Should Saudi Arabia host the G20?

Should Saudi Arabia host the G20?
Should Saudi Arabia host the G20?
A prominent voice at the UN is calling on world leaders to reconsider holdin next year’s G20 in Saudi Arabia, journalist Jamal khashoggi khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October, 2nd to pick up documents needed for his planned marriage. Turkish official said the 59 year-old Washington Post columnist was strangled body cut into pieces by a team of 15 Saudis sent to Istanbul specifically to carry out that operation after first claiming khashoggi has left the embassy Saudi Arabia and then claimed killed in our consulates during a Fight that broke out between him and officials, 18 Saudi Nationals were arrested. In November, the CIA concluded that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman commonly known as m yes order to show Jesus assination. According To Us Media report, the Saudi government maintains that MBS was not involved. Khashoggi is romaine have never been found last month found. What it describes is credible evidence that the state of Saudi Arabia was responsible for the killing, and it’s all there says Western countries like Canada should go further than imposing sanctions on the kingdom. Palomar is the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions. He joins us by Skype from New York City. Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. I want to ask you: why do you, Saudi Arabia, should not be allowed to host the G20 next year? Was the primary reason that Saudi Arabia has failed to recognize its responsibilities as a state for the killing of Mr khashoggi? It has focused on some individuals must have them at a very low level ranks, but so far it is insisting that the state is not responsible for the killing and it has not made turn on repetition, which is a primary of central demand in the international human Rights system in the aftermath of the killing of Mr khashoggi has been continuing arbitrary arrest, continuing arrestment of activists including living abroad, and for old. I believe that Saudi Arabia should not be allowed to host the 20 Summit a next November that to Saudi Arabia, windhorst, Society, governments, parliament’s and corporate actors as well the time to reflect on the signal they will be sending by go two Saudi Arabia for the G20 Summit, of course, you’re speaking right now to a Canadian audience. You think that Canada, specifically the prime minister or perhaps cannabis foreign affairs minister, could Champion your push to move the G20 next year. Yes, I will certainly welcome Canada to taking a strong stand. I should I like that Canada has already taken, possibly the strongest stands on Saudi Arabia and a spade a heavy price for it to be International Community of the world has failed to support Canada a year or so ago, when it’s, it criticized Saudi Arabia for its Treatment of the woman activist last week in Geneva when I reported my findings to the Human Rights Council, the Canadian statement strongest of all statements that were made by bio government tell Tony welcome. Canada are taking a stand on it. I just want to recognize that Canada has already taken the number of stands when it comes to accountability. For Mr khashoggi, what happened last summer with the backlash to to the tweets from the foreign affairs minister as well as a what’s going on in the wake of the murder of Mr khashoggi, there has been a lot of criticism and it’s been a very controversial thing Here I just want to pick up on something you said: will you be reaching out to Canada or or asking Canada to Champion your specific position that this G20 next you’re not be held in Saudi Arabia? Is that something you want to do Canada to sort of pick up steam on this? I will be reaching out to a number of governments. Regarding the many recommendations I have made, the the holding of the T20 in Saudi Arabia he’s is a slap in the face of all those who have fought, and some of them have died for accountability and for human rights protection. So that’s a first thing. Accountability for Mr khashoggi demons, far more than just not holding the meeting next November in Saudi Arabia. This is an important symbolic step, which I welcome and cold for, but they are steps that I am calling for, that are more legal, political, economic and strategic. You will be reaching out to the Canadian government to appeal to them too, perhaps not go to the or somewhere else in the year 2020, as well as other government. Okay: okay, Jamal khashoggi from Canada; support for women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, controversial in Canada, with some criticizing the government saying that it’s not done enough. The government has pause new arms export permits to Saudi, even in light of the murder of Jamal khashoggi and in light of concerns about what’s going on with the war in Yemen at the sale of light, armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia is allowed to continue. I’M just curious as to what you think about how Honda has responded to all of the concerns that are sort of building around Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia of all Western countries with Renault, alongside with maybe Germany. I am fully aware of the controversies regarding the the weapon sale. I hope that the Canadian government will be able to to find that continuing such trading relationship with Saudi Arabia is actually not supported. International stand on human rights and he’s undermining the position as the position of the government, as well as a no setor right now within the International Community, to insist throw that, in my opinion, it got to be a collective undertaking, just a single country taking a stand On Saudi Arabia will not make enough difference, it’s important Canada, exercising leadership there, a Zetas, sofa and continues to do so, but it cannot do that on its own. Other countries must rally around Canada in a way that they haven’t done so far. It includes includes all of the countries of the European Union. Is the United States there in the in the US Congress and the Senate strong steps towards holding a Saudi Arabia to account? It is crucial that the White House listen to the Klamath for justice coming from their elected representatives in the Congress and the Senate. So yes, I want Canada to continue that leadership position, but I want others to Rally around that country. The conversation there for now, but I’m sure, we’ll be discussing this issue a lot more in the future. Thank you very much un special rapporteur on yes Calamar. Thank you, she’s calling on Canada to help lead the charge to not allow Saudi Arabia to host next year’s G20 Summit. Would that be a smart move on cannabis? Dennis horak is Canada’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He was expelled last summer during the Diplomatic row between Canada and the kingdom, and he joins me now from Toronto. Thank you very much for your time. Today, sir twin special reporter on Lamar says that she will ask Canada to help Advocates and be a leading voice to have Saudi Arabia stripped of the right to host a G20 next year. What do you think of that proposal and what should Canada do? I understand the sentiment, the desire to do something in the wake of the khashoggi murder. I don’t think this is an effective way to go about it. The T20, I think we have to remember the G20 – is not a democracy. Is cloud. There’S a number of countries in there that have human rights records and have committed a number of various Acts or atrocities are crimes. Russia, China, China, has eight hundred thousand thousand or more week 3 education camps. Turks have more journalists in prison than than anyone. Cineworld even point to other countries could even point to Canada and the admission by the government that they were committing genocide. Some people could point to the United States about what’s going on on the border there, and you start looking at that and start trying to find countries in the G20 countries that hosted in the face of all who fought and died for human rights protections. What do you say to that connected to that open? I wonder what is it? What is the object? What would be the exact it? What is it we’re trying to achieve by by lifting the Saturday hosting of the G20? What’S what’s our objective? Normally, when you put sanctions on a country or you punish them, if you’re wanting country country to do something, what is that something that we want them to do? Are we looking for them to remove the Crown Prince and put him on trial because that’s not going to happen so, what’s the objective, what is it we’re trying to get them to do an end? To me, that’s not clear message: the International Community that that this is what happened is not acceptable, including Canada, and there have been a lot of. I don’t think you’re happy with how this is all turned out, and hopefully the crown Prince’s has as learned his lesson from this and then certainly I’m sure they could leave. The King has not been thrilled with it with the waste out of your it’s been portrayed as a result of the so hopefully message has been received. I don’t think the removal of the G20 from from Riyadh it’s going to happen. In any case, I think it’s a bit of an empty gesture. Prince has really been, though you know yes or Abba. New sanctions have been put on certain individuals in Canada, even though it is it’s paused any sort of new arms exports permits, but it’s still continue. Selva the light armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia consequences. What lesson has MBS learned, pushing forward with a number reform still pushing forward with a economic and social reforms that are important is important to him. It’S important to the brand, it’s important Saudi Arabian. I think this was a huge setback for them and that’s that there are consequences for that in their value, Steve’s that they have, or they believe that they have in the world. And so I think the the alternative here is if, if it’s, if the Western countries aren’t going to do anything about this, leaves the door open to the Russia’s and China’s who, as I said, don’t care about this the way too. If we’re it’s a gesture and it makes us feel good, but if we’re looking to try and change study behavior for looking to try and keep them on a on a better track, I need to engage him and encourage the Crown Prince and incurred Saturday belong to Report path, they did our restart with any switches still ongoing, despite the horrific murder of khashoggi family photo we’re going to bring up that photo right now. If you take a look at this and you see who’s in the front row, you’ve got erdogan from turkey and Bs from Saudi Arabia, Putin from Russia and Xi Jinping from China. When you look at that photo. What goes through your mind, G20. Is not a Democrat democracy Club 7? Isn’T that plays a different role, the G20 isn’t? It brings countries together for my number of different regions in the world, powerful wrong way in certain and certain sectors in a certain region, and and that’s what that is, I died. I wouldn’t read too much into their placement in the in the picture. They sings Get arranged in various in various ways, but it is a reminder to – and this is not a democracy Club when Russia got kicked out of the G8 a few years ago after it. Annex Crimea, you would say that’s a different circumstance than what everyone is seeing here with the UN reporters push to have Saudi Arabia, stripped right to host 7 started off as sort of a like-minded group of Western democracy. Russian was brought in after the after the fall of the Soviet Union to try cuz. They were starting to add to head down that path and we were hoping it would head down that path to democracy, Western values and I think they bringing them in the G8. Was it? Would you about G7 to make it the G8? Was it way too? Hopefully, try and encourage him down that path. It didn’t work out and then I’ll to medley dated in Crimea and the removal was was the right thing to do, but it’s a very different kind organisation. Thank you for your time today. Baltic seas in Montreal, here with me and Studio, isn’t cvc’s very old and weary. Thank you. Everybody welcome Arabia from hosting the G20. I think she wants to have all of the seating, respectability and legitimacy of Western democracy, accountabilities or structures that go along with that and part of their strategy when it comes to hosting major Summits like G20 hosting major sporting events in the seat on the UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia, see what I’m looking for, but but seemed to to gloss over some of their own example, the murder of journalist Jamal khashoggi. So if there’s any country that is in a position to lose less by opposing the summit being held in Riyadh, I think it’s probably Candida rrr diplomatic relations with that come to country are already fractured, and so, as a result, I think this is a really easy Win this is something we were. Canada can take a moral stand on the on on the world stage, without really actually losing all that much. You think, most anything that has anything to do with the rest of the world consequences to his actions and, again and again, it’s been proven right. The problem with the Canadian government is in right. Now is the last time that the government took December 2018. Tamar brought this up and it was embarrassed, react well. They expelled the Ambassador, they canceled flights between the two countries. They told a bunch of students, Canada, water in Montreal – actually 2 to leave they stop. By and Canadian grain. We are heading very well everything we’re doing right now we’re doing in the election. What a country called China I’m not entirely sure that politically feasible for candida to get another one of these set a pissing match with that with a despotic country. I think it’s important to note that this decision to have them – I was made a couple years ago when may have for a brief moment, seems like it made a certain amount of sense to have Saudi Arabia hosting the summit. I think the principal is there obviously to to say this is not a country that should be hosting a G20. The question then becomes whether you can throw practically pull off a serious push against it. Jen’S right, Canada has arguably already burn that bridge with Saudi Arabia. It may have room to make a move here.. I suspect Canada wouldn’t want to make a move here unless it knew it had a sizeable number of other nations behind it. Who are willing to agree with it and is Marty says this is already at this point. Got a fairly stressful situation tryna, it already has the situation with Saudi Arabia, and the United states’ is a point of friction at the best of times, so whether we even have the capacity at this point really to want to take on another big fight, I think It’S an open question is the is the US Representative says it be interesting to see at this point whether Civil Society really gets behind us because of women’s groups of major ngos start pushing on this. Then you can imagine there being a fair amount of pressure. Carlos of how Canada fields are being a fair bit of pressure for Canada, because it has made gender such a huge issue because it has already Tangled with Saudi Arabia. There would be a fair price from Canada to make a move here. But again, I think it comes back to you going to make that move. You want to be fairly sure that there are a bunch of country standing behind you when you do it special rabbit or he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for any sort of pushed to change the venue, because he says what what and what is it actually Going to do to actually change the situation in Saudi Arabia. What’S the wrong way of framing the question: it’s not about changing the venue to what and what what are you would have forced it to be changed in Saudi Arabia. It’S it’s either. You change the venue. You to show that you disagree with Saudi Arabia’s policies and that you aren’t going to resume the start of PR cover that they’re using that they’re going to use this event. As I mean, Saudi Arabia wants to have all the world leaders showing up on stage and Riad so that they can look respectable and presentable to the rest of the world like just another, just another nation in the League of Nations and that’s a lie right at. Like they’re trying to present an image, that is a lie, so I mean they just canceling on those grounds alone or or lease pushing or or being the sole voice of dissent on that on that ground alone strikes me as being perfectly operable pants. I want to bring up on my calling Kevin Dyer on so we had. We did this interview a little bit earlier and my calling Kevin Dyer is is also working out of working together on it and he got a statement from Crystal feelings off. Is that suggested that Canada is to attend the G20, at least at this stage, though, I spoke again critically of the murder of Jamal khashoggi. You know when we know from a meeting with her London England sit down. How does what is Christopher Lynn doing that moment? Again, we have an issue out of arms to United States, the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia. Uk cord came down and said that Britain should no longer sell arms to countries where you know there’s a demonstrable Breaking of human rights. In this case, it was we’re still selling arms to the most dough. Certificates that were issued in 2015 are still very much active. The Freeman’s going to bring up bring up khashoggi bring up for women’s rights, excetera excetera, it’s the art of the possible. What can she get away with the fact that we’re still selling arms to a country that should not be buying arms from anyone, and I think, at the end of the day, rhetorics basic fact, longest stand strong. Alongside with Germany, however, there’s been so much criticism in deep divided over. Were you surprised to hear Canada’s done whether we’ve done a bit more than other other countries have done weather we’ve been on the Leading Edge of that I guess and that I think it’s back to what it would be another conflict, my hair or another test tube. If there’s the first test is whether or not Canada wants to make a stand on the host, the second test would be whether or not what Canada says when it’s there, if prime minister Trudeau, if he still, prime minister at that point and foreign minister Christian feelings, Are in Saudi Arabia, are they as tough? Are they spoken as they’ve been Iran on the ground there? That would be. There would be some kind of way to sort of Say. Yes, we went, but when we were there, we were just as tough as we’ve been every other time. Politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Saudi Arabia is set to host the G20 summit in 2020, but a UN official is calling on Canada and other nations not to attend the meeting in response to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
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