Should Canada be doing more to stand up to China?

Should Canada be doing more to stand up to China?
Should Canada be doing more to stand up to China?
So I want to thank you very much just into coming to the wedding should be opportunity to keep talking about how we work hard to Great Gilda. A great trade deal with this will be the largest trade deal ever made. Well, I don’t know that he’s driving made. Are you trying to go to make it work anything I can do to help Ken, and I will be doing. I will absolutely be, as you saw their prime minister Justin Trudeau, was in Washington yesterday meeting with President Donald Trump and house Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They were talking about ratification of the new NAFTA as well as Canada’s tense relationship with China. Trump offered his support on both matter, so has the relationship between the u.s. and Canada be mended, and is there more that Canada should be doing to try to unfreeze relations with China? Derek Burney is a former Canadian ambassador to the US and now works as a senior strategic advisor at Rose Fulbright Canada. He joins me in studio. Mr. Wonderful to see you is always so, let’s start with this, the meeting that was and your impression I was recollecting with you prior to this – that you were here right after that fateful G7 meeting, when I think you turned it shaft yeah a year later, a Very different type of rhetoric emerging from this meeting with a year ago. This was much more of a, I would say. Even civil meeting of businesslike MTG cover choose that the both countries seem to agree on more than disagree. So yeah. I thought it was a constructive get together and we’ll see where it’s going to go speaker Pelosi as well lot of questions that everyone College of entire head after head out the president. You know when we’ll have to pass and he corrected him and said it if anybody can give you an assurance there, a lot of people who believe that the Democrats in the house do not want to give this President the victory on anything, that’s going to help Him in the 2020 election and the lines are drawn hard-and-fast on that. I haven’t heard how the meeting speaker Pelosi when she had been a supporter of NAFTA originally, so you have to hope that there’s is some hope they took. The Democrats are talking book and enforcement of Labor and environmental standards, and I kind of think can be achieved if that’s the prices of Poker, but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t make a bet on it. Yet I think it’s if it’s going to happen and has to happen within the next two or three months, because once we get into the fall in the primary, can pain begins in Earnest. Nothing’S going to happen, I think, there’s anything the Canadian government can do to impact that process, or is this very much so you know a domestic political calculation win the Democrats, the administration in the Senate. I don’t think this and it’s going to be a problem problem. Is the house Nancy Pelosi? You know it’s got a pretty rambunctious caucus to to manage and they have other ideas. I mean some of them want to impeach the president. Some of them want to investigate the president after his not prominent on their on their radar. So that’s why I think all we can do is do exactly what we’re doing. We made a pitch to the president, the pitch to The Speaker, supporting agreement. The Mexicans have ratified it. We’Ve got supporters in the business community. In the United States, we’ve got supporters in the states. We should keep the channels open with them, but cannot resolve the differences between the Democrats, win the house in the president, the next election AKA sometime during the summer problem with them doing that. I think, if anything, you know it would create a bit of momentum, but I don’t think it will be determinant. I mean if we didn’t do it. I don’t think that will change much if we did do it, it’ll take that will change much it, but it wouldn’t hurt to shoulder the Canadian public.. This is an agreement that we support. We think it’s in the interest of Canada, but I don’t think it’s going to have much influence play toad. Well, to be honest with you, I’m not sure, I’m not sure whether President Trump well we’ll wait and see whether he delivers on the commitment I mean he. We all know got a much bigger issue he’s trying to Crunch with a Chinese and if he manages to mention Canada in the process of that, that will be good. But there again, I think it’s so we’ll have to wait and see when I have to wait and see my personal View. Risotto only wish we were doing a little more on our own as a country to deal with China, because I don’t particularly enjoy the image of going to the Americans asking them to carry our mail. I know we don’t have a lot of room for maneuver. I know the Chinese big guy’s big bullies, but you know you can’t be pushed around by the bully all the time. You should stand up at a certain point and start to push back, even though you know your chances of success are minimal. We’Re sort of putting this in the US has hands, while we may be banking too heavily on the Americans bailing us on this one, and I you know President Trump changes his mind every 5 minutes. Is he going to Remember by the time he gets stole? Second, then, he made that promise to our primal. Our prime minister will be there at 2 to remind them. Is our prime minister going to get a meeting with President XI that that’s a big question that I don’t have the answer to? No, I’m really saying it’s unfortunate that what were were left because we’re between a hard rock and a hard place on the issue of the extradition of of the Huawei executive that we haven’t been able to find some purchase for dialog directly with the Chinese, enjoying my Own view, I think that there are things that we could be doing. That’S good that we should be doing not open up publicly not to try to expose them publicly, but well, I think the you know when you got there going to trade advantage 3-2-1 in their favor, when we were dealing with the Americans on what we considered to Be dubious tariffs. What are we do we retaliated, so why aren’t we at least serving notice that if the Chinese don’t back off what they’re doing to us on canola what they’re threatening to do some pork we’re going to start targeting some of their exports to Canada? They’Ve got a lot more to lose on the trade agenda than we do and I just think you need to flex your muscle a little bit, so you don’t continue to get pushed around. So when you looked the possibility of that mean between the prime minister in the president and president XI, which was he said, we of course don’t even know if that had the chance of happening. What would your advice be for the prime minister in the way he would you know how should he well? I think if he gets the opportunity of a meeting with President XI, you should articulate very clearly why what we’re doing in the case of the Huawei executive is consistent with law, international law and the Chinese. Don’T have much respect for that, but we do so. We don’t have room to maneuver the way they’re demanding that we do it just throw the case out. I mean we did that we didn’t take it as the Americans, that’s what I mean about being caught in a rock and a hard place, so he needs to make the point why we have to let process run its course. We have no other alternative. We are not violators of our own law. That is not the way our government behaved. I would stress that the treatment of the Canadians were being in prison who have been put in prison is not acceptable and that we want relief on that, because the charges have no substantiation. We’Ve never been given reasons to believe why there are there. They are where they are where’s. Look at the treatment we’re giving the executive from Huawei living in 12 million-dollar Mansion show a picture of that. There’S what it where you’re, the one that the person you’re worried about this is where she’s living where are guys living comparably. I think it wouldn’t hurt to serve notice that if you don’t start in a winding down some of this rotala, this negative impact on our trade with with China work at work, and I have no recourse but to do exactly what we did when the Americans. The same took the same action against it’s: it’s not to get you and everybody in the media to pay attention to it, but I think you have to deliver that kind of message quietly but firmly hosts of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing To the CBC News, Channel or click the link for another video, thanks for watching
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump met in Washington to talk about some key issues. One that came up in that meeting is Canada’s relationship with China. Derek Burney is a former ambassador to the U.S., and he says it’s time for Canada to stand up to China.

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