it. I think he will believe that I’ll be strong enough. You can make it happen, but what is it like? It’S such an indefinable thing they at the difficulty of something when it hasn’t been find and then once again anyway, at 8 I mean it’s some Costco. Isn’T it kind of driving around in circles no tip of the name Elias and you point us in the direction of a film called Animals? I kind of feel I stay having to do my work and to him and say twin size of female friendship, and I think, anyway, kind of feminism to decisions that we might can weather that prescribes off at dates for the we want to get married, and we Want to have something, so I have families and things like that, but that was in a really, I think so become old, and why? Okay, we’ll have to check that one out. Thank you very much for the tip. Thanks, so much for coming in today. What do you do with a clip of animals? Do you remember the music coming up in just a moment tonight they’re going to build a statue?
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She’s best known as a professional comedian but Sara Pascoe has taken a serious, scientific dive into the world of evolutionary biology, transactional sex and even the economics of dating for her latest book “Sex Power Money”. We talk about the taboos surrounding sex work and how the dynamics of power apply whether you’re working in the entertainment industry or in porn.

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