Should Canada’s pot convicts get amnesty? – BBC News

Should Canada’s pot convicts get amnesty? – BBC News
I’Ve been smoking weed for a long time. Cuz. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. If anything, I think I was ahead of the curve, and now everybody else is catching up from crossing the border on getting searched. If I’m getting pulled over and getting searched, if I’m applying for a job, I got to worry about whether they’re going to see that I smoke weed, because I never hurt anybody. I never sold at anybody. You are now in the system as a criminal, so when they enter AccuWeather criminal and individuals who have criminal convictions were not asking for them to not face penalties. Individuals who would ultimately get a dynasty are all individuals who already paid for their crime. What we’re asking is that that sentence does not then become a de facto life sentence procedure for expunging, and it will help hundreds of thousands of Canadians to get on with their lives in Toronto. Black people without a criminal record were three times more likely to be arrested for cannabis, possession than white people in Halifax five times as likely. I think that this is the beginning: what that application of dresses. But a smoke weed because of that and you’re going to turn to me and tell me no Second Chances what second chance, I’m giving you a second chance to get it right.
As Canada legalises recreational cannabis, what happens to the 500,000 people with existing criminal records for pot possession?

Video by Dan Lytwyn

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The first recreational cannabis to be legally bought in Canada was purchased at midnight on Wednesday (02:30 GMT) on the eastern island of Newfoundland amid queues of hundreds of people.

Canada has become the second country after Uruguay to legalise possession and use of recreational cannabis.

Medical marijuana has been legal in the country since 2001.

But concerns remain, including about the readiness for police forces to tackle drug impaired driving.

Information has been sent to 15m households about the new laws and there are public awareness campaigns.

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