Should employees have sick notes?

Should employees have sick notes?
Should employees have sick notes?
Eye doctor in Nova Scotia says he’s fed up with writing sick note. He doesn’t just objective the demands on his time. He says some companies ask for notes, they’re, so details they’re violating the privacy of his patients. Carolyn Ray has the story. Every Monday doctor Paul Young nose with facing him at work, not just a waiting room full of patients but request for sick notes. If he’s noticed, a dramatic change he’s no longer scribbling sick on a doctor’s prescription pad he’s now filling out several pages of paperwork for each request and sometimes he’s being asked to include copies of a patient’s chart possible employers should not need to know a medical diagnosis. They should all they need to know if there’s a medical reason for it for everyday illnesses, gastro bugs migraine the common cold. When a woman took two days off after having a miscarriage, he says he was asked to detail the condition that caused her to miss work. I don’t remember first person to write a letter back to an insurance company saying that it’s inappropriate the worst offender he says is Morneau Shepell, which provides absence Management Services to businesses. Morneau Shepell says it’s sensitive to the time demands on doctors. That is only asking for the information: that’s required employees, privacy, so it only sends the relevant information onto an employer. That’S not good enough for the doctor who wants to get back to focusing on his practice he’s calling on the province to create a law that would ban sick notes for any illness. It has someone off less than five days: Carolyn Rea CBC News Bedford last November. It’S those conducted a poll for the Canadian Medical Association. It found a majority of working Canadians oppose allowing where is to require sick notes for minor illnesses. 82 % of Canadians said they would be likely to go into work while 6 % said they would not be able to get a sick note. So should employers be allowed to the band Sick notes from their workers? What are the implications for patient privacy and the quality of healthcare, and should there be light equation into the labor law for a minimum of the sick days joining us from Toronto to address these questions? Britney Andrew mofish is the policy and research manager at the Broadbent Institute cash, a keratin. She is the founder and CEO of ellipse in Communications. He was the founder and CEO of global life. What do you think look at these these laws? I mean in all of my years of building teams, building companies and focusing on building great company cultures. I always found this rules around this to be just facially absurd, and I’ve always avoided it never required it, and truth is that over the years you can quickly identify people that are just abusing the system and just taking days off for no reason and those that Are really legitimately yell there’s no need to call them on it and put them through the grief of going to a doctor’s office and already being second intercourse. All the knock-on effects of people coming to work then sick and actually making others sick and hurting the productivity of teams. Everyone at work, getting upset or going into a doctor’s office and sitting there when they really should be in bed. So I think the whole thing is ridiculous, and this and put it to rest the better – and I say that simply because I in Ontario here when the policy for sick days for teachers change, for example, from a blanket policy, stimulate them to a use-it-or-lose-it policy. All of a sudden is sick days when out that were used by 30 %. There are situations I think we’re employers have a right to demand sick notes because there may be abused and the system, and that is a problem that I think is a case-by-case situation. I agree that, generally speaking, most employers will cut employees black, but it’s sick days seem to happen an awful lot without necessarily grade explanation or you have a particular employee, but you can’t in especially the public sector, simply say: will that person Bo takes too many sick Days, I’m I’m going to get rid of them. You can’t do that. There have to be other ways to make cases and show that the person is actually abusing the system. So it’s unfortunate, but I think that there has to be a balance between the employees right to be sick. Obviously, an atom has some privacy, any employees right to know whether that is actually genuine, 30 % in the public sector. I don’t think we can reasonably infer that that spike in the amount of sick days that were taken, where were false, maybe people because they had the sick days like they should use them and they felt comfortable enough to you. I feel like it’s very hard to decipher between that data. What’S causing that, so you want to caution that a little bit, but I think I’m an operations Dan point we’re looking or assessing our Healthcare System. Any reason to send somebody to get a tick mixed signals causes delays it it. It forced people to wait in weight room for who knows for how long and in and walk-ins at the family. Doctors already know, I’m not supposed to specifically has a shortage of doctors in that Province were causing me delays within our Healthcare System, A system that is already at capacity. So, if we’re looking at purely from an operational standpoint and to ensure that were having a healthcare system is functioning, do not do it any justice, so I think we need to look at it more carefully to be like. How is this, who is this helping specifically and what are the long-term ramifications of forcing people to get sick notes when we already know that it’s not it’s not doing anything operational reference that Britney made? I mean, in my experience it’s very easy to identify people that are abusing the system versus those that are legitimately ill will. You can see patterns and their behavior. I mean, I think you really just quickly see patterns and in frequency of people’s truancy from work, and it becomes obvious those that Miss and are legitimately sick are also the ones that most often come back and work doubly hard to make for last time. It’S just readily apparent in many different ways. So I really don’t think that if they’re, there are others in Need for controls, but I think that employers had the ability very easily woman throws control just by watching the behavior of the teams and will react hard to figure out that it’s in the question here. On Ontario, for example, they allow employers to get sick notes, but they don’t mandate them to do so, and so I think, there’s a discretionary element here that employers, obviously don’t antagonizer Workforce either. But we said, though, about Morneau Shepell was interesting because that’s a situation where the company sort of Outsourcing its sick note policy in a way to a third party and maybe even fully aware of the impact like I said. But I think that there should be a still a right to get a sick note If an employer feels as warrant in a situation auditory sick days written into the provincial labor legislation. We just heard from the band for under 5 days would that work? Then you have to go get your 6s. I think we saw a most recently here in Ontario in Bill 148 that was introduced by the liberal government, which is now been large. You reverse with the 47 by this new government legislation. Do we not attend a that thing? Kate, a bit is sick notes, 404, illnesses the way, I think, that’s an excellent, a policy or legal change that should be encouraged, and I go back to my original point. We are hoping what I imagine is Canadian to highly-regarded. Are free health, it’s looking to ensure that it remains efficient, looking to ensure that people can get the care that they need when they need it, and by forcing people to or maybe not like calling on those when needed, If an employer is using discretion. A sick note: this is causing me this delays and there is no evidence to say that is sick. Note, making sure that people get a signal, discourages people from taking sick days. There’S no evidence there exercise their power over employees for no reason at all between situations – and I understand Britney is staying in terms of proof like what proof do we have, but if you have a situation, I go back to the teachers that we’re giving a change In policy from you have sick days that you can Bank to a use-it-or-lose-it within the year policy, all of a sudden, the number of sick days taken especially towards the end of the school year, and this has been documented for 5 years now, since it’s happened. All of a sudden, they say more sick days of they used to take. There is no evidence that teachers are solely all falling sick at that time, but they are taking the days because they are allowed to take them, and so they call in sick and in a situation like that, I feel it’s not fair, because this is not a Policy, they simply have sick days and therefore can take them it’s if you are sick. You have a sick day, so I think you have to distinguish in situations like that, where maybe, in those cases on that on that point for sure, and I think they’re what ends up happening is if you, if you allow abused to go on and of course It’S going to pull it for eight, and this is why I really am opposed to having a sick days written into into the labor laws. I think that something like work we’re adults here. We need to treat team or teams as adults and team members, and I think I’ve been successful at building great corporate culture is my just giving everybody that obvious space than an adult desert and I have discipline and I have terminated people that have used it. But you can buy a great example that you’re setting here by using that sort of discussion and and having that sort of company culture. However, I think we have labor laws for a number of different reasons. We have labor laws to not hire children, Etc. We have the laws to ensure that there is no gender discrimination in the workplace excetera, because human being mature adults, examples reckoned with and analyzing, and maybe some suggestions should be offered to help that particular field. But I don’t think it’s fair for all workers across the board. Okay, so I’m that I was reading as well. The company and I cover what the actual product they made with a manufacturing company, and they said that, because the two days, sick policy, that you referenced early, Brittany, the fact they have they have 10 days now in the lot. What you’re? Not the company said when that came in all the sudden. By February 80 % of their Workforce had taken the two days. Where is in previous years? They had not. It cost the company a lot of money. They frustrated the company to because there’s that sense that people made taking those days because they can and that affect the morale also in the company itself between. Why am I at work when I could take in 5 days off? I mean you’ve got to avoid that happening to
An Ipsos poll found that a majority of working Canadians oppose allowing employers to require sick notes for minor illnesses. Employees say they would rather go to work sick than get a doctor’s note.

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