Sexual exploitation widespread in aid groups: report

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Sexual exploitation widespread in aid groups: report
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in Haiti’s earthquake ravaged streets torment persisted at the hands of those summon to help aid workers preyed on vulnerable women and girls and it is now clear that kind of suffering is not on common what we have found is that this is a widespread problem of sexual exploitation and abuse we think that it is endemic has been a problem for years organizations are sluggish to respond to claims of wrongdoing to the point that it appears to be complacency verging on complicity the study recommends making it easier to report abuse more funding to support investigation and devel add worker registry to screen out Predators sometimes people pagar industry to access to these people I think about this report is that recognition of this needs to be treated as a kind of logical criminal activity the report is being hailed as long overdue but some Advocates argue the only way to actually start changing the problematic culture within the 8th sector is to force Charities and government to do more to compensate victims remix make sure that they right to reparation so they can begin to recover from this awful awful abuse but eight groups at least for now appear to be focusing on prevention instead Oxfam is prom to do more after it admitted some staff hired prostitutes while working in Haiti’s earthquake zone other organizations have pledged reform as well but little has been seen in the field the brake lights were policy level very very hard to tell what if anything is really changing on the ground this Facebook page for her peers or stories about abuse or not unusual she is hopeful though the public conversation around me to will finally Force these Aid groups to make meaningful change and encourage more women to come forward Katie Simpson CBC News London
A report from British MPs on sexual exploitation and abuse by aid groups says the problem is widespread and that organizations like Oxfam show ‘complacency verging on complicity’ in their management of the abuse.

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