Sexual assault claims against Justin Fairfax draw parallels to Kavanaugh accusations

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Sexual assault claims against Justin Fairfax draw parallels to Kavanaugh accusations
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Sexual assault claims against Justin Fairfax draw parallels to Kavanaugh accusations
Turn down for more on this story was bringing Washington Post National politics columnist Karen tumulty Karen. She. She also wrote a piece recently called Democrats rallied around Christine blasey Ford. Will they do the same with Vanessa Tyson Tyson one of the women accusing Fairfax of sexual assaults? All right, Karen! So what happened with the Kavanaugh Ford situation? What position did Democrats find themselves in when it comes to Fairfax? Now you know the circumstances of the specifics of the allegations in the two cases are very different, but we have our two women coming forward. You know, ironically enough, both of them academics from California, with no parent political motive to make these claims against men, who has to get a really big promotion, and I think that this is really a test. Not just for Democrats, but for all of us learn from the whole Saga around Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, and I think that the one thing we did learn is that women, when they come forward like this, it’s a very difficult thing to do and that we Really owe them sort of a respectful hearing of their claims. I mean we may decide ultimately that we don’t believe them. We may decide that these are not just qualifiers for the people. They are accusing, but I do banks that lieutenant governor Fairfax failed that test early on when he immediately responded to these by claiming there are conspiracies, and he specifically said things about Vanessa Tyson, the first acute that we’re not true. He said Francis at the Washington Post and found red flags and internal inconsistencies in her story, which are newspaper, did not and its reporting. So I think that these women, you know in particular she was out there by herself – was really not accorded the kind of respect that you would think somebody would be after you know, after what the country went through with the Brett Kavanaugh accused accusations last year, as A loss for the me-too movement could this current scandal with Fairfax be another flash point for this me to era course he deserves. This is not a legal case at this point, but she deserves something like new process of a full airing of these claims. He is saying now that he has demonstrable evidence that these claims are true. Well, if you use the word demonstrable, that puts a responsibility on you to bring that evidence forward, and he has yet to do that. The scenes pushed for these women to come forward to ruin his chances of joining the Supreme Court and, in effect Mr Fairfax has said the same thing: that there are dirty players behind the scenes who are encouraging. That is there any evidence that would lend Credence to the. There is no evidence that has has been that we can see at this point. These two women are talking about incidents that took place four years apart. They there is no evidence that they know each other. So the lieutenant governor is accusations of there being some sort of smear campaign or or Ito conspiracy behind this, if, if he wants to claim that he needs to put that evidence on the table as well, thank you.
Two women have now accused Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault, and many are calling for his resignation. Fairfax has denied the claims, saying they are an attempt to “smear” him as his political profile rises. The situation draws parallels to the allegations Brett Kavanaugh faced during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings last year, which many said was a loss for the #MeToo movement. Washington Post national columnist Karen Tumulty joined CBSN to discuss her recent column comparing the two.

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